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Messenger: King Jam Sent: 8/11/2021 3:43:25 PM

when I think of His Majesty, and i see the pictures of HIM when he was younger, at his coronation, and when he grew older into an old man, his life was incredible, and so unlike anyone els ive heard in this world. the only person i can think of who has this same type of awe is the man they call jesus christ.

H.I.M is so interesting, he has literally brought about an entire movement, and though every chance he could get he promoted GOD and Jesus Christ.

Setting up Orthodox church in Jamaica, H.I.M is truly a Mystery.
Though he promoted Christianity he still brought a new revelation like that of Jesus,

The temple of the highest begins with the body which houses our life, the essence of our existence. Africans are in bondage today because they approach spirituality through religion provided by foreign invaders and conquerors. We must stop confusing religion and spirituality. Religion is a set of rules, regulations, and rituals created by humans, which was supposed to help people grow spiritually. Due to human imperfection religion has become corrupt, political, divisive and a tool for power struggle.
Spirituality is not theology or ideology.
It is simple a way of life, pure and original as was given by the most high.
Spirituality is a network linking us to the most high, the universe and each other.
As the essence of our existence it embodies our culture, true identity, nationhood and destiny.
A people without a nation they can really call their own is a people without a soul.
Africa is our nation and is in spiritual and physical bondage because her leaders are turning to outside forces for solutions to African problems when everything Africa needs is within her.
When African righteous people come together, the world will come together.
This is our divine destiny."

there is a natural mystic blowing through the air.
i read that 7 priests chanted psalms for 7 days and nights in the coronation preparation for H.I.M, although this is great, giving the quote above, i wonder what H.I.M really thought of this, and all the rituals he went through.

HE Truely is a BLessed Man from god. and many men whom dont claim to be rasta stated that he was a different type of man, a godly man. a mystical man.

When i see the pictures and i think about whom he was and the blood line he claimed to be from, I FEEL deep down THIS MAN IS SPIRITUALLY DEVINE.

Messenger: King Jam Sent: 8/12/2021 4:12:00 AM

also, what is your representation of this

gI have heard of that idea. I also met certain Rastafarians. I told them clearly that I am a man, that I am mortal, and that I will be replaced by the oncoming generation, and that they should never make a mistake in assuming or pretending that a human being is emanated from a deity.h

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 8/12/2021 5:05:44 PM


It's really just a spirit-type of energy or 'vibe'.

christ/messiah means anointed. Yeshua/Jesus was never anointed king of Israel.

However, H.I.M was indeed a king. So the spirit of Yeshua is given honor but at the same time, Selassie fulfilled the same spirit of the messianic role.

So if Rasfarians want to see it as the same spirit coming back to be king then that is subjective opinion Rastas are allowed to have.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 8/13/2021 1:17:27 AM

Dreams...Visions, Inspirations....Convictions that cannot be shaken by any critics of HIM

Some will say this of HIM, some will say that, but HIM is who HIM is and of this I am sure

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Haile Selassie I