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Messenger: Lema Lion Sent: 1/30/2021 6:32:37 PM

These questions I bring up on these various topics now I do not ask to destroy the faith. On the contrary, I ask them to make the faith more meaningful to myself and to others.


I know it's important for black people living in western / American Babylon to know their roots and culture. I know that if you learn that nothing civilized has ever come out of Africa, then you also learn to hate yourself. And I can well see why one looks at Egypt when it was the most developed ancient civilization started by Africans. But my question is: How proud should we now be of the Ancient Kemet? Even though they were Africans like us, they saw themselves as superior to other African nations and they used a lot of slaves.

-to see yourself as superior, to use slaves? It sounds like the white man in the old days.

We must also remember that the first slaves in America were Irish (white people). But they stopped using them as their skin could not withstand the sun. Nor did they have as many muscles as Africans. There has always been slavery everywhere. Why is the West the biggest criminal?


Is it true that Haile Selassie kept cannabis as an illegal entity punishable by 6 months in prison? If yes, how can it not be seen as a sin by HIM when it's seen as a sin when Babylon performs the same act? How can cannabis at all be such a huge tool in a movement that has salvation in Selassie when Selassie was so much against it?

I hope I can get some good answers

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Messenger: Cedric Sent: 1/31/2021 3:26:32 PM

Blessed Love Idren

Lema Lion, I would call these questions charged. I overstand it is important to ask questions, even difficult questions that InI should ask about InI faith, but the I includes falsehoods or misunderstandings in the questions that make it difficult for I to remain composed.

As for Ancient Kemet. I feel like the I has learned most of the information the I "knows" about Kemet from western sources. This can be dangerous for a number of reasons, mainly because the west does not have any reverence, overstanding, or Raspect for Africa or Ancient Kemet.

"...they used a lot of slaves." I agree that western people, "Egyptologists" and ignorant racists alike, are quick to point to slave labor in Ancient Kemet and today's Africa as an excuse for the crimes committed against Black people labeled as slaves in early amerikkka. This is so off base and incorrect that trying to make comparisons out of the two just makes someone look ignorant at best.

I would suggest learning about Ancient Kemet from scholars that don't have as much western filters clouding their judgement. Has the I heard of Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop? I highly suggest reading his works. I suggested a few of his books in this post:

Tools to educate about Racism

I remember in one excerpt from his books he describes a papyrus scroll or stone tablet (I can’t remember exactly) that tells a story of a revolt of “slaves” in Ancient Kemet. Builders of a pyramid stopped work and marched to the Pharaoh’s palace and demanded work would not continue until they received a certain amount of tonnage of grains to feed the workers. The Pharaoh expressed surprise that the workers didn’t explain their grievances sooner and quickly fulfilled the requests of the workers with more grain than they had asked for. They quickly and happily returned to work. I would have to look for the excerpt and I man away from I books at the moment, but I remember Dr. Cheikh Anta Diop’s point was that it was incorrect to refer to Ancient Kemet workers and builders as slaves.

If the I wants to spread falsehoods that Irish were the first slaves in amerikkka, I man calling BIG BS on that. Arawak Native Americans were the first to be enslaved by Christopher Come-Rob-Us. Regardless of who is the first, InI need to be fully aware of the atrocious TYPE of slavery that was created and perpetuated by amerikkka. No Irish were treated as subhuman animal property to be raped, exploited, and downpressed as Black people in this country. Throughout Earths entire history, there has never been a comparison to the evil and disgusting type of slavery in amerikkka,

As for Haile Selassie I and Cannabis, I think it is totally incorrect to compare HIM Haile Selassie I’s Ithiopia with any act committed by babylon. Again, how can the I find comparisons between the two, even if punishments might have the appearance of being similar? I feel like the I is totally unaware of the racial bias perpetrated by the shytstem of babylon. As far as the deeper questions the I asks about why Rastafari use the Herb when Haile Selassie I was against it, I suggest the I reads through this post:

Ganja Talk

I suspect the I will be able to find some “good answers” in that lengthy post.

I hope HIM Haile Selassie I guides the I


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