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Blood Diamonds

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Messenger: Everton I Sent: 5/13/2020 10:55:21 AM

Our people are suffering from corona, our people are being shot in, among other countries, the US and right now the threads are very much about what is up in these days and times and that's good too.

As humble servant of Jah, I believe we have the responsibility to fight the biggest issues first. Certainly we must speak up and fight all kinds of oppression of our people, but I think we are talking too little about the crime that is destroying most of our people inside our promised land AFRIKA. Every nation is dependent on Afrikan resources, but do we benefit on them??? We all know the answer and a western politician can't say no to refugees until he learns to keep his companies from our country. Still the US, China, Europe.. every nation is against the black man. Just because most of us are FREE released black people dosen't mean slavery is over.
Our children are born into slavery. Born into a life with dusty air to kill.
Into a mine crush and you don't see your child again.

The main reason why the I follow Marcus Garvey to the highest degree is partly because his philosophy is so relevant to this day.
Over 6 million dead in Congo in a war of resources!
This is the Holocaust
Media people just don't care. They only show the afrikan rebel groups and subconsciously throws the ball at us

The headbase of the western company is not in Afrika so they do not even pay taxes or any support to afrikans. No the only people the company pays for are the afrikan leaders with the same mindset as some of our greedy ancestors who sold us out to the white man.

If any of the I's know some reggae songs about this issue INI would appreciate


Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 5/14/2020 3:43:55 AM

I feel for Congo.
My mother was Armenian and for a long time no one knew of genocide there. Even now US does not recognise. My mother carry bitterness in her heart because of this, even though she very godly woman.

Politics, money and country relationships. Babylon very bad for many peoples with no friends in high places. If you in high place or even just white, you get given advantages over those not in high places.

Karma has a way of sorting dis out.
White man often cant have children or maybe born with autism an such. Hard working peasant often have strong body from hard work and simple foods, have may children, can dance and sing, has good teeth.

I'm in NZ and we only have a few Africans.
Auckland largest polynesian city in the world. Samoan Tongan Fijian Maori. Very different situation as slavery was banned by the time NZ was colon-ised.

It still has a sore colon too

Around 1990ish it was Sweden who pushed for recognition of Armenian genocide at UN.
Strange they had no dog in the fight but did what was right.
Congo needs a white friend for world to acknowledge, maybe only partially among only a few well read persons.

History. His-Tory

One day soon, all the slaves will be free.
Among all the sufferation, good forces are working.
The new generation in the west much better informed and under the new millenium vibration, a new consciousness is emerging.
Still in baby shoes!

Blessed thanks and Praise Jah.
A new time is upon us.

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