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Insight into White Thinking

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Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 10/6/2019 8:11:27 PM

I don't watch the news, I don't buy newspapers, no subscriptions whatsoever. What I see on the internet is what I seek out.

I admittedly didn't know or care what you were on about until you started in on your Islamophobia. I do know hate speech when hear it. So I did some research...

Your frequent posts reeked of rhetoric.

Between watching infowars (upon your suggestion) and seeing the same rhetoric, and googling the buzzwords u like to use (npc, snowflake, triggered, liberal, leftist, George Soros...etc ad nauseum) it became readily apparent that you just parrot others, lapping up their propaganda.

You used to try to be something else, seemingly well meaning...I remember your old posts....christianized dude looking for a sense of belonging in a black liberation movement.

I get that u want to belong to something, and Rasta internet runnings weren't cutting it, and how could it when you're surrounded by fields of wheat. As Rastafari is a societal outlier, you searched for an outlying group closer to home, one that emboldened you to connect with others on; and one with a greater internet presence, cuz u love it so. So u were drawn to Alex Jones, who tap dances around an alt right/white supremacist agenda, while at times delving into blatant hate mongering, but when u skirt around the edges of white supremacy it's only a matter of time before you fall in the abyss. You and your associates do not use terms like "red pilled" and "NPC" because you're Matrix loving gamers.

No,these are terms adopted and used by alt right, white supremacists.

You assume that anyone who challenges you is part of liberal American culture, which is a direct threat to white supremacy.

Rastafari stands for a Rasta purpose, not a Christian American one. Rastafari stands for the upliftment of Self, the upliftment of black people followed by the upliftment of the world and all its inhabitants at large. You clearly do not share those ideals.

World governments are in shambles,the globalist agenda you speak of is a joke. The earth will be destroyed before it's ever controlled by one goverment.

And....since I'm rambling...Alex Jones stated that the KKK marchers were Jewish actors trying to terrorize your precious agenda by bringing public scrutiny on white supremacists. WTF! Who else would be concerned about or dream up anything like that....besides a white supremacist!? Its laughable except that it's true!

For you and your family's sake, I hope that when your associates suggest you do something physically hurtful to someone else, that you are not so far gone that you go along for the ride. You've done enough damage already.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 10/6/2019 8:38:24 PM

"It is quite hilarious that EVERYONE here is obsessed with trying to psychology profile and or diagnose me. I speak the truth and you cant handle it. You literally always come back to this point."

And then he does it again.. LOL.

It is extremely apparent that you don't pay attention to the news or do any research or check your sources when doing what little searching you do. You grab the first headline that supports your agenda, and you have plenty to choose from as yoy willfully side with the babylon owned liberal media. Aka using SPLC! Hahahaha! Literally every source you use is the arm of the beast. Globalist corporate news. And you dont even question it. They protect Georgy Soros and his Nazi ties and have you convinced hes a good guy. Now you even go as far as saying that liberal America is a threat to 'white supremacy' and admit that you follow it.. Well well well.. Wouldnt you know it.. Its almost like I called that years ago.. Which again just proves how little you know.

Keep spending you time trying to psychologically profile me, it is endlessly amusing.

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 10/6/2019 9:07:14 PM

You're not taking the time to read...

What's the point if you're just going to lump Rastafari and liberal America into the same category? What are the similarities between the two?

Why do you keep using the word diagnose? I'm telling you my observations based on your history of posting. The odd thing is, you just say it's amusing, but don't actually refute it.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 10/6/2019 9:58:48 PM

The similarities exist blatantly here. You all echo every liberal sentiment, you only use liberal 'sources' to echo liberal talking points. Everything political you try to talk about is favouring the liberal doctrine. Many of you here use 'Netflix' of all things to try to prove points.

But its all conflicting because most people here agree that homosexuality and abortion is evil, but that is hate speech according to the sources you love to use.

I think rasta people, especially the ones here, need to start paying attention to the geo political situation because the crap that I see here is EXTREMELY misinformed. It seems most people here just use a few words as a paint brush to just cover the entire situation with one stroke instead of doing real research inti who is behind the scenes pulling the strings. Its a really lazy stand point. If a one wants to be removed from politics and focus on more local or cultural things than thats fine, but when you try to comment on the issues by using the easiest mainstream sources and start to tell other people how wrong they are for countering the mainstream narrative, its very disingenuous and does a disservice.

If you were to actually research the things you say, you would be embarrassed of yourself.

I dont have to counter your baseless accusations. Thats a common leftist tactic. Make ridiculous accusations to get your opponent so concerned about defending against those that they no longer talk about the original point because you know that you cant stand toe to toe with the facts. Its the oldest trick in the book amd I recuse to play along. Call me what ever you want. It is amusing and only shows your desperation.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/7/2019 2:04:51 PM

"whites are afraid that if black people get too much power we will turn the tables and basically enslave them."

Hemphill: 100% lie

1. Unfortunately for you, I'm reciting almost verbatim what I heard from a white woman who only dates black men. So, no... not something I made up. It's something I never thought I would hear to be honest. The fact that you have revealed that you are married to a black woman makes more sense now because you and this woman have some things in common. However, unlike you, she really tries to understand the black perspective and is humble. That doesn't mean you have to be self deprecating or hate yourself. I've told her the same things your wife has probably told you. But where you go wrong is basically being racist and making huge generalizing assumptions about black people in general just because you are with someone who proves that black people are not monolithic. So you assume that she's right and anyone who doesn't agree with her is wrong, because not only does she somewhat share your views (I doubt fully) but she's also black so you can use that as credibility in support of your views as if these are the views that "should" be held by black people.

2. White people are not a monolith. The mistake a lot of whites make is thinking that if they don't hate black people personally then no other white people do. It's a racist argument made against one's own self. Many people are racist almost by accident simply because they accept some part of the racist narrative which becomes an agenda. We see this with black police officers all the time. Some of them are more racist than white racists because of their own confirmation bias.

3. People with mix kids often want to be part of this conversation and often, seek to some degree, acceptance from the black community. But they often find rejection from their own family or from their inlaws which is very unfortunate. Sometimes they see themselves in a different position from other whites and look for ways they can help or make things better. And that's actually a positive intention that I can work with. I just can't work with someone who is negative and really is just talking out of pure ignorance and hate. The whole interracial thing came up at the Eddie Griffin comedy show I went to on Friday. His opener said that the most racist people are white men and black women. But he was specifically talking about the family members who often reject the relationship until they get grandchildren. And then sometimes they'll either soften up on the other race parent. You may be tempted to think this is how all black people are. But it's not. And yes Eddie Griffin was kinda wrong when he gave this whole comedic, over the top, warning about black men dating white women. Of course it was comedy so you had to take it that way. And there's always some degree of truth in comedy, its just distorted by exaggeration. Stereotypes are just that. It will never be true for all people who fit that description. To think otherwise is silly.

4. When the white woman said that "white people" are afraid of black people gaining too much power she was speaking for "white people" the same way I might speak for "black people" even though I know many wouldn't agree. We're talking about the likely consensus of the larger group. So what you and many other progressives aren't scared of black people? Who said you were in the majority? Clearly the majority of white men do not have black wives. So clearly you're not part of the majority when it comes to racial issues. And so if we're talking about white privilege you wouldn't experience this like Mike Pence would. You're not fully in that club because you have an interracial family. And if you think I'm bringing that up too much, that's too bad. But I'm not bringing it up as a negative. I told this white woman, who has 2 mixed children herself, that mixing is one of the solutions to racism, if not the best one. People get deep and even militant about blackness only because we/they are reacting to white racism and white supremacy. And that's often what most white people just don't get. And it doesn't matter if you're with a black person. I had to explain some things to this white woman that I thought she would have known already. Her kids are in their early 20s. But she got it once I explained it so it's not like she's slow. She's smart. But no one explained it before. So it's like there's a default mindset and opinion that many whites have and they're not necessarily stuck there but its almost like they have to have "something" as a catalyst to get them to open up about racial issues. So I see mixing as a positive. When I look at the San tribe I see all races. Because that's where all came from. But if you're too busy looking at differences then you stop noticing the similarities and then its only a matter of time before you start attacking.

5. Racism and racial prejudice (2 separate things) is not binary. It's a spectrum. You reject the spectrum entirely because you do not FEEL racist or believe any of these labels apply to you. After all, you married a black woman and according to the one drop rule, your children are black. You are on that spectrum. The way you treat people here and the way you judge other African Americans shows that you're on this spectrum. Are you a torch wielding Nazi running around in a hood? No. But that's not what racism is. That is simply one extreme. You cannot judge a thing by its extremes. And like I said before, you went from one extreme to another in trying to be accepted and now being offensive... I get it. But treating everyone like they wronged you is racist. All we truly have in common is the color of our skin and not even that is exactly the same. But in your mind we're all brainwashed automatons of the liberal left. I'm going to make a separate post about why black people tend to vote Democratic as to not derail this thread. I think I do understand you a bit better now but you need to chill out and really open your mind up. Right now, it's closed.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 10/7/2019 3:00:28 PM

Imagine the outrage if I was to post 'Insight into Black Thinking'... Says a lot right there..

This white person you spoke at surly doesnt speak for me or anyone I have ever run into. She must spend too much time around white liberals who ARE afraid of black people getting too much power. Which is another thing that my Wife showed me.. Just how much the Democrat party is predicated on keeping the black voting block. Once she started to see their linguistic tricks and their history -- Slavery, Jim Crowe laws, segregation, destruction of the black family by telling black mothers that if they are single that they would receive more welfare money each month, planned parenthood killing black children at 5 times the rate of any other race, on and on -- that she received so much hate from these same ones telling her how much they have her back (as long as she stayed supporting the liberal agenda) that she began to look even deeper. My wife is not stupid. Not by a long shot. She has researched what democrats LOVE to use in 'the party flip' which I have seen you allude to as the reason why black people keep voting democrat. Well, wouldnt you know it. IT'S A LIE! There was never any party flip. They are what they always have been, theu just hide behind 'progressive' linguistics and honey sweet lies. For some insight into what they say behind the scenes, let's look at some quotes from the "Great Society & Civil Rights Hero" LBJ (a Democrat):

"These N*****, they're getting pretty uppity these days and that's a problem for us since they've got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we've got to do something about this, we've got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don't move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there'll be no way of stopping them, we'll lose the filibuster and there'll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It'll be Reconstruction all over again." "I'll have those n***** voting Democratic for the next 200 years."

Minority voters are starting to understand how they've been swindled into thinking that the Democratic Party best represents their interests. That's worrisome for Democrats at large. The facts, coming home to roost, will create a major backlash against the Democratic Party.

So in a way I can kind of agree with you that there ARE people who are afraid of Black people getting too much power. But its the democrats.. And you still cant say that its only white democrats that think that, because people like Maxine Waters has stayed in power and made millions off of the same rhetoric.

A great quote by the great Bob Marley: "Before you point your finger; make sure your hands are clean".. Well, the democrats LOVE to point their finger at conservatives and white men and say how terrible we ALL are, but THEY have the dirtiest hands of ALL! None of this is to say that republicans hands are perfectly clean either; but like I was saying, as SOON as my wife began to see behind the curtian, she recieved the most hate she has ever gotten in her life from the very ones saying how much they support her and want to empower her.

Messenger: The Nomad Sent: 10/7/2019 7:29:56 PM

"Also, yes Nomad the westernised world is a folly. But your display of ignorance suggests you aren't ready to have any conversation about how InI shall set InI free"


Garveys, anyone who's been around this forum for a while knows the white man makes your skin crawl. And that's ok. My reference to Obama and MLK was merely to debunk your agreement with the post that "the white race is scared of the black race being in power" Tarring everyone with one brush as the saying goes.


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/8/2019 6:52:33 AM

Please do not submit that the white race have any power to envoke any such out of me including hatred or anger.

My history on this forum as in life are consistent in being concerned with the black race in matters of InI upliftment and identity..

My post made mention of the 'white ruling elite' so your tar with a brush argument doesn't work. I couldn't have been much more focused in my target subject.. At least in that post lol

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/8/2019 11:47:31 AM

Imagine the outrage if I was to post 'Insight into Black Thinking'... Says a lot right there..

You're being a snowflake. If you interviewed me and shared what **I** said to a group of white people who would be outraged? Me? Whites? Why do you think that would be outrageous? It would only be outrageous if you were lying and it wasn't representative of a large cross section of black people. What she said rings true. And it isn't words that bear this out. It's behavior. You're not looking at behavior. You're too preoccupied with trying to be right all the time. You cannot give even an inch because you're afraid that you'll be seen as losing the argument. But it is well known that police officers tend to be more aggressive towards a 6ft+ black man over a 5'9 white guy, even though they're armed with weapons. It is a common trope of the white woman in the elevator clutching her purse when the black guy enters (maybe not so much anymore). Fear of black people takes on a number of forms and when it comes to power, whites sometimes engage in behavior to mitigate the perceived threat. It happens on the micro level with things like the Mayor Pete scandal and it all adds up to the macro.

"This white person you spoke at surly doesnt speak for me or anyone I have ever run into."

I can kind of understand your ignorance on this point. What I keep telling this white woman, whom I've had many conversations with about race, is that there are many pockets of ISOLATION. So it matters where you live. If you live in a small white community, kinda rural, you're more likely to find more overt racism. Whites in the inner cities, whites who have much more interaction with black people and therefore don't see them as a bogeyman and don't see them as having any kind of agenda and don't see them in so many negatively judgmental ways, its going to be different. And sometimes you have cops who grew in these isolated communities that then move to more integrated areas and having to police crime, confirmation bias starts kicking in and they're much more of a danger to black people than white cops who grew up in that area. When I was going to school and working in Huntsville Alabama I was made aware of a town that had hardly any (if any) black people. And my bosses' niece lived there and came to the office to visit one day. She was a nice little girl but she pointed at me like I was an attraction at a zoo and said "YOU'RE A BLACK MAN!" It was comical and she didn't mean anything bad by it. She was just amazed. And I'm not that old so this wasn't the 1970s. This was probably 2001. She sat on my lap and I let her play on my computer. She was young enough to still be curious but she had been raised in a very isolated environment. This is where racist ideology is more easily passed on because the people hearing it often have nothing positive to compare it to.

"destruction of the black family by telling black mothers that if they are single that they would receive more welfare money each month"

You mean, if they qualify. Because if they make too much money then they don't get public assistance. You know that right? But you left it out. Why? To make your argument sound better? Black mother with 2 sets of twins, gets nothing. She can't even get child support most of the time. And like it or not, cost of living in 2019 is skewed towards dual income households. So yeah... its easy for you and your wife to say "oh that's bad because these poor people will sit at home and have more babies because they can get more money for free" like every woman wants to have 5 kids. Meanwhile there are plenty of people who have foster kids for the money. And the difference is, they can give those kids back and not feel bad if they're unsuccessful in life. Those black women raising children are often doing the best they can but cannot sustain a decent standard of living for themselves and multiple kids without a job. And if they do have a job that doesn't pay enough then they can't afford child care, because they have to pay for each kid. Even Ivanka wants to change that. Taking money away from people isn't going to stop them from having children like some sort of economic eugenics program. All it does is increase the cost of being poor; something you clearly don't understand.

"planned parenthood killing black children at 5 times the rate of any other race,"

Planned Parenthood is not out there hunting people down in the streets like some kind of gang. People go to Planned Parenthood. Do you know why its called planned parenthood? To assist people in "planning for parenthood". When people have children when they don't plan to they have weigh the cost. Some people can afford it more easily; even if indirectly through their parents, grandparents, and others in their social support circle. Take someone already in poverty. Do you think they want another mouth to feed? Another person to worry about out there in the streets? It's not the same proposition as it is for people in the suburbs who like to judge everyone else.

"So in a way I can kind of agree with you that there ARE people who are afraid of Black people getting too much power. But its the democrats.. And you still cant say that its only white democrats that think that, because people like Maxine Waters has stayed in power and made millions off of the same rhetoric."

I'm glad you recognize the irony in you offering evidence in support of the the main point about the fear of black power. But since you are partisan, of course you think it is partisan. Tell your wife to do the SAME research on the republican side of history. You seem to think that we don't understand that there were white racists on both sides of the political aisle. But again... you're the one that acts like racism and white supremacy simply don't exist because you personally haven't joined the alt right, white nationalist movement. You personally haven't shot up a black church.

Ask your wife how many klansmen are liberal democrats. Your "research" seems extremely one-sided.

White nationalists claim that culture is a product of race, and advocate for the self-preservation of white people.[21] White nationalists seek to ensure the survival of the white race, and the cultures of historically white nations. They hold that white people should maintain their majority in mainly-white countries, maintain their dominance of its political and economic life, and that their culture should be foremost.[4] Many white nationalists believe that miscegenation, multiculturalism, mass immigration of non-whites and low birth rates among whites are threatening the white race, and some argue that it amounts to white genocide.[6] -

So yes, they are afraid of black people. Now are you going to tell me these are really all democrats? You know you can't say that. You're stuck.

Following the defeat of the Confederate States of America, the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was founded as an insurgent group with the goal of maintaining the Southern racial system throughout the Reconstruction Era. The creation of this group was able to instill fear in African Americans while, in some cases, filling white Americans with pride in their race and reassurance in the fact that they will stay 'on top'. The message they gave to people around them was that, even though the Confederate States did not exist anymore, the same principle remained in their minds: whites were superior. Although the first incarnation of the KKK was focused on maintaining the Antebellum South, its second incarnation in the 1915-1940s period was much more oriented towards white nationalism and American nativism, with slogans such as "One Hundred Percent Americanism" and "America for Americans", in which "Americans" were understood to be white and Protestant. The 1915 film The Birth of a Nation is an example of an allegorical invocation of white nationalism during this time, and its positive portrayal of the first KKK is considered to be one of the factors which led to the emergence of the second KKK.[74]

More recently, the alt-right, a broad term covering many different far-right ideologies and groups in the United States, some of which endorse white nationalism, has gained traction as an alternative to mainstream conservatism in its national politics.[87] The comic book super hero Captain America, in an ironic co-optation, has been used for dog whistle politics by the alt-right in college campus recruitment in 2017.[88][89] -

Did you read that? "FAR RIGHT IDEOLOGIES". Period. The problem with a lot of white people is that they want to talk as if they know a lot about white people. Come to find out they don't know as much about other whites as they think they do. But don't take it personally. There is no white gene for racism. These are learned behaviors that can be unlearned. At the end of the day you still choose whether to be racist or not; whether to be ignorant on racial issues or not. It's your choice. Other whites do not need to be speaking for you because you do not represent EVERY white person on the planet. I shouldn't have to tell you this but race is a made up thing.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 10/8/2019 12:47:02 PM

"Planned Parenthood is not out there hunting people down in the streets like some kind of gang. People go to Planned Parenthood. Do you know why its called planned parenthood? To assist people in "planning for parenthood""

Wow.. This is a new level of ignorance. The founder of The American Birth Control League later renamed to Planned Parenthood was Margaret Sanger. A known eugenicist and racist who wrote in here many essays that 'coloured people are human weeds that need to be exterminated'. Planned Parenthood specializes in abortion and selling the baby bodie parts.

IPxNinja is so lost and confused by the linguistics that he ACTUALLY thinks Planned Parenthood is there to facilitate the planning of parenthood. This is the PERFECT example into the idiocy and utter brainwashed mindlessness that exists on the left. You literally couldnt be more wrong. 70% of planned parenthood 'clinics' operate in minority neighborhoods to specifically target those people with a disproportionate amount of abortions. In NY more black babies are killed via abortion than are born... Liberal doctrine is so loving. Its so progressive.

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