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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/20/2022 3:02:01 AM

What kind of craft de I mek?
InI have online store? Etsy?

This isnt a trick question, I havent even read the reason past that part yet.

Give thanks

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 3/20/2022 1:32:25 PM

Blessed Love Idren


Give thanks for the Is interest. The I has seen I man post on the Rastafari and Entrepreneurship post here:
so InI can get a good idea of what I man talking about

Luckily I man not required to have an online store to run I business, as all of I services are sold to people in I community. I have heard many Idren that are skilled, making good money selling products on Etsy. That is a great way to showcase ones product and even reach a wider audience if wanted. If I man lived closer to one of those “Maker Spaces” and didnt have the support of a large community, I man would make things all day and sell them on Etsy and have a strong, viable business with very little cost involved.

I prefer to keep I man life more simple, focused more on I man community than the big picture.

That brings I man to another point, I overstand in order to “make the most” of I man wealth I should invest in the stock market as IPXninja talks about. But I man so fed up with babylon greed and hypocrisy I cant really get on board. I know I man dont need a lot to invest in mutual funds or start a 401k, but to be honest I man have a hard enough time learning how to run a business. I dont even want to try learn another trick in that regard. Maybe that is something that will change in time.

I have always thought since a youth, Why dont InI invest more in the community that surrounds InI? As in InI close neighbors. Seems like a very tangible way to support and build InI future. I know I would rather have I money directly tied in InI neighbors having land/house/equipment more than some intangible realm of corporate investing. Definitely would require trust and a strong community, but InI would still be able to stand strong and capable without being chained to the fluctuations of wall street, and if/when babylon falls there wont be money and assets to lose if none are tied in the shytstem. I man know this is idealistic and probably not sound reason based on modern economics, it’s more just how I feel. Community investment over Corporate.


Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/24/2022 9:21:11 AM

The sins of the father cannot be blamed on the son and vice versa. How much less can the sins of one billionaire be blamed on another?

The foundation of my belief system and way of life is one word: BALANCE.

Sometimes it takes one person to stop another person, sometimes a nation to stop another nation, sometimes a billionaire to fix the problems created by another billionaire.

And these problems...

The whole of society participates; not just one man. Society gives that man his money. We gave billions of dollars to oil companies because we needed to drive cars. Even if you decided not to personally own a car it is likely you would still have to pay a driver. And by being carried around that car is burning gas for your benefit. And it's usually never just 1 person that reaps from all this commercial activity. It's simply "the investors". Whoever owns the company gets to dictate what that company will do.

This is where WE failed.

Let me explain.

It would be easy to point fingers and blame all the world's problems on other people. But like I said... we all participate. That's why when a company crosses the line the response is often to boycott that company.

Employees are not slaves but they often take jobs they don't want and that don't pay enough because they have to, motivated by the bills they have to pay. So we choose. We choose to work at those places, doing those jobs. Just like we choose to work for someone else instead of starting our own business. These are choices that equate to participation in these systems. But again, when a company crosses the line, employees respond by going on strike.

For these protests to be effective, other people can't be willing to simply step into their place. The company has to experience pain and loss to see that their community will not accept their bad behavior.

So participation often = 'tacit approval'

But people say... "well what can we do? We have no choice."

In most instances, we are making a trade. We're trading something either for our own wants... or for our own needs (including basic survival). Companies would not exist were it not to solve some problem or need or provide things people want. And those companies have to pay people. And most companies have to pay for medical, paid leave, retirement funds, and other hidden fees associated with having employees.

How much you get from a company can depend on how much you merit getting from a company. Is the job in higher demand? Does the job require advanced education, skills, training, or logic? If so, what was the cost the employee had to pay in order to obtain these things? And if they had to pay $$$ to obtain the ability to do a job that other people cannot do, why should they get paid the same? Is that fair?

This creates a natural hierarchy in society. There are people who break this hierarchy of merit by being born into wealth; making it easier to get those specialized advantages and thus the higher-paying jobs. But this is all the heart of the reason why Marcus Garvey preached education.

And so did my father. He first preached it to his brothers and sisters. Those who listened got the knowledge and/or training they needed to be successful. And now they are. Those who didn't... to some degree have to be taken care of by those who did. And my sister and I, got more education than I did so she is more successful in her career path. But, I'm doing better than most (all races included) and so I understand the value of education and innovation and having the sheer audacity to start a company.

And if you build that company with your own two hands you should reap the rewards and get to decide what to do with it. At the same time, you should be paying more in taxes. The wealthy do use secrets and tricks to avoid paying taxes, such as manipulating the tax codes to give themselves a very small income, but ultimately they are still paying a lot more and contributing more than everyone else; even if you only count job creation and benefits.

Is the system good or perfect? Not really. But there's a reason why there is a flood of people waiting and sometimes dying to get into what is the most capitalist system on the planet. Why? Because it's better than what they have and provides better opportunities so that they can have a better life. Recall what I said about protests. It only works if someone else doesn't want to take your place.

The system is in high demand.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/24/2022 9:22:26 AM

Now I have to come back to why I said we failed.

ANYONE can own a business.
ANYONE can invest in a business.

These 2 facts alone mean that we have very few excuses. The truth is that a corporation is nothing more than people working together in a more efficient way in order to make more money for the owners of that corporation.

Why are WE not the owners?

We are NOT the owners and therefore that corporation is working for the people who do own it. Investing is like voting. If you don't invest you have no say. I have voted on certain decisions made by Tesla because I invested and therefore they had to consider MY vote. We have failed because we, as a people, went on a mission of asking for power and money. We failed to work together to build wealth and then leverage that wealth to gain power. This is what the next generation needs to learn... from our failure.

During the civil rights movement, we worked together like never before or since. We didn't have money or power. Not individually. Strong leaders emerged. All their ideas weren't golden but they had the audacity to step up and do something. Most of us today are being taken care of by the system in one way or another. So there's no motivation to fight it in an organized fashion; like a corporation.

Sometimes it takes a person to beat a person but you'll never beat a corporation (group) as an individual. You need allies just like Ukraine needs allies. The system works for different people to different degrees. It also has social safety nets for those who need or exploit them. So the reality is we failed to work together to build wealth and therefore we don't have collective wealth to gain collective power. And without power, you can't change the system at all.

So by tacit approval, we're throwing our support behind the system and saying that it "mostly" doesn't need to change.

But WE must change... become stronger... become more educated... invest in ourselves so that we can become part of the investor class... even investing pennies until we can invest dollars... once we do that we have an economic voice, not just a political one. And the economic voice is louder and stronger because it is a capitalist society, not a communist society. It is a COMPETITION. And if you don't play, you simply cannot win. This is what Marcus Garvey was trying to teach us.

"Africa with 400 million Black People can do it. If you cannot do it, if you are not prepared to do it then you will DIE. You race of cowards, you race of imbeciles, you race of good-for-nothings, if you cannot do what other men have done, what other nations have done, what other races have done, THEN YOU HAD BETTER DIE."

This is what you have to do:

When you have wealth... the possibilities for gaining more wealth open up to you. But also what you can do with that wealth... those possibilities open up to you as well. The more wealthy you have the more wealth you can access and therefore the more you can do for the world. We cannot have a culture of hating wealthy people. Because it was wealthy black people who invested and started Black Wall Street in Tulsa and provided financial security for many others in our community. If no one is rich? These things simply wouldn't happen.

So money is a tool. The question is how you use it. What kind of tool does it become in YOUR hand? What if YOU were the billionaire?

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