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Backlash against Bernie

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/1/2019 3:33:25 PM

There has been some backlash against Bernie Sanders for what an answer he gave about what (hypothetically) he would tell his black son to do in an encounter with the police. Bernie said identify the officer and be respectful so you don't get shot in the back of the head.

The truth is that [racist] white folks are more terrified of people like MLK and Bernie Sanders (even more) than they are of people like Malcolm X. For those who don't understand why, please pay attention. Malcolm X was never going to convince the majority of whites and therefore he was relatively "safe". One of the reasons why so many whites reacted negatively to BLM was because they didn't believe there was a racial problem in policing and didn't want other whites being convinced otherwise by the protests. After all, black people already know what it is so the protest isn't for us. Why? Because most of the people who recognize this fact are black... not white. We can say we're being oppressed all day long and they would rather think that their own experience (not consciously hating blacks) accurately defines reality for other whites as well. This is how they deceive themselves into thinking they are color blind and that we ad entered a post racial society. Where racism comes in is how much do they resist the point of the protest being something that they and other whites can listen to. They may disagree on a personal level and that's fine. But when they disagree and try to block the argument or attack the argument or distract from the argument (ex: "All lives matter") that is how you know it is the racist mindset working against that message; fearful, not of blacks, but of other whites coming to agree on that point. Once there is a critical mass of white agreement on that point it will become, at that point, less tolerated until it, and eventually racism as an idea, is no longer tolerated. And that's the goal, but that's exactly what racism is working desperately to resist which is how Trump got elected. It is also another reason why Bernie is getting attacked and his words twisted.

And right now I'm not even a Bernie Bro. I tried to tell Kamala's campaign to target Warren as the front runner immediately after she smacked Biden on the issue of busing. She didn't do that and therefore unfortunately missed her window. So now I'm feeling Warren more as the most electable option on the left. However, attacks like this makes me want to defend Bernie.

Bernie saying, do this so you don't get shot in the back of the head, is really saying a lot. It's saying, not only is there a problem with policing, but that too many police act like thugs for you to act like you're life isn't in danger. Saying "back of the head" means that too many officers cannot be trusted and may act dishonorably if they are offended or disrespected. It is rare that you will see a white politician go that far because the police are a protected class just like the military. That's why other politicians are afraid to say things like this; including black politicians. Bernie isn't afraid because he doesn't recognize himself as having that much to lose. Bernie DGAF. But this is what makes Bernie dangerous to white society; because he really doesn't care the same way about it as most do. If they're right they're right. If they're wrong they're wrong and Bernie just tells it like it is. Warren too, but to a lesser degree because she's more politically calculating.

What I would say and do is different from what I would tell my son (or any less responsible, or potentially more emotional person) to do. Identify the officer and show them respect so you survive the encounter. Period. First thing cops try to do to you is identify you to get you talking and to see what they can get away with. We have to turn it around on them and make sure, in court, they can't get away with it. That's how you fight them. In court, not on the street. You can't beat a thug by being a thug. You'll just help them recruit more thugs. If we don't have a strategy for addressing the recruitment then taking out 4-5 terrorist cops isn't going to do anything. You have to stop them before they become cops in the first place by change their attitudes towards race and the tolerance level of the education and hiring process. And not only hold individual officers accountable, but also the people hiring them and the people who transfer them instead of firing them. The biggest thing is to attack the idea. And that's what a president needs to do.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 11/1/2019 7:14:09 PM


Bernie the communist!! Of course you love him.

Sanders in 1985 Defended the Socialist Revolution in Nicaragua

“One of the things that I think I learned on my trip, as a socialist -- the word socialism doesn't frighten me, and I think it's probably fair to say that the Nicaraguan government is primarily a socialist government,”

Sanders said in his view, "the Sandinista government has more support among the Nicaraguan people -- substantially more support-- than Ronald Reagan has among the American people,"

As it turns out, decades after Sanders' trip, things have not worked out well in Nicaragua. Ortega -- defeated in 1990 -- returned as president in 2006.

The U.S. State Department urges Americans to "reconsider" travel to Nicaragua, "due to crime, civil unrest, limited healthcare availability and arbitrary enforcement of laws."

According to the travel warning "Throughout Nicaragua, armed and violent uniformed police or civilians in plain clothes acting as police (“para-police”) are targeting anyone considered to be in opposition to the rule of President Ortega. The government and its affiliated armed groups have been reported to:

--Arbitrarily detain protestors, with credible claims of torture and disappearances.

--Systematically target opposition figures, including clergy members.

--Prevent certain individuals from departing Nicaragua by air or land.

--Seize privately owned land.

--Arbitrarily search personal phones and computers for anti-government content.

--Arbitrarily detain certain individuals with unfounded charges of terrorism, money laundering, and organized crime.

These police and para-police groups often cover their faces, sometimes operate in groups numbering in the hundreds, and use unmarked vehicles.

Rallies and demonstrations are widespread and occur daily around the country. Government forces, uniformed police and para-police have attacked peaceful demonstrators leading to significant numbers of deaths and injuries. Looting, vandalism, and arson often occur during unrest.

Road blocks, including in Managua and other major cities, may appear and limit availability of food and fuel.

Government hospitals are understaffed and may deny treatment to suspected protestors. Some hospitals throughout the country may not be able to assist in emergencies. Ambulances have reportedly refused to respond or have been denied access to areas with individuals needing emergency care.

Violent crime, such as sexual assault and armed robbery, is common.

The U.S. Embassy in Managua is limited in the assistance it can provide....

Yes yes.. Socialism is sooo good and loving. Bread lines and food shortages, poverty and crime, torture and land seizure! Yay!

You see, but history doesnt matter.. Bernie said cops bad, whites racist. MAKE HIM A PRESIDENT!


America will never become a socialist country.. Because if it does, America will cease to exist. Per the globalist plan.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/5/2019 11:42:08 AM

First of all, I don't think very many Rastas, if any, care about labels of different systems like socialism, communism, or capitalism. I will never pick one system over all systems and agree that the system is perfect. I am fundamentally a rebel against the system!

I don't see capitalism as perfect. I think it works perfectly for a few people at the top of the pyramid and works less and less the farther down the pyramid you go. There are some black people that are higher up on the pyramid but even they often remember what it was like at or near the bottom.

When you're at the bottom of the pyramid its easy to get desperate. In that desperation people can often turn to populists like Trump or Sanders as being representatives of CHANGE. Because you can launch into all the empty rhetoric you like but a lot of people are not happy with the current system. And the founders who wrote the constitution made sure it was a living document that could be changed based on the will of the people. But they wanted it to represent ALL the people, not the top 1%.

Bernie Sanders is constantly attacked as a socialist when in reality he calls himself a Democratic Socialist. There's a difference. If there wasn't he could just drop the Democratic part and just go with Socialist because its shorter. But only his critics ever call him that. That's not what he calls himself. But if he was such a socialist like you claim why wouldn't he call himself that?

Sanders supports having ASPECTS of government operate in such a way the same as they do in most modern European countries that have universal healthcare and education. He believes its a human right and that everyone benefits.

And if you study it, its true. Society benefits more when more people are healthy and educated. Facts. If people don't have healthcare because they can't afford it, then it means people will get sicker and will avoid preventative medicine that would keep them from spreading disease to other people. It would keep problems from getting worse to the point that it now costs 40-50K to fix. Insurance is so high because Americans are extremely overweight and unhealthy. And the problem with universal healthcare is that healthy people would have to share the burden of those who are unhealthy. People also share the burden of those who are unhealthy in higher bills that help hospitals cover write offs for all those who don't pay; the same thing that happens when a retail brand raises prices on things that are often stolen. People also share the burden of paying for people who aren't properly educated, paying for their incarceration, food, shelter, and financing them nearly 100%.

But capitalism inspires greed which approaches scarcity by hording as much as possible. People assume this is the best way to live when in reality it has been slowly destroying our world. African villages were living thousands of years by sharing the day to day operations. There wasn't like a triple-decker hut while someone else didn't have a hut at all. Many indigenous people simply help those in their community. You call it communism because the government forces and organizes the sharing. But with capitalism people simply aren't sharing enough and that's why many people are below the poverty line and are homeless and hungry in the richest nation on earth.

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