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Global warming and climate change is not true

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Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/29/2020 12:27:51 PM

IPXninja, stop it. What you are saying is wrong. You can't accuse anyone you think to be a white supremist. How stupid? Your argument is laim. I hope you see that you are wrong in many different ways.

I won't take further action, but will still try and help the I come out of babylon. If the I does not want to come out, then stay in babylon. I won't be using babylon anymore and will be leaving babylon soon. While you remain here in babylon, enjoy living in the lies of the Devil.

I'll be moving on. There are many Iyahs that would love to reason. But this ninja is just strong behind its keyboard.

I'm a free person.

Blessed I

JAH Bless

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/29/2020 1:00:06 PM

It is Irie.

I am good.

If you don't want to be open to learning, it's Irie.

I'll take this knowledge some place else, to those who are willing to learn.

To those that found something good in what I had to say, blessed be to you. Blessed I.

To those that can't understand, this knowledge is taught at different places by different teachers. Here I must respect people's wishes as well as my own. I am also human and have to work. I provided these lessons with I own sacrificed time.

This knowledge can be learned at different learning institutions, if the I wants to learn further.

One day, the wicked philanthropists will burn.

More fire

Fire burn the Pope in Rome

Fire burn the wicked


Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/3/2020 9:23:24 AM

You'll probably be back under a different name. You're main problem is arrogance.

When you offer opinion, you have to give it as such. When your opinion differs from expert testimony, industry specific knowledge, and science, especially in the face of life or death decisions, you should NEVER hold your own opinion over the opinions of those who had dedicated their LIVES to science and to the medical field SAVE lives.

And when you reason with others you have to prove what you're saying is true. You can't just say things and expect people to treat it as knowledge/education. If you don't want people to do their own research and contradict you and argue against you when you're wrong then that's simply you acting like a dictator with no natural authority (other than what you may or may not perceive within your skin color).

If you're here to "educate" you're here for the WRONG REASON. No one needs that. No one needs control under the guise of someone pretending to be Rasta and pretending that their propaganda is anything but. And if you cannot take correction then you are not here in the spirit of reasoning. You're just telling people what to think or do and that is not reasoning. When the bible says come let us REASON together it isn't a summons to gather together to hear one person dictate.

Now if you have accurate information regarding a piece of history I don't have, I'd love to hear it. But if you're just spreading propaganda under the mask of conspiracy theory because you think this is secret information that makes you important for having and spreading... then you are simply a fool and a tool for someone else's influence and no one should take you seriously.

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Haile Selassie I