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Why does God want worship?

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/5/2019 10:34:36 AM

This question is mainly for anyone who believes in a personal God who desires worship. If you don't in a personal god that wants this feel free to give your thoughts as well.

Messenger: Rakamau Na Ras Sent: 11/5/2019 10:18:09 PM

My guessed is to gain energy and strength to help the people or to deceive the people. Life is energy. To go further with this some people sacrifice animal for rituals for that energy to complete the ritual.

When you show nature love and thanks you give part of your energy to nature. (Which we should do all the time, nature always giving. Yes, she so kind and sweet)

Now when you worship someone you give them strength. You increased thier energy. And by doing this thier mind, body, and spirit increased. And with that being say they are able to attained wisdom and a higher consciousness to universal knowledge.

Is worshiping a personal Neter(God) necessary? I don't know. What I worship is the Creator, ancestors, nature, and what I can say when you give energy, you receive energy it may be big or small.

Now when I think of reincarnation I think of sudden kings, queens, Neteru(Gods) that never have fulfilled thier mission in the life before and came back to earth reincarnated. Might not be aware of thier past life but have a strong urge to lead a people. It's this same energy within them that got praise, or worship in thier previous life.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 11/10/2019 2:08:56 AM

Why does God want us to drink water?

Why does God want us to work?

Why does God want us to procreate?

Why does God even want us to be alive at all?

Why does Tafari mean worthy to be feared/revered?

If we dont' worship Tafari we worship carnality and babylon.

God gives us the choice to worship or not. The question is if we dont worship the most high- who/what is we want to worship instead?

We are born to worship, to give reverence. We used to give reverence to the stars and the power that put them there- infinite power. Now we call movies actors "stars" are worship music and movie "stars" as idols. Worship not money either, nor your own intelligence, worship not your ego....worship life, worship truth, worship God. We are being who must give reverence and
if we dont put our reverence in right place it will be in wrong place by default.

God wants us to worship HIM because in doing so we are blessed, ours spiritual life is activated and grows in worship of the most high and we transcend our mortality and limitations by focusing on the creator above all that is created.

God doesnt want or need worship like he needs our attention and energy- he want us to be able to choose, for ourselves what is right. He wants us to choose to be and do whats good with all we have.

If we plant a seed, or have baby. We want the seed to worship the sun and the baby the mother. See, God is in the life giving sunlight and God is in nurturing mothers. Jah is in INI, JAH is in everybody, this is why the commandments are to love God with all our heart, mind and soul, and to love others as ourself. Worship of God is practical, when you feed a starving child you worship God. When you care for the elders you worship God. When we help the needy, the oppressed, the orphans the widows, we worship God.

Messenger: Jahcub Onelove Sent: 11/10/2019 8:39:00 AM

I agree with jessep86, Big Ups King.

InI are servants of the Most High JAH, naturally. Does not the leaves of the tree serve the root?
What if the leaves of tree only served themselves?
Imagine someone watering only the leaves of a tree, expecting it to grow. Will they not wait in vain?
By watering the root, the whole tree is sustained.

If JAH is not what we worship and serve, then something else will take JAH's place; for we are made to serve, it is our true nature, it is our higher nature, as Christ also comes to serve. If InI don't serve JAH, then InI will end up serving Babylon and worshiping and serving Nimrod (man), building up their Tower of Babel, again and again...

People make money their god
People make science their god
People make religion their god
People make fame their god
People make food their god
People make sex their god
People make cars their god
People make big houses their god
People make sports their god
People make celebrities their god...

And they will serve these things over JAH the Life Giver, JAH who sustains InI, JAH the source of All things, the Deepest Most Incient Root, the Root of Roots! Lol

To worship anything other than JAH; is like watering only the leaves of a tree: unnatural and foolish

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