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The Nazarite vow

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/17/2022 8:39:30 AM

...nor sacrifice dem neither

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 1/20/2022 6:24:27 AM

Yes I the book of Isaiah mentioned that when Emperor Selassie I returns in a second coming everybody and every living thing will turn vegetarian and wisdom will cover the earth as the sea covers water:

Isaiah 11:6-9
[6]The wolfe also shall dwell with the lambe, and the leopard shall lie downe with the kid: and the calfe and the yong lion, and the fatling together, and a litle child shall lead them.
[7]And the cow and the beare shall feed, their yong ones shall lie downe together: and the lyon shall eate straw like the oxe.
[8]And the sucking childe shall play on the hole of the aspe, and the weaned childe shall put his hand on the cockatrice denne.
[9]They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountaine: for the earth shall bee full of the knowledge of the Lord, as the waters couer the sea.

So instead of waiting until King Selassie's return in a second coming in order to be wise and have the knowledge of the lord, I and I rather take this moment and avoid being a heathen, eating and drinking rotten things which don't contribute to livity

Messenger: King Jam Sent: 1/20/2022 12:56:47 PM

christ said, its not what you eat that defile a man. ,but what comes out of the mouth from the tongue.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 1/21/2022 10:54:06 AM

Yes I Christ is the son of God and what him say is a parable not to be taken too literal but spiritual meanings. Christ is the leader of all the prophets in the scriptures, this comes naturally as he is the son of God and I and I worship God in three persons, Word, Spirit and Power. Iesus Christ is the word of God made flesh. Christ is eternal as the father, and without beginnings or endings. It is the prophesy of Christ that was handed out to to the prophets and it is the will of the trinity that the patriarchs adhered to an ascetic livity that avoided alcohol and dead meat. You find out they altered the scriptures to accuse Noah of drunkenness yet everyman equal in the sight of Jah and no one was cursed to slave to the other.

Isaiah clearly mentioned that no soul shall hurt the other upon Holy mount Zion and all living souls shall live in love and harmony and understanding, this also goes for beasts and birds and cows and sheep and lions and dogs, cattle and sheep, wild beast and cat. This also is a prophesy of the Christ because Christ is the word or angel of Jahovia and he was made flesh by the power of God to accomplish Jah mission to unite the nation's in one love and unity.

The prophesy then say the earth will fill with the knowledge of God and I and I will not wait for judgement day like a heathen but must wise up in this ya iwa and stop putting the blood of animals in our hands because bloodshed certainly corrupts your spirits and many people, despite giving up meat, still cannot give up rotten drinks containing alcohol - rot.

Jesus drank new wine, which is fresh grape juice straight from the press and if you can show me where Jesus became a drunkard in the bible then I will surrender. Do you want to tell me people in those days never got drunk of wine and beer, and lost themselves in the drink and power of Satan??

The bible tells us Jesus drank lots of wine but nowhere are we told he got drunk and misbehaved like other drunkards ( he must have been a strong drinker LoL ). Jesus only drank FRESH FRUIT JUICE and in the LAST SUPPER he said he will only drink NEW WINE in the Kingdom of the ALMIGHTY FATHER. And Jesus Certainly did not participate in crucifying poor animals because at the age of twelve we can find him questioning the Pharisees of the temple traditions and he became great enemies with the teachers of the law.

The whole bible is a parable from the Christ and you just have to Overstand tingz. Organic vegan is the way of life and this is the LIVITY of the patriarchs and the prophets who overstand in the scriptures, unless you want to live like a heathen

Messenger: King Jam Sent: 1/21/2022 2:33:22 PM

do you think that eating certain food will cast you into hell ?

they were talking to christ about eating with not washed hands,

how can you take that beyond physical realms.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 1/22/2022 2:21:18 AM

Eating certain foods can't cause you to go to hell but rotten foods will certainly affect your meditations and you will surely not have a clear perception because of the rot that clouds your meditations. Like me, for instance, I cannot eat flesh of an animal that has endured terror, fear and pain and ultimately death at the hands of another. This will have a big impact on my vision and surely will not sight reality. I eat organic food from the farm to give me uplifting meditations and visions of reality.

So while certain foods can't instantly deliver you to hell, you can easily sin when under the influence of the low energies of these foods and the reward of sin is death, and ultimately hell. Hell was created for sinners and the wayward. Drinks like alcohol are impure and there is no pure alcoholic drink. Alcohol brings you under the influence of demons that is why Solomon said you should not drink wine with a married woman. But Christ only drank new wine - fresh juice - and never got drunk in the sense of losing himself like a common drunk.

so you can see where people erred and drank rotten things that put them under the influence of demons. Only confusing some and enslaving others.

Christ only said so because there are still good people who still eat meat and drink rotten things, and Isaiah said organic vegan is the knowledge of the lord.

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Haile Selassie I