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The Pandemic

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Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 9/16/2020 11:14:44 AM

Blessed I

Science is one of the biggest contradictions of human knowledge.

Today science can not prove that the "coronavirus" does exist. With science, it can not be proven that there is a "pandemic".

With the knowledge and intelligence of today we now know that the World Health Organisation lied. With the knowledge of today we know that the "coronavirus" and the "pandemic" was a made up lie. Through science we proved the Pandemic is a scam and showed how the rich got richer and many lost their jobs.

It is a well known fact, that China had a great deal to play in this outbreak. Many doctors that spoke out in China got silenced. China abuses human rights.

We also know that the World Health Organisation is a fraud and are liars who got funded by satanists. These devils are wicked and will kill 90% of the human population.

We also saw how the rich few guys got their say and got to decide what they want and how they want it while the rest got killed in the hospitals.

Yes I

Fire burn the wicked

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 9/16/2020 12:08:24 PM

More fire

We saw the rich philanthropists got to say what they want and how they want their way. We can see the philanthropists using money to buy the World Health Organisation. We also saw tyrants doing what they want.

In Matthew, chapter seven, verse fifteen:

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."

In the second book of Peter, chapter two, verses one to three, I and I reads;

But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.

And many shall follow their pernicious ways; by reason of whom the way of truth shall be evil spoken of.

And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

Scientists are bad and dangerous

Many years ago there were false prophets (people who did not speak JAH true word) among JAH people. In the same way there will also be false teachers among you. They will teach wrong ideas that will destroy people. But they will say that those wrong ideas are true. Those false teachers will even refuse the Creator, who created them. And so they will cause JAH to destroy them.

Many people will believe and copy the false teachers. Those people will do wrong things, like the false teachers. And as a result, other people will say bad things about the true way that JAH wants us to live.

The false teachers only wants your money. They will tell you things that are not true. They will tell to you those false things so that you will give money to them. A long time ago JAH decided that he must punish them. And he is ready to do that. He will destroy them.

Fire burn the wicked



Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 9/16/2020 1:09:48 PM


With all due respect... and I always mean that when I say it. But with all due respect you have no clue what you're talking about and this is the danger of conspiracy theories and blind faith; especially when paired up together.

You are mixing a very dangerous cocktail and I'm not sure if anyone can talk you out of the delusion that you are in. So let me try one last time.

Viruses and Diseases have been with us since the very beginning because, in fact, they are older than us. Of course you wont believe that but it is a fact microorganisms exist and you see them all the time but only when they are in large quantities.

Yeast... mildew, molds, you've seen and smelled them. No one had any reason to lie about these things and we've known about them for millennia. No one went mad. No one gave up their livelihoods. Whatever you think that "Satanists" are out trying to get people to do, NO ONE has ever done simply because these things exist and they have known about it. We have known about mold our whole lives. No one has ever committed suicide or subjected themselves to any rituals, other than being careful with food prep and washing their hands.

Human beings spent years dying in mass numbers while we figured out that what we were eating and drinking was killing us. Bacteria live literally everywhere. We cook food... we boil water from natural sources... or we filter it... And even with our modern technology we still occasionally get sick from lettuce or there's a recall on some fruit or veggie or meat. Why? Because of microorganisms.

If you believe the bible then you should understand that this is the reason certain contact with dead animals or with women on their period (before the invention of pads and other feminine hygiene products). Because the sickness, disease, viruses, bacteria, etc. can jump from animals into humans.

These things exist in nature. They need food like every other form of life. But they feed on food that larger animals also feed on and so the larger animal injests them along with the food (we do it too). Especially if you eat raw foods. If an animal dies on its own (according to the bible) they may or may not be safe to eat but if they were sick... then they definitely aren't safe.

Why do people get sick?

ALL THE TIME... your body is fighting off germs such as bacteria. Even if you don't know what the hell your environment consists of, trust that your body knows very well. Your body has an immune system. If that immune system is compromised then it cannot fight germs the way it normally does. It is only when your immune system is overwhelmed or working incorrectly that you typically "get sick". So in it's NORMAL STATE your body is fighting bacteria, fungi, spores floating around in the air, parasites, and cancer cells.


(technically viruses are considered in between living and non-living organisms)

Humans cannot create life. We do not have that power. Humans can only manipulate life that already exists.

Humans can experiment on viruses that already exist but humans cannot create a single blade of grass without using already living plant cells to do it.

So not only would humans have to do the IMPOSSIBLE in order to fit into your conspiracy theory about viruses and pandemics but we would have to have been doing so since far longer than you understand.

When whites came to America (not to be racial or anything) they got the native population sick. Why? Because their immune systems had adapted to microorganisms that existed in their place of origin that did not exist in the Americas. It wasn't a conspiracy. They just didn't understand this microscopic world. But that's why you can't take certain things across different borders.

Jamaicans know all about microorganisms just from seeing diseased banana crops.


So the idea that some shady people got together to "do something" to everyone else, using a tool, that they cannot even protect themselves from... is foolishness. That's foolishness.

The amount of intelligence you would need to invent such a plan (if viruses didn't already exist) would be astounding. You'd have to have scientific knowledge. But in order to do such a thing without getting discovered by other people with scientific knowledge would require much much more intelligence. And if you consider the amount of intelligence required to pull off such a thing AND keep it a secret, why would people with THAT much intelligence, THAT degree of carefulness in keeping it a secret, ALSO be dumb enough to create something they couldn't protect themselves and their own families from? That's stupid.

Nor do they want to kill the people working for them and the people who make them rich and/or famous. Power isn't power without people to exercise that power on. This idea that there are shady rich and powerful people out there who want to kill you is foolish and only comes from the fear of those who live in fear of scarcity. Powerful people will never get rid of those who give them their power and wealth. Even if you don't understand how societies work, they do. They have NO REASON to do that. The only people who desire such death and destruction are poor people because they are the ones who fear competition from the masses of other poor people.

Furthermore, the idea of satanism being behind this is laughable. It is a common romantic theme of conspiracy theories because conspiracy theories are largely made up by or for Christians and similar believers because they are the ones willing to believe wild stories without EVIDENCE.

But only people who believe the bible would believe in the villain of the bible. Christians like to imagine that everyone believes and either chooses God or the devil. However, that is a bogus idea created by MARKETING a product, not based on logic or reason. This scenario is foolish and stupid because it assumes everyone believes. If everyone believed then why are Christians still trying to spread the gospel? If you're waiting on everyone to know that will never happen because nonbelievers are born all the time. But the reality is that the devil is a character used to scare Christians. It has no effect on people of other religions. People of other religions aren't trying to get into Satan's good graces because they don't believe he exists.

The Church of Satan does not believe in Satan.

You're making assumptions based on your beliefs without any real investigating. That's why pagans are nicer and typically better human beings than Christians are. I've seen it. A lot of people simply do not believe in God. And therefore, they don't believe in Satan. Therefore, they're not satanic. Everyone isn't under some kind of religious system. In fact, many people are coming out of religions altogether. Christianity often spreads through fear and violence so whenever the world outside of its control makes too much progress it politically attacks everyone who isn't Christian. It blames everyone else for everything wrong in the world when much of the wrongs in this world have been done by and in the name of Christianity.

What happens when there's a tornado or a hurricane? You always get some Christians talking about how God is punishing people. Why? Because of their need to cast blame. So why is it the bible belt that's always getting hit by natural disasters? Hmmm? Christians have a need to explain to themselves why they are Christians-because they are afraid. They're afraid of death. And that's understandable. But at some point you become so afraid of something that you are the one that brings that thing you were afraid of to pass.

Viruses have always been with us. If you don't know that then you should educate yourself rather than making broad assumptions that mischaracterize the whole of human history and beyond.

We've been fighting viruses our whole lives. There is no race, religion, or creed that are immune to viruses. It is our immune systems that develop the ability to fight them. If you didn't need an immune system you wouldn't have one. And no one is going to make up this idea that every last human on the planet has an immune system.

So not only do you not know anything, with all due respect, about viruses and microorganisms enough to know that it is impossible for humans to have invented them, you also don't know anything about satanism or whatever so-called rituals you think people are doing in the dark because you are simply a sucker for whoever is filling your head with that nonsense. Sucker is harsh. I apologize. What I mean is that you are extremely naive and the ignorance and degree to which you are willing to believe that you KNOW what other people YOU JUDGE and believe to be evil, and the utter ARROGANCE to which you assume these things are true about people you don't know, have never met, and don't know anything about their lives, their parents, their children, their friends... that they are engaged in something satanic... that says more about you than it does about them because you have no evidence, only blind faith in their accusers. But unlike the legal system which prides itself on evidence and proof and allowing the accused a fair trial in front of a jury of their peers and the right to face their accusers, you give them NO SUCH JUSTICE! You assume their guilt because that is what you want to believe.

And THAT makes you a tool of the evil one. Again, I say this with all due respect. You can accuse me of working for Satan if you wish. I wont be able to prove otherwise. But I stand on my ethics and on truth. I don't sling accusations because I know and understand history. I understand what happened during the Salem Witch Trials and I know those women who suffered were falsely accused the same way that Jesus was also falsely accused of working for Satan. It is a common tactic of the children of Satan (those who hate; 1 John 3) to deceive and falsely accuse. So don't do that and don't allow yourself to be a tool of that. Put away false accusations. There's a reason why bearing false witness in a part of the 10 commandments. But people forget that when conspiracy theories make them afraid. Stop being afraid. If you truly believe then put your faith in Jah and stop thinking you know what's going on.

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