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Things I'm willing to ignore to vote for Biden

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/8/2020 5:33:35 PM

I'm starting this as a comical list of things. Feel free to add your own. But the point is that Trump is so bad that just about anyone else would be better (anyone besides actual Adolf Hitler).

So I'm willing to ignore:

1. If Biden had a 3 some with ISIS
2. If Biden passed gas that actually killed people wherever he went
3. If Biden had a chip in his brain controlled by aliens
4. If Biden wanted to cross dress on the weekends as Shirley Temple
5. If Biden failed an IQ test designed for trained seals
6. If Biden's father owned slaves
7. If Biden personally started Coronavirus in his garage
8. If Biden planned to create "DEEP SPACE FORCE"
9. If Biden thought climate change could be solved by nuking volcanoes
10. If Biden had 16 toes... on his hands
11. If Biden was the captain of girl scout troop 271
12. If Biden does the moonwalk whenever he sees a black person
13. If Biden chases dogs in his car
14. If Biden watches elderly hentai on his government issued laptop
15. If Biden smiles every time he sees black people doing yard work
16. If Biden wants to build a massive pet cemetery to resurrect dead animals and sell them as rescues
17. If Biden body shames animals at the zoo
18. If Biden finds a golden ticket and sells it to Slugworth
19. If Biden wants to create a martial arts fighting force for the purpose of fighting teenage mutant ninja turtles
20. If Biden was an actual Cheezit cracker...

Even if Biden couldn't count to 20, I would still vote for him because THAT is how bad Donald Trump is. And if you don't know how bad Trump is at this point, you are either seriously misinformed or you're bad at humanity.

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