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Wicked Sex

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Messenger: Ras RunMan Sent: 12/10/2020 1:47:12 AM

Bless and love

I have to be completely open now

I'm writing here because I had sex with a lady a few days ago. BUT it was with a condom on my bamboo. AND I know it's a sin, but she was so good and sexy.

I know my cells died instead of fertilizing eggs, but what about the egg that dies every month when women are menstruating? Several studies show that sex is not only for having children, but also is a healing power for the body.

So who says that sex is only here for us to have children?
-The Pope does

In the end, I don't know why it's a sin. That's probably why I committed the sin in the first place. Let me hear your answers without judgements.

Give Thanks

Messenger: Arma Gideon Sent: 12/10/2020 6:46:26 AM

Hail I:

Who educated the I that it is a "sin"? as you stated you knew but yet you still indulge in your actions, so that as well showed you had time to think it out and make a choice.
now your cells and that of the female are two different things are , yes they both represent the two halves of the reproduction mechanics still they have their own roles to play . the females menstruation is design to wash away the unfertilized egg as well as the issue of blood , who made it that way ? .... the Father did it , so it is a faulty reasoning right there. And it was the Father who said "be fruitful and multiply " . Now any person with basic biology knowledge knows that it is only within a certain time frame that a female gets pregnant so try as you may if you are not copulating within that span there is no way she can get pregnant.
no studies is needed to overstand the copulation of responsible consenting adults .... you can approach it carnally or spiritually the choice is your . it sound like the I chose the carnal reducing the female to just a" she was good and sexy" description , instead of a "heartigal empress or queen" .
INI don't study the pope for direction in INI trod , one and ones have to take total responsibility for all actions .... now what you call "sin" can only come from going against what you knew to be right in the first place , your own conscience held you accountable.

Haile I , Walk Good

Messenger: Ras RunMan Sent: 12/11/2020 2:15:16 AM

All women are equal

the women I give love to are always queens / empresses who deserve all my love

Haile I

Give Thanks Idren

Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 12/12/2020 1:36:32 PM

"This time the bullet corrupt ya, A yellow ribbon instead of a swastika"
- Big Zack

Already they are prescribing spermicide for mental health, I am on it myself, though I don't think it is permanent, either that or I have super sperm,

IP continues to insist that numbers don't exist, they simply being repetitions apparently, as if we haven't moved on from Rome, however I return here to the famous four colour theorem for those who don't know it in an article written some time ago,

Retinas, "Race" and the Four Colour Theorem

have come to change my ideas though more recently realizing the reason four is an unlucky number in Mandarin, it is essentially the most efficient way, and taking things slow and unforced is a more pleasurable experience, so there is no need to deal only with partitions into four unless one wants to be an imperialist marking one's territory x

Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 12/12/2020 1:43:00 PM

Also, many people do not know all the references that my brother Zack drops, I knew most of them before hearing them, if I may bemoan my spoilt childhood, for those of you not familiar with the U.S.,

yellow ribbon

and a song

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 12/14/2020 4:51:46 AM

Well my response probably wont surprise anyone.

Luke 20:34-35
And Jesus answering said unto them, The children of this world marry, and are given in marriage:

But they which shall be accounted worthy to obtain that world, and the resurrection from the dead, neither marry, nor are given in marriage:

One could easily see why the Catholic priests took the vow of celibacy, thinking they were somehow fulfilling these verses. The NT deals a lot between the carnal nature of man and the divine spiritual nature that is only possible through the ruach ha kodesh (the holy spirit).

But whether one chooses the interpretation of Catholocism or some other form, and I'm trying to be careful how I say this, anything against nature is wrong.

First, imagine with me, for a moment, what is marriage? Is marriage natural? I submit to you that marriage is unnatural and is based on contract law, mainly for the protection of women. Why do I say this? Because in ancient times men could marry multiple women so marriage wasn't about a man being faithful to one woman. He simply had to make sure her food and clothes, her lifestyle, wasn't diminished. In other words, a man couldn't "humble" a woman, by taking her virginity, which in those days made them more valuable to men, and then "put her away" which was the definition of divorce.

This was a patriarchal world in which the man owned the land, his animals, slaves, servants, and women. This is why women were counted as spoils of war because they were also something that could be counted and owned. Because the man owned all these things by birthright (Joseph & Esau), women only got to benefit through marriage. So they competed against other women for position and because the birthright and legacy flowed through the son, women competed to give birth to sons because that is how the man obtained an heir.

Men performed hard labor tasks and fought in battles, either to protect the property they had, or to take more property from others. And so men were valued out of necessity and utility.

but this is due to a world/environment full of physical challenges where men are more dominant. This was not the environment of "heaven" and physical toil was one of the adverse consequences of Adam and Eve's sin. And men used that story to explain this patriarchal system and therefore justify the inequality under which an entire gender was mistreated. This is the world men created. Even though it seemed necessary didn't make it right. It's still wrong to this day but many men persist in this mentality even though many women are more educated and earning more than they are. They are still following an ancient plan rather than nature.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 12/14/2020 4:52:40 AM

If everything was set right... if everything was "heavenly" and divine... The needs, values, and justifications of this physical world and all of its evils would vanish away and there would be no such need for marriage or ownership in general because everyone would have enough to share. When you have a finite resource, that's when people tend to hoard and protect. So what Yeshua is actually saying in the NT, isn't that people should stop getting married or having children, but rather that having a family would be a liability in the war that he predicted would come. Other than that, if his followers stopped getting married and having children, there would simply be no Christians today except those they were able to convert. This would mean that the only group of people, not being fruitful and multiplying, would be Christians. And if they couldn't keep their conversions up, enough to take over the world, they would go extinct while everyone else kept going. This is really no different from cult leaders like Jim Jones, whose followings all end in death.

While it is good to exercise control over the body, and therefore good to practice fasting, fasting and starving to death are 2 very different things. If you're starving to death because you think fasting is godly then you're a fool. You are simply taking a precept to an extreme that it wasn't meant for. The true path of spirituality is about BALANCE. Balance in all things. Temperance. So having the ability to dictate to the body when you will eat is you taking control; not eating when the body tells you it wants to eat. Because if you always do that then you are reprogramming yourself in a way that will likely lead to obesity and health issues. We see this all the time in America because food is plentiful. If I wanted food right now I wouldn't have far to walk. Snack machines even.

But developing your control over the body doesn't mean you just never eat again because your body does need fuel. If you have stored enough fuel already, as fat, then yes you could go on a much longer fast and consume only vitamins and water. The benefits of fasting can easily be researched online.

Sex is similar to eating. Eating is for the purpose of gaining energy from our environment. But we can eat "too much" and we can eat for pleasure because it tastes good. Is it our fault it tastes good? No. Taste is simply an electrical signal processed by the brain so that we are naturally driven to eat. Eating can also release pleasure hormones called endorphins. So while we can say that sex is for the purpose of having a baby the body doesn't know when to have a baby or how many babies to have. It doesn't make these decisions. You do. It doesn't know if you already have 2 kids or 10. You do. So it creates what you need so that when you're ready to produce offspring you can, but for men that's millions of sperm cells and a natural desire to have sex.

Now, this natural desire... is programming on the operating system level of your mind. When you constantly refuse, not only do you gain control over the body but at some point you start to reprogram it. And if you wont have sex with women then maybe the body goes into a "starvation" state and it is here where the priest starts to erase the line between women and children, girls and boys. He starts to be tempted to have any kind of sex in order to get that release of hormones. And it's just whoever's around at that point. That's why guys in prison... without access... turn to each other.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 12/14/2020 4:53:46 AM

We didn't make our bodies this way. This is thousands of years of evolution (or God's personal design and molding if you believe in Creation) and isn't an accident. So going against that is to go against your body's processes to help you survive. And not just you, but smaller and younger versions of you that get born into different bodies. We are all part of a chain of eternal life. We're programmed to want to survive and therefore we're programmed to reproduce. Every time you have sex doesn't need to result in reproduction. To say this would be a misunderstanding of our biological systems.

The reproductive cycle is proof that the body thinks of periodic sex as natural but that it doesn't have to result in a baby every time. Because a woman certain doesn't conceive every month and doesn't use both eggs. The man produces millions of sperm. Only 1 will fertilize the egg. So with all these processes going on in them both, why would someone jump to the conclusion that the man cannot climax unless it is impregnating a woman? Why jump to the conclusion that the pleasure involved must produce a child? The woman's body has a natural process of getting rid of an unused egg, right? The man's body has a natural process for discarding the unused sperm, right? So this means the body doesn't expect pregnancy as a part of every cycle. It's job is to create the environment in which it CAN happen. By having sex you create the conditions where it CAN happen. It doesn't guarantee that it will. And many couples change their timing according to ovulation so that they have better chances of having a baby. So what then? They shouldn't have sex outside of making babies, even if they're married? That not natural. That's why it is natural when animals masturbate. We joke about masturbation and Catholics try to make it a sin, but it never was a sin. It is a natural process that has a number of health benefits.

So once you take the evil out of sex, because that comes from the church as a means of control and pretending to be better than other humans who have natural sexual urges at the risk of developing perverted ones, then if you remove the requirement of marriage from the equation because that was a human invention based on the patriarchal system of physical struggle, then what you're left with is your natural human desire for sexual gratification and fulfillment which is mirrored by people of the opposite gender who have the same needs, wants, and desires. And if they don't feel the need to get married, to keep you or to protect their own interests, then why should you require this for them? As long as you have 2 consenting adults, what's the problem?

I believe that children should, if at all possible, be raised in a single house by both parents. If you're not having children with every woman you see then there's no reason to marry every woman either. Outside of that, you are doing a service to them and to yourself. Sex is natural and should be treated as such.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 12/14/2020 10:00:12 AM

I think sex is a means for two people, partners, to bond and sync their vibrations with one another, bonding being the important word, to create a good environment for raising and nurturing other human beings into sensible adults. Who want to use it to get off, me cyaan stop the I but there is an outcome of every meditation, wether positive or negative.

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