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Highest Heights - Wonderous Amazement - Supernatural Presence

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Messenger: Cedric Sent: 11/19/2020 11:03:27 AM

Blessed Love Idren

Black Christ in Flesh inspired I to post this topic. I want InI to be able to share stories of amazing instances that have shown the glorious presence and power of the Most High to InI.

For instance:

A number of years ago I decided to go swimming with friends. We went to a place that I grew up going to, I felt comfortable there. When we arrived, we could hear the waves crashing against the rocks 1/4 mile from shore. The waves were immense.

InI brother have always had a competitive way between us. The day we were competing for the attention of the same wombyn. I jumped into the water and swam into shore against the current pulling me out to deeper water. I reached the top of the rocks and was scared of what I had just experienced, so I told the group I would not suggest going in (I man sight this now as a veiled challenge to I brother).

After a few minutes of awe and witnessing the power in the waves, I brother and the wombyn InI were competing for decided to jump into the water together. Because they were attempting to jump together, they jumped closer to the rocks and directly into the current that was sweeping around the cove. This made it impossible to swim in. It only took one call for help from I brother. Without thinking I jumped into the water with them to try and help. Into the same current.

As soon as I hit the water I realized I had made a terrible mistake. I was cold from my first jump, and instantly took a wave over my face as I came to the surface. Coughing and trying to get my bearings in the swirling current, InI brother could hardly assist the wombyn to swim out of the current. I remember trying to support her feet as she pushed against us to try and clear the current, but none of us were going anywhere. I remember our other two friends who remained on the rocks trying to shout directions about where to swim, and not being able to understand anything that was going on in the confusion.

And then I passed out. Total darkness.

When I opened my eyes, I was about two feet underwater. Bubbles were raising in front of my face. I was in the most excruciating pain I have ever felt in my life. In the movies people glorify drowning as being easy. Not true at all. I realized when I could feel pain that I was still alive. I reached out and kicked to reach the surface of the water. I took another wave over my face. I turned to look towards the land to see where I was. I had been pulled by the current, farther away from shore than I had ever swam in I life. I had no strength. I called to JAH with I last breath. I heard a song I had not heard for years playing in my head. I gave up. I man knew I would be dead. I felt I head go underwater and I lost consciousness again.

I existed in a dream state where I was not dead but not alive. I saw I lifeless body floating by the rocks. I saw I family pulling I lifeless body from the water. I heard music. I was in darkness.

I felt rocks beneath I feet. I opened I eyes. I was close to shore. I tried to stand but was too weak. Waves pushed me into the rocks. I clung to a rock with my remaining strength. I WAS ALIVE. I pulled myself onto the rock. My body was barely grasping to life. By this time the local ambulance service had showed up and worked to lower a ladder and rope that they could help I to the top of the cliff. When I got to the stretcher, my body temperature was 89 degrees.

People asked I how long I had been in the water. I recalled 15 minutes time had passed. The next day, through evidence that was presented to I by the friends who remained on the cliff, it was shown that I remained in the water for no less than 45 minutes. At one point in time, no one on the rocks could see I because I had been pulled so far away from shore.

I brother and wombyn survived. They had been pushed into the rocks sooner than I had. They were not without their own scrapes and bruises.

Why did I man survive? The Most High. I strength is not what kept I alive. I gave up. The Most High breathed life into I for a second time.

Glory be to the Most High
Give thanks to JAH for Life

Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 11/21/2020 2:13:00 PM

Praise Jah, the Lord give and the Lord take away.

Iman surf a lot, many big wave surfers have been taken away.
To dive, very dangerous.
To sail boats, long way from shore.
The ocean will always demand respect, it has no feelings.

Always consistently closer to death in the ocean than on the land, many times and nearly always a bad judgment call away from death.
Poor decisions can kill at sea.

Jah and the angels intervene all days long! Time stood still, you can learn much from this.

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 11/21/2020 8:29:44 PM

Ras Cedric,

I give thankhs for the i, sharing a powerfull personal experience.
Good post and a good topic also.
Hope we can all find time to add our observations.

Kiwiman said: "The ocean will always demand respect, it has no feelings."

Tru bredren, the ocean has no feelings.
Netr is unemotional.
Jah is the ocean, land, air, sun moon and stars, we, them and this is Jah, impartial, no feelings,
survival and transition,
good and evil in permanence.
Self sustained, self contained.

Life and health a most precious thing.

Haile JAH!

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Haile Selassie I