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rising above

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Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 1/27/2022 6:07:56 AM

Blessed all, stay true to one another out there and look out for all humanity, even the Babylonians, JAH see and know even the Babylonians show love to friend. Show love to enemy and find some unity again we all one humanity reconciliation and build new allies for war is no good and division road leads there allways...each one teach one and each one lift one another up higher whether it be financially, spiritually, morally, physically with some fruit and bread....The wealthy man soul oppressed along with his mind but the poor man has his soul but nothing in the world, only balance can come through unity, reconciliation with those oh so distant, what does it mean to become members of a new race are we taking it serious day to day interaction livity function? We can ALL relate, we all HUMAN and that fact should and can and will over ride it all-good over evil. As the Emperor stated in his 1963 speech at the United Nations, “The goal of the equality of man which we seek is the antithesis of the exploitation of one people by another with which the pages of history and in particular those written of the African and Asian continents, speak at such length. Exploitation, thus viewed, has many faces. But whatever guise it assumes, this evil is to be shunned where it does not exist and crushed where it does. It is the sacred duty of this Organization to ensure that the dream of equality is finally realized for all men to whom it is still denied, to guarantee that exploitation is not reincarnated IN OTHER FORMS in places whence it has already been banished.”
Stay true out there, there is a natural mystic blowing in the air, turn down the noise of confusion and list very carefully. Theres a spiritual uprising that's what they really dont know yet NEED to and who is to reveal it, who has it, its deep, its soul, its light, one love what the people need today do we have it? No time for intellectual vanity ideological warfare building civil and nuclear tension. Rise up--- do you hear? The 1-2 1-2, beat of all heart...all in one accord humanity for humanities sake, no more division, get it together. One truth set us all free. Do you hear the 1-2 heart beat of humanity calling out to JAH yet? There is 2 visions we all follow, 2 stories that will drive us. There is ZION and there is complete malfunction and every day and night these mythological forces are battling for territory and dominion in the hearts and minds of humanity and through humanity over the earth. Must trod the King and The Queens Highway every moment seen clear far I
burn the true fire set the captives FREE
of the things we should rise above
there is nothing we cannot rise above, with JAH

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 2/3/2022 10:32:14 AM

This is an excellent message.

It is easy to get overwhelmed. It is easy to get overcome by all the evils in the world and all of the isms and schisms that divide us and then we hurt each other because we're so far removed from each other. And we remove ourselves further out of fear that it's going to happen again. What is? Hurt? Pain? Oppression? Violence? I have family members who can never move back to Jamaica just from the fear that they will be a victim. Imagine that fear, even of your own people. And yes, in certain places that fear seems justified because of what? Because of poverty and those desperate to survive.

I'm not blind to any of these fears. I recognize that there are reasons to fear and scary people, things, places, etc. that we could all be afraid of. However, and this is most important, I'm saying this as my own opinion that applies only to me, I cannot discriminate so many fears from so many fears. So I choose, in general, not to be afraid of hardly anything that one could fear. It doesn't mean these things are no longer scary. It simply means I choose not to react out of fear or fright. It's really no different than how some people can watch horror movies and not be affected while others can't watch them at all. It is your mind that processes fear and reacts to it. It reacts to perceived dangers and threats because of its will and desire to survive.

I see people suffering from varying degrees of fear. I say suffering even though they don't know they are suffering. But fear is like a handicap. It keeps you from doing things you otherwise would do and should do. You freeze. You start telling yourself all the things you can't do. You can't do this. You can't do that. You can start a business. You can't own your own home. You can't talk to this guy or that girl. You can't make friends who are white. You can't compete for that job. Etc.

And there are fear mongers who are so afraid that their fear becomes, not only toxic, but infectious. They spread fear like a virus; like a plague. All of a sudden, they want you to believe that people who don't even know you exist want to kill you. And they will spend millions of their own money to do it. That's a movie. That's not real. That's a scary movie. It's not reality. Scary movies are based on things humans are afraid of but everything we're afraid of isn't real. We imagine it. And in our imaginations, it still has the power to scare us. Zombies and vampires scare us because we fear death and people who act inhumanely towards other people. We're afraid of Jason and Freddy because we're afraid of humans with mental illnesses because we can't predict what they'll do.

We all do threat assessments in life. It's natural. It's part of looking before you leap. But some people never make that jump. Some people are always afraid. And some people are even afraid to do what's right. But we can imagine that when it comes to ourselves because we can give ourselves the benefit of the doubt that we're not bad people. But at the same time we imagine enemies that aren't really there, enemies that only exist in our imaginations because we somehow expect them to have no fear when it comes to doing the right thing. But maybe they didn't "go along with" what their society was doing at the time. Maybe they just, as an individual, couldn't stop it. And they knew that trying to stop it would make them an enemy of their society. Isn't that possible? Isn't that most probable? After all, there are many things in our society we disagree with. How many of those things have you personally stopped? None? Have you tried? Probably not.

Because you're normal.

If I had the power to change the system alone... I would. But because I can't I'm still just a cog in the machine; in the system. My tax dollars support the system even if I consciously object. But there is nowhere for my objections to be on the record. But since I at least have that idea, I have just decided to build a place where people can record their objections against the system.

But that's what it's like when you're not afraid to do SOMETHING to better humanity rather than just complaining or spreading fear. I'd rather spread hope and spread love. And that ONE LOVE... is what I hope will win out in the end. But I'm not just going to hope. I'm going to do what **I** can and I'm inviting YOU... as an individual who has the power to do SOMETHING... to do what ***YOU*** can. Instead of accepting powerlessness or hopelessness, don't. Simply don't. You don't have to accept that. Accepting that is the reason why the system exists in the first place. Haven't you figured it out yet? The system takes over when we're afraid and does the things we're personally afraid to do. Think about it. Not all of it is bad. I'm not saying that. We need roads and bridges and yes... police. But the system reacts to our fears and we create it out of our fears because no one sees what you vote for in that booth. And for Americans... and also for people who are simply citizens of the world... Obama made the choice to be about hope while Trump made the choice to be about fear. Hope vs. fear. That's why conspiracy theorists are pro-Trump. Because they're afraid.

Fear doesn't make the world better. It makes it worse. You think fear protects you but it does it by making the world scarier for other people.

So spread love and hope rather than fear and hatred. You can do this. This is something we all have the power to do.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 2/3/2022 11:30:24 AM

Bless up Rastas

Give thanks for the upliftment and love.

InI can remain strong and true like souljahs to help usher in overstanding and compassion among InI.

Even in small ways through daily works, InI can move mountains by letting love shine.

As InI can see, fear is an effective tool, but also finite in its ability to influence.

Fears can be proven wrong, love will always remain.

Give thanks for the strength of JAH love.

Empress Menen I and HIM Haile Selassie I Love

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 2/8/2022 12:27:29 AM

All forms of politricks are there to put fear into people. No one politician is better than the other. They are all, both, controlled by the same shitstem of Rome. The system of Babylon. Rather move away from the Babylon. All what is in the babylon is fear. They just want you to fear so that you make them rich. These big pharmaceutical companies have doubled their riches within the last few days because they let the whole world fear. I have said many times and I will say it again, that we are in a one love movement. We do not stand for sides or politicians. If you thought that, then I am here to clear up the confusion. Get out of this babylonian system while you can. Get into the movement of love. Christ healed the sick through love. He did not tell them to fear for a certain amount of days. Be in great love and heal your brethren and sistren. This Babylon system will poison you because of your fear for things that don't exist. Blessed love.

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