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SistrenItes! Newsletter March 2005

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Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 4/8/2005 12:19:39 AM

Blessed Greetings Rastafari! Giving thanks for another successful month of SistrenItes! Newsletter, Dawta Poeticleah has done it again! Many many works are coming forth and it is only made possible through the loyal readers.
Perfect Love in His Majesty's name


Greetings in the name of Qedamawi Haile Sellassie the First. Worthy to be praised, Endowed with the Wisest of Wiseminds, the Lion-hearted Prince of Peace!

Beloved readers, it is with the sincerest of thanksgiving that I approach this March edition of SistrenItes!. Having successfully completed a full year of monthly publications in 2004 and now forwarding into its second year, it is with great reverence that I pause to Iditate on the goodness of His Majesty as well as the overwhelming goodwill of the faithful SistrenItes! community of readers. The month of March is particularly special to the Dawtas of H.I.M., because His chosen wife Empress Menen was born on March 25th. Last year, in honor of InI Queen Mother, I felt moved to set aside additional time to create a special edition of SistrenItes!, which was specifically livicated to Her. It was especially timely as it also coincided with the Empress of Zionís (EOZ) Annual Rastafari Womanís Conference; which was held in Brooklyn NY in March, 2004. The goal was to research/compile some of the available information which can be found in English, into one report and offer it to the nation, as well as to the EOZ Conference, in thanksgiving and love. InI were well pleased to bring joy to the sistren by forwarding that free-will offering, as InI do treasure any information which InI come across that is related to Her Majesty. This year, for those who did not have an opportunity to obtain the original March, 2004 Empress Menen Special Edition of SistrenItes!, I am again offering the same material as it was presented in last yearís publication; minus some of the photos. Along with Her Majestyís crucial material, this yearís edition also contains other information relevant to the nation in this Iwa.

May the Almighty bless the Is thoroughly.

Sis PoeticLeah

Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 4/8/2005 12:21:02 AM

Blessed Greetings in the Royal name of His Imperial Majesty Qedemawi Haile Sellassie I

I recently attended the EOZ conference in Miami with intention to spread SistrenItes! Newsletter on land for those sistren whom are not online. *Give thanks EOZ for aiming at achieving His Majesty's goal of organizing and centralizing.
It was truly a joy to link sistren who were familiar with SistrenItes! and immediately recognized the works by the SistrenItes! t-shirt I was wearing. Though I already knew the mission of the works.. it was meeting and conversing with ones on the land who truly enjoy and await each issue that made I realeyez InI have a COMMUNITY of readers all over who are loyally reading SistrenItes! every month and this is what makes the newsletter a success. This showed me that SistrenItes! is much more than a collection of information on InI king and livity. SistrenItes! is a tool to pick up the pieces that have been scattered. It is a source for Rastafari to pull together, a vehicle to increase awareness within the community and a means to work at achieving collective security. Give thanks to Ras Tafari for the success thus far, it is through the love of H.I.M. only that these works can be achieved.

I encourage every I to pass SistrenItes! along to the I's in your community. Whether it is forwarding the link for SistrenItes! online to ones and ones emails or it is printing and copying to hand out to the I's community. SistrenItes! is a free will publication and the spreading of knowledge and information to keep Rastafari linked is SistrenItes! purpose!

I pray more love and joy in the Ites of His Majesty to the loyal children of Ethiopia.... RASTAFARI!

Perfect love,

Messenger: the rock Sent: 4/8/2005 1:18:22 PM

I give thanks for the works.I went to the site , to print, and it was blank.well try again later.


Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 4/8/2005 9:14:21 PM

Give thanks bredren, I just tried the link and it is working for me. Maybe something is going on with your adobe acrobat reader program or it it just taking extra long to upload? Please let me know if you are still unable to open it, as well as any other I's who are having the same problem.


Messenger: the rock Sent: 4/8/2005 9:51:55 PM


it did the samething...

Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 4/9/2005 1:01:15 AM

Greetings Rock,
This may be plug-in issues or you may not have an updated version of Adobe Reader. What you could do is save the newsletter to your hard-drive and then open from there. Otherwise, you may email me at and I can email you the file directly. This also goes for anyone else having this problem.

Give thanks

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Haile Selassie I