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All Alone Over Here

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Messenger: Jah Nesta sista Sent: 12/13/2003 10:00:20 PM

an dey all say InI mus stay single mom forever but InI know His Imperial Ijesty Jah RasTafarI will overcome InI lonliness in His own way. Cynt ave no nonbelievers around de Idren as dem sacred. Seen!

Don't let dem rule you; don't let dem fool you. For we will be forever lovin JAH!

Jah Nesta sista

Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/14/2003 7:03:19 AM

say that i all thing are lost.with out knowing to lose how will gain.
ini know this walk in not easy even when them have other bodys with me.ini am the breath from the in the flesh made he me abody.
it saying iam is with you time of old the oneness was made too.ini tell you that is there friute .for now an all times sow deep all you childern of god.and from work with faith,we may find we are never alone

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 12/14/2003 11:49:38 AM


All the I has to do Sistren is ask the Most High for the proper man for the I self. Ask Jah for a man that will trod with the I, in the I trod towards righteousness. A strong man that will do his part in the Oneness and Inity that a man and woman should have.

Jah will surely send you the right man if the I asks. But be aware, and study who comes your way, because not all who come will be sent from Jah. Make sure that you be observant to his movements, words, and vibes. Trust your own senses, don't deny it, because Jah give I and I our senses to help I and I see the hidden things.

Always remember that a man and woman is to be One. So the I needs to be sure that the man you find can be One with the I. Otherwise, you will not have what Jah has given I and I to have.

Patience and Observance I Sistren,

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: peter mloyi Sent: 12/24/2003 8:11:51 AM

Praise Jah for everything in the world.
Ini suffer in the hands of our own people whom we should turn to for protection.look a rasta inna zion how him/her suffer. no man look a him/her, him suffer alone. him cyant take a babylon corrupted queen fi him.she haffi loose her faith out of confussion to be accepted in africa, big confusion man. how will zion be without strong rasta families? Let make families in zion while struggling for total repatriation which will not come all a sudden.

Messenger: peter mloyi Sent: 12/24/2003 8:18:35 AM

Sista how cyan you stay alone. Jah create a queen for a king as a king for a queen.You have a role to play inna rasta ting nuh turn deaf your ears. ask Jah him a go show you a way. Face reality and work hard a rastaman haffi look after dem queens who stand beside dem.
Let's build a house of Jah.
I'n'I Mloyi.

Messenger: the rock Sent: 12/24/2003 10:04:59 AM

one family

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 12/25/2003 4:48:23 PM

Blessed Love, Jah Rasta Far I

ONENESS Sistren. INI nevha alone. THe flesh may be alone, but don't let "LONLINESS" overtake the I. That is the selling of Babylonian sensuality. All that the sistren need is within INI. Don't let anyone tell you that you this or that make the I complete. Jah made the I complete, just site the INI wholiness.

All this pressure on the ones to be whole with a mate....Jah is INI KING/Queen. Not to say that one should nor should not have a partner, but know that a partner can be just as "lonely" too, if the focus is a partner.

A king or queen is an extension of INI..IRON against Iron.

Look within the I for why this is so much a thing to the I to have a kingman. THe sistren gave birth to a life. Jah gave the I the youth to take care of. When the I no longer "Desires" a kingman, because the sista will site the strength within to LIVE, the kingman that is as strong as the sista in spirit will manifest. JAH RASTA FAR I

In weariness, I oft desire relief from struggle. But at that point is when ini strength manifests because the choice is to LIVE I destiny. No worry sista, train the the mind, oen the yes and heart to what the I need and how to get that. SEEK FIRST THE KINGDOM OF JAH AND ALL THESE THINGS WILL BE ADDED UNTO INI.

I feel the pain, sista. But that is all it is, an emotion that Babylon will play against you and entice you away from INI RIGHTOUESNESS. abe aware of it as an inidcator of something inside INI, but it is not a anything more that that.. IN INDICATOR. Babylon will sel you somthing to keep that EMOTION manifested. Emotions not real Calmaity, just sprays of the heart of conflict between spirit and flesh. I flesh not overstanding the infinite TIME.

Jah don't want HIM I-dren settling for anything less than perfection. SO while the sista preparing as a queen, know that the king is preparing as well.

Rename this "lonely" time as a "bonding and meditating" with INI. The site that the youth will see in the sista will be more than anything else that the youth will learn over his life. Youth learn from EXAMPLE.....So sista, love what the I possesses NOT what you don't have.

Sistren it be hard, a trod and a struggle. No JOKE thier. But Rasta-INI being forged in the fiyah and will be gold.

Seek wisdom, not relief. Relief is temporary...WISDOM is ETERNAL

You are a perfect image of the creator...KNOW that and have no fear pride vanity about that...BEcause it is TRUE. SIte that perfection sista, the perfection of INI......Smile sista for INI livity.

See, the sistren is BEAUTIFUL......radiantlight.Queen nesta......


Messenger: EmpressInde Sent: 12/25/2003 10:21:51 PM

Blessed Kings and Queens Lions and Lioness.

INI don't have a King mon in I life but INI is never alone. JAH is always there in INI life each and every moment of the day.That is why InI give thanks each and everyday. When it is time for I to meet I King INI will be able to feel the oneness of JAH works even more. SO will you,so will all of we.


Messenger: Ark I Sent: 12/25/2003 10:33:48 PM


Blessed words Empress Nefertiti and Inde. Jah know that what the I them say is true.

All of I and I have our duty unto Jah. So the most important thing is for I and I to live our duty. Jah will provide everything I and I need so that I and I will have no want.

Trust in Jah, and give praises to the Most High.

Jah Strength and Love,

Ark I
Haile Selassie I

Messenger: Nefertiti Sent: 12/31/2003 8:58:34 PM

The Black Woman -Marcus Garvey
Black queen of beauty, thou hast given color to the world!
Among other women thou art royal and the fairest!
Like the brightest of jewels in the regal diadem,
Shin'st thou, Goddess of Africa, Nature's purest emblem!

Black men worship at thy virginal shrine of truest love,
Because in thine eyes are virtue's steady and holy mark,
As we see in no other, clothed in silk or fine linen,
From ancient Venus, the Goddess, to mythical Helen.

When Africa stood at the head of the elder nations,
The Gods used to travel from foreign lands to look at thee:
On couch of costly Eastern materials, all perfumed,
Reclined thee, as in thy path flow'rs were strewn-
sweetest that bloomed.

Thy transcendent marvelous beauty made the whole world mad,
Bringing Solomon to tears as he viewed thy comeliness;
Anthony and the elder Ceasars wept at thy royal feet,
Preferring death than to leave thy presence, their foes to meet.

You, in all ages, have attracted the adoring world,
And caused many a bloody banner to be unfurled:
You have sat upon exalted and lofty eminence,
To see a world fight in your ancient African defense.

Today you have been dethroned, through the weakness of your men,
While, in frenzy, those who of yore craved your smiles and your hand-
Those who were all monsters and could not with love approach you-
Have insulted your pride and now attack your good virtue.

Because of disunion you became mother of the world,
Giving tinge of robust color to five continents,
Making a greater world of millions of colored races,
Whose claim to beauty is reflected through our black faces.

From the handsome Indian to European brunette,
There is a claim for that credit of their sunny beauty
That no one can e'er to take from thee, 0 Queen of all

Who have borne trials and troubles and racial burden.
Once more we shall, in Africa, fight and conquer for you,
Restoring the pearly crown that proud Queen Sheba did wear:
Yea, it may mean blood, it may mean death; but still we shall fight,

Bearing our banners to Vict'ry, men of Afric's might.
Superior Angels look like you in Heaven above,
For thou art fairest, queen of the seasons, queen of our love:
No condition shall make us ever in life desert thee,
Sweet Goddess of the ever green land and placid blue sea.

February 28, 1927

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Haile Selassie I