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Nyabinghi: Death to all oppressors?

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 3/4/2021 10:23:50 AM

I think any curse originates from the wrong mindset; you can call it the carnal mind of sin. I do not wish evil on anyone. When humans experience evil it either makes them stronger or it corrupts them. If I want a child to be good I show them goodness. People oppress for different reasons. Much of it is fear and hatred. If there is no justifiable cause then there should be no justification in returning fear for fear, hate for hate. Ultimately, all these motives go back to spiritual immaturity. However, there are many people who practice religion who are spiritually or emotionally immature.

I don't see our oppressors as being wise or intelligent. I see them as ignorant and childish and weak. They couldn't figure out a way to build a country by themselves, with their own strength, so they forced others to build it, using their strength. Some people think "beating someone" makes them superior to that person. In many cases they only won because of superior weapons that simply meant they invested more energy into killing each other. Again... wrong mindset.

I seriously hope that people listen to Cedric's wisdom as much as possible. That is a spiritually mature person speaking and I have much respect for everything he says. Internalizing "judgement day". That's deep. And that's the mindset we all need to have. The decisions we make are part of creation constantly unfolding. So in order to create a better future we have to build it. WE. Not complain while others do it. What makes us any better than our oppressors in that case?

How are you using YOUR strength? YOUR intellect? YOUR wisdom? YOUR understanding?

Are you just copying/pasting what other people are doing? Or are you building up your character and spirit, constantly making yourself a better person by judging yourself, reflecting upon yourself, mediating, replacing the bad with the good?

White children don't have to grow up to be carbon copies of their parents. There are plenty of white people who disagree with their parents and grandparents. Plenty.

And many of them form their opinions, independently, when they come into contact with us and see all the good and all the potential greatness that we represent; but more importantly love and righteousness. We have a hunger and passion for it. But if raised in fear, anger, intolerance, etc. then these toxic environments can poison our humanity and we start to conform to the disease rather than becoming the cure.

So no, I don't desire to curse anyone or chant them down or anything of that nature. I wish only wealth and happiness on those who don't have it. I wish success on those who need it. And I wish love on everyone because everyone needs love. Some people don't want the world to change. Returning evil for evil, eye for eye, that is as old as time itself. If you want things to be better then you have to change the equation. Return good for evil. Because when you can master THAT?... You can change the world.

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