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How do we explain H.I.M in bad situations? Is it just Babylons newspaper

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Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 1/16/2020 10:56:10 AM

how do we explain this -

- "Now it has emerged that lions, tigers and hyenas were used in the torture of political prisoners in secret jails in Ethiopia, according to the country’s reformist prime minister."

How do we explain H.I.M oppression of political opponents.

How do we Explain H.I.M when there was Famine in Etiopia and millions of Africans died

An answer on this would mean so much

Give thanks

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 1/16/2020 1:12:06 PM

The article is not aimed at His Majesty, it is about the arrest of a:

" Abdi Mohamed Omar, the former president of the country’s volatile Somali region, is accused of setting up the covert torture centres to suppress opposition to his tyrannical rule.

According to the Ethiopian Broadcasting Corporation (EBC), Omar was “arrested for allegedly being behind the human rights violations as well as the ethnic and religious clashes that have happened in the Ethiopian Somali region” after the country’s attorney general began examining possible charges."

The only mention of His Majesty is in relation to His use of big cats as symbols of power (a common theme amongst rulers over the ages, despite Him being the conquering lion).

Even the current PM Abiy Ahmed is now housing Ethiopia's endemic black lions on the palace garden lawn for all to see, you can't tell me that's not a flex.

As for His Majesty's "oppression," of political opponents, come on! what ruler in all of history lays down for their opponents? what is it that you're questioning?

The famine in Ethiopia that has garnered all the stigma happened after His Majesty was deposed, in the early 80's. This was during the brutal Derg regimes' stranglehold on Ethiopia's people and resources. Frankly, if a journalist hadn't filmed it, and if MJ hadn't sang "we are the world," no one would even be talking about this. Famine has existed throughout the world since time, it has existed in Ethiopia at multiple times in specific regions because nomadic people who rely on their livestock become trapped in a very arid region when a drought occurs; livestock die and subsequently so do people. Famine during His Majesty's rule is no easily solved problem no matter how much someone wants to help. Traveling through Ethiopia today isn't easy in many areas, roads are seriously screwed up and as soon as you're off the beaten path, roads are sometimes non existent. Now rewind 50-60-100 years, what do you imagine was the condition roads then? Getting the level of humanitarian aide to where it was needed was near impossible. There are other factors too, His Majesty had to deal with corruption of local officials stealing resources He had allocated, and the soil quality after the Italians had rained mustard gas all over the country; how are adequate crops to grow for man and livestock when the earth has to recover from being poisoned?

His Majesty strived for modernization, much of the infrastructure He created has literally and figuratively paved the way for resources to get where they are most needed. The Ethiopian leaders of today follow this example daily whether they acknowledge their inspiration or not.

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 1/17/2020 10:09:41 AM

Bredren Rasta Youth,

Keep studying the works and words of His Majesty Haile Selassie I and you will find your answers. Let JAH be your guide and strength. Just like how you had asked about the famine and Haile Selassie and you found that article on the RastaItes website that explains how the governor that was in charge of the province suffering from famine and the United Nations both acted shamefully, not doing their duty to help those hit by famine in Ethiopia.

Much false propaganda about His Majesty Babylon spread. JAH RasTafarI is your nucleus. Study and keep the faith. The truth you will find and the truth shall set you free.

Bless Up
JAH Guidance and Itection

Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 1/18/2020 1:14:55 PM

H.I.M. na monk ya know, sword of a healer

Messenger: Mineral B Sent: 1/19/2020 11:01:06 PM

Haile Selassie I is God One Faith W ho is RastafarI? My head broke I cannot talk with you. Yet bless to you in the name of An Nas.. Kill all anarchy. Haile Selassie High Empress MENEN I.

M I N E R A L S & the Anbessa Waero yihudah. Yah allah illah.

Messenger: Mineral B Sent: 1/20/2020 12:25:59 AM

Heil Babylon. Burn the pope of zion.

Messenger: Mineral B Sent: 1/20/2020 12:48:18 AM

Has anyone heard of Rastafarianism.
I am dead. Garvey

Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 1/20/2020 3:28:10 AM

As I understand it the translation of Rastarfari from the Amharic is "Head Creator", the translation I know is "Ra-Star-Far-I" or "Sun from me", what is Rastafarianism?

"We're sick and tired of this ism schism game?", just curious, religion is advice, politics is division, creation is rule?

Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 1/20/2020 3:31:36 AM

Does any I's believe in the big bang?

Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 1/20/2020 4:38:16 AM

Much love Rastafari

Them answers mean a lot to I
And make me wanna study more

InI just wanted to ask about the so called "other side"

GIVE THANKS and much respect fi you

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