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What are your views on homosexuality?

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Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 11/5/2019 7:00:10 AM


Im a straight youth myself
But it's not a secret that many rastas don't like gay man and woman

Of course the natural proces for king and queen is to reproduce, but I have met muslims who tried to pray away their homosexuality, but they couldn't because that's how they were born and therefore their families distanced themselves from them - They explained to me

If you ask a homophobic rasta he would say that no one is born homosexual
But a lot of people is also born wrong like handicapped and retarded and that is not natural too.

And if a gay man choose to be gay why would he go so far and loose the family and in some states get killed?

So my question is: "If you think gay man is wrong why is it so wrong?"

Give Thanks

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 11/5/2019 7:58:50 AM

Fair question.

We, as Afrikan people, as Rastafari, live in harmony with Creation. In perfect tune with the Divine Creative Powers/Energy. We cherish the blessing of Life and all that brings forth life.

Male + Female = Life

This is not up for debate or pontificating. It is not an opinion. It is not based off of any religious teaching.

It is simply....NATURAL. Period.

Children are our wealth. Our ancestors returned. Our future in the making. Family is the foundation and nucleus of Civilization.

Homosexuality is not an Afrikan thing. It is not a natural thing. Does this justify violence against those who live so?, of course not. But INI sight it as it is. We do not accept or promote it as a NORM. That belongs to the western world. Let them have at it.

As far as being born so... aside from what is promoted and accepted as a cultural norm, I'm sure that life in the west, environment, pollutants, diet, pills, etc, certainly have an effect. This, however, does not justify it or make it NATURAL.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/5/2019 11:07:20 AM

I agree with RastaGoddess but with conditions.

Nature doesn't have an agenda so to speak. However, if it has a "prime directive" it seems to be "life". However, part of life is death. We are born, yes, but we also die. So dying is also natural and part of nature.

By the same token... one must say that killing is also part of nature, as the lion hunts and kills his prey. The pray develops defense mechanisms to guard against this natural predator-prey relationship that seems so very one-sided. So one must say that it is natural for the lion to eat. Does this also mean that is natural for the prey of the lion to be eaten, and if so, why does it have the ability to run away? It too must eat. It too must live and reproduce life, not so lions can have more food, but for their own survival.

Make sense so far?

We all have an opinion how the world should work and perhaps that understanding is based on our observations. If the lion's food simply walked up to it and offered its neck the lion would never have developed the muscles, claws, teeth, etc. that evolution has given it to survive. And if prey suddenly stopped offering themselves but instead could successfully defend themselves then what might happen to the lion? Would it even be a lion?

Things in natural of often defined by conflict. There always seems to be "another side" whether we accept it or not. The truth is that some animals in nature have a range of sexual practices, including homosexual. It just doesn't define the species.

bad impression of an Australian voice: aye, look over there! It's the famous kangaroo along side its lesser known cousin, the fagaroo who is male but acts female.

There have always been sexual deviation; often based on access. I have a cat. Part of the reason I'm going to get her spayed is because when she's in heat she'll try to "back that thang up" on anyone in range. It's just that only a male cat is going to actually impregnate her. But other than that, are they going to raise those kittens together? Probably not.

Not only are there humans who are born with both genders, humans most likely started as a single gender. This is the only logical explanation why men would have nipples that serve no other purpose. You also have animal species that reproduce asexually. So nature just doesn't care. It has a lot to do with environment and in a prison you'll find a lot of people who don't care either. We have preference in our minds but hormones and nerve endings don't really give a damn.

And at the end of the day we are part of nature so whatever we do as a species is also part of nature and is natural. Just as dying is natural. I don't want to die just about as much as I don't want another man.... I can't even finish that sentence. And its okay to be homophobic. Just like its okay to fear death. Fearing death helps keep us alive. Fearing homosexuality helps keep us reproducing.

But when we reproduce too much... that's also a problem.

And so, it may sound weird and strange and wrong but I'm glad that not ever human is heterosexual. There are too many of us. And the more there are the greater the competition and more likely we will hurt each other and adapt in ways that make life far more miserable than occasionally being complimented by another dude.

And... the reality is that homosexuality between women is never going to be judged as harshly as homosexuality between men. I'm not going to lie. I don't want to see two men having intercourse of any kind. But two women is a turn on. And within the range of human sexuality there are taboos and fetishes. The more sexual repression comes from one direction the more it inspires sexual freedom in the other direction. So the more homophobic we are the more homosexuals we create by inspiration.

Do I think people are born that way? Some are. But I think many are socialized that way. They see gender neutrality in society and given the option to choose they choose the one they like best not the one that fits their genitals. I think many simply get confused and they try things and because hormones and nerve endings don't care they just assume that's what they are. They stop being simply male and adopt an identity that doesn't escape the box but merely puts them into a new one. Eventually that box starts getting popular among those who don't feel like they fit into the standard boxes and viola... homosexuals become a powerful source of influence in society. And by opposing them, at this point, we're just helping them recruit.

Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 11/5/2019 12:29:01 PM

Hey Ninja

Good point with the lion, but im not sure pon what you mean about: "its ok to be homophob (keep us reproducing) cuz than I can't find like the foundation if you overstand. Is it ok to be racist? no. Im just a bit confused. It reminds me of Tony Montana saying: "You need people like me so you can point your fingers at me and say "That's the bad guy" But that dosen't make it ok for him being a gangsta

maybe I totally misunderstood. I'm just a little confused. But really good points.

I give thanks

Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 11/5/2019 12:42:42 PM

Thank you very much for your answer

This may sound disrespectful, but how is it more a western thing than an African thing if gays occur anywhere on earth?

And how does homosexuality affect others who are not gay?
I know that western things like pills and pollutants affect the world and jah people
but how can gay man affect straight man unless he tries by brainwashing him to become gay?

I'm just curious

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/6/2019 7:05:58 AM

Thanks for your question seeking clarification.

What does homophobia mean, exactly?

a "phobia" is simply a "fear".

It's okay to be afraid of black people. I can't tell someone what they are allowed to be afraid of. I shouldn't have to fear being shot by the police, but that's a fear many have to live with. We can get over our fears with time and exposure. But some have more intense phobias, more than the fear of public speaking, crowds, small spaces, heights, etc. But these are personal issues that don't generally affect others around them. I have a gay cousin who I love to death. But I wouldn't want to go to prison and I'm uncomfortable around "aggressive homosexuals". My discomfort isn't doing anything to them. It's not like my discomfort prevents me from arguing on their behalf or saying they should have rights like everyone else.

Most people aren't afraid of guns. They're afraid of guns in the wrong hands. It's not the fear that's wrong. It's what you do with it. One thing I disagree with the LGBT community about is how they aggressively try to demonize homophobia because it assumes that anyone who fears homosexuality is a threat to them or is an oppressive force. That's simply not true. But it was kind of like hitting people back with a label the same way that they are labeled by their sexuality. Everybody don't need or want to know what other people do with their genitals in private. They're called your "privates" for a reason.

As well, I do think there is a reason to fear the social influence on young developing minds. And its just like religion. Religion can be very dangerous (Again, in the wrong hands) and the younger mind is more impressionable. It's easy to make them think they're gay just as it is to make them think the Creator (of gays) hates homosexuality. I do not expose my children to the bible and if I had the choice I wouldn't want them exposed to sexuality in general until they were old enough to handle it. But homosexuals see it as a defining label that everyone should accept. But that's a bit off. No one has to accept what anyone else does in bed if they're not that person's sexual partner. And whether someone whose not their sexual partner rejects it shouldn't matter. The real issue is that they should be accepted based on the content of their character. And that's how I accept them (the ones whose character I know).

Being black isn't the same thing as something sexual and private that I wouldn't want my children exposed to. But if people are afraid of black people I think its sad and deserving of pity, but I can't morally guilt them into not being afraid. Fear is never entirely rational. All I can do is be a good representative of my race and culture and hope that whites who fear us realize that what they fear isn't us but what they've done to us and their expectation of revenge. I tackled this fear a bit in another thread. But again, the fear isn't wrong. It's all about what one does with it.

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