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Blessed 134th Earthstrong Marcus Mosiah Garvey!

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Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 8/17/2021 10:56:34 PM

InI give Itinual thanks and praises for the life and works of the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey!

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 8/18/2021 12:36:44 AM

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 8/19/2021 7:10:29 PM

The Greatest Prophet born from the Womb of Woman…


Malachi 4:5
Behold, I will send you Elijah the Prophet, before the coming of the great and dreadful day of the LORD

2 Kings 2:23-24
And he(Elijah)went up from thence unto Bethel and as he was going up by the way, there came forth little children out of the city, and mocked him, and said unto him, go up, thou bald head; go up thou bald head.

And he turned back and looked on them and cursed them in the name of the LORD. And there came forth two she bears out the wood, and tare forty and two children of them.

And it came to pass when the LORD would take up Elijah into heaven by a whirlwind…

(2 Kings 2:1)
Look for me in the whirlwind, look for me all around you for I will come back with countless of millions of Africans who died in Africa and in the Caribbean to aid you in the fight for FREEDOM Liberty and LIFE

"Words of the Prophet Marcus Mosiah Garvey the only Prophet Elijah in this time".

Marcus Mosiah Garvey was born to Marcus and Sarah Garvey in St. Ann's Bay in the parish of St Ann, Jamaica, on August 17, 1887.

His father, whose name was also Marcus, was a stonemason by trade and was very well read.

The elder Garvey was of Koromantee stock and was a descendant of the famous and fiercely independent Maroon people, who maintained their African cultural integrity in the face of centuries of European domination.

The strong koromantee/Maroon traits of economic self sufficiency, independence and love of african tradition and culture, were very evident in young Garvey.

Later in life, Marcus junior disclosed that his drive to become a world personality came from the inspiration he gained from reading his father's books as a youth.

The younger Garvey had an extremely high regard for his father, whom he reportedly described as: " a man of brilliant intellect and dashing courage, unafraid of consequences, firm, determined and bold."

After leaving St. Ann's bay at age 15 for Kingston; Garvey became employed as a printing apprentice in one of the islands biggest printing firm, P.A Benjamin.

He grew to love journalism, he became a printer by trade and a journalist by profession and published his first newspaper, Garvey's Watchman, in 1910.

The Most Right Honourable Prophet Marcus Mosiah Garvey used journalism to express the problems of the poor and needy and educate them on racial pride, self respect, love and integrity.

Marcus Garvey began his wide travels to central America where he worked for a United fruit company banana plantation in Costa Rica for a while.
The infamous U.S multinational agricultural corporation opened his eyes to the exploitation of the weak, the small, the poor and the black by strong, the big, the rich and the white.
He continued to study condition of his people by working through Panama, Ecuador, Nicaragua, Spanish Honduras, Colombia and Venezuela.

He faced the same reality everywhere he went.

While he was in London , Marcus Garvey read Booker T. Washington's book “Up from slavery” - a book which had a tremendous impact on him - Along with Dr Robert Love from the Bahamas and Haitian freedom fighter Toussaint's L' Overture.

While he was in Europe he observed the treatment and condition and oppression of blacks by whites was the same.

He ask where is the black man government?
Where is his King and Kingdom?
Where is his president, his country, his ambassador, his army, his navy, his men of big affairs?

When Marcus Garvey returned to Jamaica on the 19th of July 1914; He established the largest independent black organization the world has ever known or seen - the Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) and African Communities League (ACL).

In 1916 Marcus Garvey went to the United States of AmeriKKKa ; and made Harlem his center of operations.

He created multiple businesses to financially sustain the movement.

In 1919 he purchased his first ship, the Black Star Liner, to return Africans in the west to their black heaven Ethiopia- Africa.

Marcus Garvey was tired of his race being the laughing stock of white civilization and therefore used his U.N.I.A to increase the awareness of black people all over the world about their African origin, identity and culture.

When the FBI deported Marcus Garvey back to Jamaica because he was declared a national threat.

On his arrival to Jamaica he didn't get the honor he deserved, the children on the street use to stone him and call him bald head Garvey just like they did Prophet Elijah and a curse fell upon this rebellious generation.

Give thanks for the earth strong of the first Rasta man to point us to Ethiopia to the Ancient of days Qadamawi Haile Selassie!

Holy John Marcus I Selassie I JAH RASTAFARI

Blessed Love

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 8/20/2021 10:38:07 PM

The Greatest Prophet born from the Womb of Woman…

I agree...

Messenger: Likkle Ithiopia Sent: 10/26/2021 9:17:55 PM

We shall look at God through the spectacles of Ethiopia.
-Marcus Garvey

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