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Why would Haile Selassie show King Edward so much respect?

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Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 7/16/2021 2:48:02 PM

Blessed love to all the I's

Im re-reading The Autobiogrophy of His Majesty to catch up some points.

But something I wonder is why english King Edward VII / Emporor of India / a huge colonizer is being hailed by Selassie and his father Makonnen.

I do know that Haile Selassie was a humble king, but I still wonder why HIM would show him so much love and why his father would give a gold cross from Ethiopia to that colonizer?

Respect is earned.

Hope I can get some thoughts

bless up

Messenger: HazelWell Sent: 7/21/2021 6:09:58 AM

Something to remember about HIM Haile Selassie I, is that while he was undoubtedly a holy figure, he was also a king, a head of state, and a head of a state with enemies on all sides, every colonial empire around His Majesty was undoubtedly looking to carve up the promised land and subjugate everyone there, wether Oromo or Somali, Afar or Tigray, Amharic or Agaw.

My guess (it is just a guess so take it with a grain of salt) is that HIM Haile Selassie I and his advisors were playing the colonial powers off against eachother, the same tactic Iran used to keep it's independence.

HIM Haile Sellasie I was not only a holy figure, but a diplomat and a king, a ruler, and a smart one at that.

Thats my assumption, though InI am not a historian, just interested in history.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 7/21/2021 3:09:39 PM

Hazel I think that's a very astute explanation! We can't forget that Haile Selassie I has to navagate in babylon the same way we do. It is sometimes a choice of the lesser of two evils.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/22/2021 2:37:00 AM

Blessed Love Idren

I thought I remembered hearing that HIM Haile Selassie I's grandfather Emperor Menelik II had somehow pitted various European countries against each other to amass more weapons to repel the Italian invaders at the Battle of Adwa. Maybe England was one of the countries involved somehow.

Here is a link to an interesting article explaining the history of a treaty between Emperor Menelik II and king Edward.

The notes at the end are especially interesting. One of my favorite notes is:
"The passage 'so long as the Soudan is under the Anglo Egyptian Government' is rendered in Amharic 'until the English Government gives up the Sudan".

The treaty shows that while the English were colonizing large parts of the world, they also had no choice but to recognize Ithiopia's sovereignty.


Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 7/22/2021 5:53:46 AM

Give Nuff thanks HazelWell, Cedric and JAH CHILD

I'll take that as my notes

Glad to hear your views and your shares of the empire.
Interesting with Ethiopia's actions to stay afloat.

Messenger: HazelWell Sent: 7/24/2021 10:51:35 PM

Here is a link to a nice short video by a channel named History Matters.

Thought some might be interested, it is about the cursed scramble for Africa, and Ethiopia's survival in such a time.

Hope you all enjoy!

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 7/25/2021 12:00:08 AM

Good reason

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 7/26/2021 10:32:27 PM

Its hard for I to imagine King Selassie 'pitting' countries against each other, whether European, African or other. Being a co-found of the United Nations.If he pitted anything against another it would have been righteousness against unrighteousness, good against evil. And no countries is absolute in either.

I find his respect for Edward to be following the example and leadership of King Menelik.

"Ethiopia had become known throughout Europe and Emperor Menelik had concluded treaties of friendship and commerce with various governments."

"I gave full expression to the desire that the friendship with European governments, begun in Emperor Menelik's time, be progressively widened and strengthened to the utmost."

-Heile Selassie, My Life and Ethiopia's Progress, pg82

I don't see the logic of divide and rule, whether it be "divide others to rule over them" the or "divide others to rule ones own."

It is hard to influence another if we disrespect them. I am glad Haile Selassie had GREAT influence on many individuals and Nations.

Messenger: Likkle Ithiopia Sent: 7/27/2021 4:51:12 PM

Haile Selassie believed in the Bible?

Messenger: Likkle Ithiopia Sent: 7/27/2021 4:51:13 PM

Because Jah is tolerant and practices giving diligently whether the people was a king. Or a regular man.
Ithiopia is Zion.

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