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Sizzla caught with Guns??

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Messenger: gideon Sent: 4/2/2005 2:46:15 PM

That is well said, I never criticize anyone. But in terms of the teachings I criticize those teachings of turn the other cheek and so on. It is useful in some situations of course but not always.
Dreadnut misunderstand my reasons for supporting violence. It is not to clean up the earth in the sense of result oriented action, if you understand what I mean.
I kill because I love to see the death of that one.
Believe me this is something I think about a whole lot, and most people do also.
I think the main reason for the misunderstanding is that ones are looking at this topic in a theiretical way, but in the real life situation we all kill with no apology.

And this is not just about physical killing, because when someone crack a joke and hope for me to smile and I put on the screwface then I am killing their heart. And basically anything that goes against the heart desires of one is a death to that one, in this sense I am reasoning right now.
It is about standing up for your rights, which is the royal tradition. It is not about any mathematical equation that makes it better to kill than not to kill, I hope you get my meaning. It is just about the heart that manifest.....

Look within and it is clear that INI do not operate with calculations. INI livity is from the heart and in the final analysis the moral equation of cause and effect is not a deciding factor. It is always the heart.
This is again the grace and law reasoning, because INI do not live by law but by grace.
As I write this I am reminded about this passage in Ecclesiastes where the teacher says that he who waits for the perfect time and for everything to be in place before acting will never do anything, because the perfect moment will never come. You just have to jump in and do something, and you will not be guaranteed that the equation will work out. But faith is the guarantee, when you believe in the royal tradition. When you follow your heart with faith then you don't need to focus on the equation, because you know that will work itself out.

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 4/3/2005 12:38:42 AM

Sorry dude, I think your on your own.

Messenger: Doctor Binghi Sent: 4/3/2005 12:06:29 PM

I do not understand the theory...

" A pig is someone born of woman.
Killing a pig is like killing any other animal"

Does this justify the killing of people? I was born of my mother.. and resent being likened to swine.... This makes no sense to me, is it just me?

I remember talking to a Ras in a neighboring city.. He was telling me.. he would never see a rat looking for food in garbage, then kill it. He said he "feels that rat" We've been there, get me? He also told me about if a fly is bothering him, or buzzing around his food, he would never hurt the fly.... BUT.. if the fly lands on his food, he "must f*** the fly up" because it invaded a human's space, and is ignoring the order set by Jah. We humans have dominion, and everything else is supposed to listen. I have personally (and only recently) had an experience like this... a rottweiler (pardon spelling?) was barking and running at me. I turned calmly, made Selassie I sign, and said "bless, brother" The dog barked a few times, more quietly.. but stopped running. After I said "bless" a few more times, he stopped completely, and sat down peacefully.

People do not respect eachother anymore.. much less animals and nature... People forgot this.. all creation was given to us, things are supposed to do what we say; this is the order Jah created.

No, I think a pig is a pig... an abomination.. swine.. filth.. and I think killing anything is wrong, unless it tried to overstep itself, seen? a mosquito has a right to exist... but if it bites me, I will crush him. lice do not bother me at all... they seem to know better than infest a Ras' locks. get me?

Maximum Respect and Love.

Selassie I Bless

Messenger: BIGA FIRE Sent: 4/4/2005 12:51:44 AM

GREETINGS DREADNUT IN THE NAME OF JAH RASTAFARI,ini can take any thing from what you said,as the prophet say one must read between the lines,in this every man fi have them gunzzzzzzzzzzz, from you are dealing with truths and rights;why,cause babylon will kill any one who get in their way.their are many that hate SIZZLA AND MUCH OTHERS,and will be happy to see them dead,any person who is enlightening the one who knows nothing is violating babylon orders,so tell me what is wrong if SIZZLA has a few gunz,my brethren SIZZLA must defend him self from dem paganz out there,

Messenger: Dreadnut Sent: 4/4/2005 2:11:05 AM

Blessed my lord,

Yes bredren we sight that, but this is a tuff call for I man, because while I understand that if life isn't protected, there are those who are trying and willing to take it. But if I purchase a gun, I support babylon, if I get a gun illeagaly and get caught, I go directly in the beast (jail), if I do not carry a gun then it is possible that I might be defensless, but when they come to kill I, they can only kill I once, and I know that the Lord God Haile I King Selassie I Jah Rastafari will protect me from those who would harm I. I try to deal with life as it comes to me, I put my trust in HIM.

Ras Zion I

Messenger: gideon Sent: 4/5/2005 12:21:43 PM

What is born of flesh is flesh. What is born of spirit is spirit.
I and I am born of spirit, not flesh.
Here are some references or reverences:
"Unless a man be born again, of spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God."
"Of all men born of woman there is none greater than John the baptist, but the least of the kingdom of heaven is greater than him."

If you think you were born from your mother you don't know who and what you are. What people call their body or temple is not so, really all creation is just spirit. Temple is just a word we use to describe the manifestation of spirit that is the tent of the soul of man.

Exactly what I am saying is that it is good to kill mosquitos. It is only avoiding the issue when you say that you only kill them when they are biting you. The fact is that mosquitos reproduce by sucking blood, they are an abomination by nature. Why wait until one bites you, it is a shortsighted approach. Mospuitos should be wiped out from the earth, along with all other abominations.

About human animals, when one loses faith in christ they are a slumberer and the beast takes over. The beast can be described as snake, pig, goat, sheep, rat etc. each of these names describe certain characteristics. The snake is subtle and crafty and can twist everything, look at how a snake moves forward without legs by using a mixup sideways push. A rat is crafty and greedy. A pig is brutish and greedy, a stomach on legs. A pig takes what it wants with absolutely no consideration of any higher ideals than immediate gratification of the stomach. On the level of human pigs, consider politricktians and police - they use words of justice and morality with the sole purpose of taking what they want. They have no consideration for the higher prinicples and actually imagine that these prinicples are nothing more than tools of power. Their world revolves around their stomach.

I have love for all animals, but it must be recognized that they go beyond the bounds, and for the sake of justice steps must be taken to reclaim the earth, for the sake of the living.

It seems ones are misunderstanding what justice means. It is not about retribution or punishment. It is about quality of life and making it better for the sake of the living. Do good.

Some won't know themselves until their backs are against the wall. Then they will kill and give thanks for the destruction of the abomination. Blessed are those who believe without having to see, or who know without needing proof.

Messenger: the rock Sent: 4/5/2005 12:35:03 PM

respect gideon ....

I wanted to ask( about one part of the post), if words mean what they mean, and all why do you say that we are not the body we live in?I am in side of the temple, if i go for feashly, lust then the spirit is not in control. Unless a man be born again, of spirit, he cannot enter the kingdom of God.". then what? do you die,...(just keeepen light) all so says,( i know i be posting this all the time )the kingdom of jah is at hand and it in you and me, and all a round us.your the you see what i am trying to post..?


Messenger: gideon Sent: 4/5/2005 12:46:11 PM

Also let me mention this:
According to the Torah - which means teaching, and not law as most people think - it is required to take revenge. When someone does wrong it is right to destroy their life to some extent.

When Jesus fought against the legalistic tradition of the Pharisees and Scribes most people assume it means he is for physical peace. But this is not the case. He said, "there is a time for violence", and "Don't think I come to bring peace".
Jesus comes to bring spritual freedom.
The legalistic tradition wrt the Torah looks at the surface and forgets the root. Jesus quarrel was not with the Torah itself but with the superficial application that the Jewish leaders and people were following. His message was to take it from the root, and then apply the Torah from the root. But the unbelievers don't like this because they gain power from contorting the truth by applying the Torah at the surface level. Basically this it what Babylon system is about. They use concepts of justice and morality but they twist them by applying them at a superficial level that they choose. The rootsman has the power to apply the Torah (eye for an eye) at the level of the root. Basically this means - do good, Nyah Binghi, etc.
Basically it means "this commandment I leave you so that ones can know you are of me, love eachother."
Love has death (physical) in it, for wrongdoers. Love is death to slavemasters and fire to all corruption. Love is not romantic love that we are taught to steal our power from us - turn the other cheek and forgive and all that bullshit.
Weakheart can never ever ever accept these things I am saying, because he puts his trust in the romantic tradition. But he will fall, plain and simple. Actually he is broken already, and it is just a matter of time before the destruction is evident - like how those twin towers took like fifteen seconds to fall to the ground even though they were actually destroyed on contact.

I know many will resent me because I speak on my own authority, but those who know will recognize a spiritual kinsman. Let the fittest of the fittest survive, whoever is against one let him fight against that one and let Jah decide the victor. Let righteousness cover the earth and destroy all weakheart conception. Wipe them out.......

Messenger: gideon Sent: 4/5/2005 12:56:33 PM

When I say we are not the body we live in I mean that one cannot know what we are by knowing the body that we live in. We are what we are, and what we are manifests within a physical creation. So we are physical entities. But the root is in the spirit.
People think that the physical is the foundation, so that is what I was getting at. It's just a ambiguity in the language, but I know ones know what I mean.
The only way to know what the physical form is, is to know the spiritual reality. The physical is a temporary, everchanging manifestation. The spirit is eternal and unchanging.
I have no way of stating in words in a scientific form what I am saying, but I can only go around and circle the point. Those who know will know what I mean. Those who don't will always look for loopholes in the language and try to stir up a contraversy......

I and I am a big up to all I and I. One. Death and destruction to all weakout.

Scissors and comb is the backward teaching, from the outside going in. But roots and culture is the true, forward tradition - from the inside, the source. Who don't have ears to hear will never make sense of these words...... Even if they think they do, they don't. You have to know and then you will know.........

Messenger: the rock Sent: 4/5/2005 3:16:45 PM

I see what your saying, so those who stir up controversy would be who?
Before I get off on the wrong foot and not even with an assumption I would know that no one here is teaching about cutting hair or any of those things that you described. Im glad that you made your point overstood or maybe I didnt overstand it.If you will please bear with me. Seeing that those who hear will hear the truth if your speaking from the stand point of the internal root of one self being. that form manifested into energy still incaped in this fleshly form, anything else to me is pure nonsense. To talk of the spiritual walk and not manifest it in an earthly body is death even being that one without the other is no movement at all. Take a flash light at night and it will not stop until it hits something that how I identify energy that is in this body even if thats just a small visual analogy of what manifests the movement of the human body. Sometimes thats what it takes, you know movement, because internal is what one seeks to find motivation and encouragement about were to go what knowledge is truth even seeing that most lies hold that 10% truth that it is sold by. More to the point to quote the tao whatever shape a vessel might take might be seen to the eye and appriciated for its architecual apperance but that vessel is made for a purpose and enhouses the spirit. Point being without the flesh the spirit has no home... is that what you said, if so, seen...

One love

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