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Dream interpretation

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 12/11/2021 4:49:58 AM

inna Incient style....

Any of the I dem that smoke herb stop av dream? The I dem weh put significance on dream interpretation have any texts or references to share? preferebly from the ancient perspective

Mystery Babylon come tell melanated peoples after 1000s of years of hola dream interpretation that dreams are insignificant and incoherent. Their same science then also told wi that its the REM sleep where we dream, and this weh the pineal hypersecretes its Melatonin. The same pineal they told us they themselves are predisposed to have calcified and nonfunctional, hope unuh see the miscalculated logics right deh🤣;;

Since Froid decided that the Western world should start to take notice to dreams again. Ive seen a good few different Westernized dream interpretation book.
Id be interested to see the same from an original perspective of peoples with full function and reverence of their pineal third eye revelation since creation

Blessed I..

The ganja I dem still have dream? 🔥;;

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 12/11/2021 6:40:03 AM


Dreams are important to interpret. The interpretation of the dream that was interpreted in incient times are InI living today. The dream that America will enslave Africa is an interpretation that we are living today. Biden is no different and is a Catholic that is on the side of the pope. America is the beast and are telling Africans to take the mark of the beast. This wicked white man is telling Africans to wear the slave muzzle and to take the poison all in the name of saving lives. Only InI Jah Ras TafarI Haile Selassie I saved Africans from America and the wicked white devil in flesh aka pope of Rome. Christ in his kingly character saved Africa from the evils of babylon aka the evils of the white man. Africans are suffocating from wearing muzzles whole day. Who do they take Africans for? Africans are not animals. Do they think Africans are animals? Stop telling Africans to wear muzzles. InI will continue to protect Jah natural creation of Jah natural immunity and Jah natural beauty. Who said you must cover your face? Africans are suffering, in Jamaica the prime minister sold the people out. Even if the poison is free and the suffocating slave muzzle is free, it is all a trap to enslave you. This was all interpreted in dreams from men that were not white but hated amongst the white populations back then. This was all interpreted back then that Africans will be enslaved. Yes we have the conquering lion. Haile Selassie chased the evil white man out of Africa as stated in Revelation. And now today the slavery is coming back. Slavery is making a comeback. They are putting people on lockdowns. They are forcing people to wear the slave muzzles. They are treating Africans like animals. Bill Gates hates black people. They said blacks must get the poison first. They did test the poison here in Africa before it was released to the public. Africans suffered thinking they were doing the world a favour. The only favour they want is to kill 90% of black people. This was all interpreted from a dream many years ago. We know that the Emperor will come and destroy wickedness of the white man. The white devil pope don't want to listen. Popish America is enslaving Africans. Africans are trapped in a muzzle and can't go out of their homes at night. They are forcing Africans on lockdowns. The dream was written down. The interpretation is true. The Emperor will destroy the pope of Rome in the whole world. Africa was free in the time of the Emperor. But with no Emperor in power today, the white devil pope has enslaved Africa. The Emperor will have to destroy the white man devil in flesh for good and free Africans in the whole world. Africans stand for liberation. Slavery is making a comeback. Stand strong against the white man and his evil wicked ways of slavery.

Blessed brothers and sisters.
Keep being free that is the true spirit of Africa. Don't be a slave to babylon.


Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 12/11/2021 12:37:40 PM

Hail up Ras Garvey I
Hail up Melchezidek

Garvey Iyah, I am a cannabis user, in fact I could not sleep if it weren't for cannabis and melatonin. Yet I dream vividly and in color, and many of my dreams literally come true (not in a symbolic sense, but exactly as it does in the dream). I have movie-like dreams. They have story lines, they usually make sense. Sometimes I get lucid mid-dream and I start controlling my own actions in the dream.

I have a "dream town" where I usually go in my dreams. It has different sections to it: housing areas, stores, gas stations, a beach, farming areas. There are roads connecting each sector of the town, and I can sometimes choose to go from one area to another. I could draw a map of the town. It's always the same, the layout is the same.

I also dream of Shashemene a lot. A lot of times I will be in the streets of the downtown area of Shashemene, yelling to everyone "Ityopia wedachualo!" like, Ethiopia I love you all! So that's pretty obvious what that's about hahaha

I do place significance on most of my dreams. There is sort of a "feeling" of whether or not the dream seems significant. Those which feel important, I will interpret them myself, using my own intuition and my knowledge of symbology. I don't use any books and I never really felt the need to, since most of my dreams seem easy for me to interpret.

Garvey I, is there a specific dream the I is wanting help to interpret? Or just general curiousity?

Messenger: King Jam Sent: 12/11/2021 12:53:36 PM

yes dreams are interesting, bob marley had a dream that he would receive H.I.M Ring, and behold. it was told that one of his children/relative brought the ring to bob marley.

the dreams go all the way back to Joseph.

speaking to people in dreams who have passed on from this physical realm is also quite interesting,

i had a dream some months ago, where i saw my brother with short hair,
i told him he will cut his hair,
he hasnt cut his hair for 6+ years,
the other day he did,

what does it all mean??
no idea.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 12/11/2021 4:40:05 PM

That's funny King Jam, I just had a dream two nights ago that my coworker cut his long hair, too.

What does it all mean? To me, it is evidence that our spirits travel through the non-linear astral world when in dream time. We can see into the future because in that state of existence, time is non linear. I see this as the same way that any seer or prophet can make predictions of what may happen, because their state of mind is in a non physical realm, a non linear realm.

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