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Insight into White Thinking

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/4/2019 10:13:28 AM

I've had the pleasure of having long conversations about racial issues with a white woman who is of a growing population of white women who only date black men. Because of this I felt like her opinion would be intriguing since its very easy to assume all whites are racist to some degree and are just hiding it. And I think one of the things that came out of our conversations is something I thought before; that there are degrees of racial bias and racial prejudice. And while she doesn't share the same biases as other whites because no race is a monolith, she does understand their perspective and fears. But she's honest in a way I find very refreshing and she's constantly looking for solutions that she personally can do. So I have to start off by simply giving her credit.

And to a large extent she does "get it" but at the same times there are things she simply doesn't get and you have to explain it to her and she doesn't understand why more black people don't explain it because she really does take it in and learn from it. She doesn't pretend like she knows everything. She sees the limitations of her knowledge and doesn't want to be ignorant, so she appreciates the correction. This is a stark contrast to people we're often used to dealing with because racist whites tend to think we're the ones who are ignorant and if they do talk to us about race its for the purpose of trying to educate us and bring us to their side. They don't even see how arrogant this is and have no sense of their own privilege in how spoiled they are that they feel like they can talk to anyone like that but we're supposed to be respectful to them or else they get upset and throw a tantrum.

Like I said... its very refreshing to have a positive conversation with a white person that is actually constructive where they're trying to see your point of view rather than pushing theirs. She has a group of friends like her. All their children are mixed. And they're able to have conversations as a group that probably no one else is able to have. But at the same time, it's like... "please school the others of your people who are not like you because they're way more likely to hear it from you than from us." But because she's white she still reacts to messages in social media directed at white people when most people writing those messages aren't speaking to every single white person on the planet but rather those who are part of the problem and continue the system of white supremacy. She's also well aware she's privileged and has watched a lot of the Jane Elliott content.

But one of the most interesting things she said was that whites are afraid that if black people get too much power we will turn the tables and basically enslave them. I laughed, but my laugh had a lot to do with the title of a book I've been working on. It's called "How I Enslaved White People". But no, its not about enslaving whites lol. I wanted the title to be provocative. It is sort of a future alternate timeline in which black people work together guided by an anonymous financial guru and basically take control over the economy in a way that the current tables are turned; that is to say, blacks have all the power and whites are broke and therefore have to work for blacks. The book isn't written as a fantasy but rather meant to highlight the problems of our economic condition in relation to how we empower ourselves and control our own destiny. It's not at all about mistreating anyone.

I told her about my book and we had a conversation about power. She expressed the fear of other whites that things have to be fixed in a way that doesn't take power from whites because whites will see that and react out of fear. My point was that power has to be first taken (away from the racists) so that it can be fairly redistributed the same way that money is in the hands of a top tiny fraction and needs to be redistributed.

You can call it socialism or communism if you want but you'd be wrong. Wealth is constantly being redistributed from low and middle class to the rich by virtue of the system being influenced by the rich so they get subsidies and don't have to pay their fair share of taxes. Even if all you did was force them to make up for this (which has happened over decades) in future taxation on future income (so not coming to take what you already amassed even though that wouldn't be wrong either) it would still have the benefit of helping to make life easier for people and freeing up their own (low) incomes so that they can save and invest and find some kind of financial security.

We need Economic Justice like Dr. King started to fight for before he got assassinated. But maybe Hemphill is right and that assassination never happened because racists don't do anything to black people and we just made it all up and Dr. Martin Luther King is actually chillin in Jamaica with Tupac, working on his next album, "California Dreamin".

So anyway, I ask her how we should try to work around this white fear (as an argument to show why I don't give a damn about who's afraid and how its not our job to manage their fear). Since we were going in circles I took my TV remotes to symbolize what she was saying. I gave her 4 remotes and I had one. She was saying we should trade what they don't have for something that we do have. So I showed her what happens when I traded my 1 remote for 1 of her remotes. Now, she still had 4 and I still had one. So obviously, our situations hadn't changed in the slightest.

Unfortunately, there were 5 remotes because that meant at the end, no matter what happened there could not be an equal division. The minute I stated my intention to take all her remotes to redistribute them she pulled them all back to try and keep me from reaching all of them. This was a good analog of white supremacy seeking to maintain itself through oppression.

So here's what I did. Once she lowered her guard I started taking the remotes one by one; not all at once. She wasn't instinctively triggered the same way and before she could really do anything, I had them all. Then I gave her back 2 remotes and I set the 3rd one aside so that neither of us had it.

Whites, even the ones that claim they don't have it, are most likely subconsciously afraid of what they will LOSE if black people gain "too much" power in America. This subconscious seed becomes a tree which then produces more seeds. We cannot stop them from fearing us because they imagine that we want revenge in the sense of doing to them what they did to us. They don't understand, as a group, that after going through slavery it isn't a fate we would wish on our worst enemy. Black people only see immorality in that history and it has granted us at the very least... a sense of morality that rejects the inhumanity that we experienced. While they treated us like animals and saying we were savages and 3/5 human... for us... THEY were the ones acting that way. So no... we're not interested in doing that in return because it's not who we are or who we ever want to be. We're not corrupted by the power we don't have. We see something better.

Equal rights and Justice.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 10/4/2019 1:17:44 PM

"whites are afraid that if black people get too much power we will turn the tables and basically enslave them."

Pure garbage.

Literally everything out of your mouth is democrat propaganda.

Everything you just said translated: "White people, you are extremely ignorant. So if you want to be -- marginally -- less hated, shut the f*#k up unless you are self deprecating. You are only allowed to speak about how 'aware of your privilege' you are and how much you hate yourself and all other white people for it."

Leftists are afraid of black people getting too much power. Thats why they implemented Jim Crowe laws and segregation and continue to work at controlling the black population by feeding them this type of victimhood thinking.

What is quite hilarious is that I am married to a Black woman and have a mixed child and am continuously amazed at the things I learn from my wife. Mainly about how false the narrative that she was fed at the University of California - Berkley is. She sees STRAIGHT through the democrat plantation and leftist victimhood mind control and enlightens me about the ever changing tactics they use. She shows me the hatred she receives from liberals of all colors and past 'friends' when she exposes their BS.. Oh the horrible names she is called by people claiming to be 'so tolerant and progressive'. She urged me to abandon any sentiment of 'white guilt' and to be proud of who I am. She drove the last traces of PC mind control out of me. Needless to say, she is light years ahead of you my friend.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/6/2019 2:06:22 AM

whites are afraid that if black people get too much power we will turn the tables and basically enslave them."

100% fact


Two kinds of people live at the top of any hill... . The kind who when on top will do their upmost to bring their brothers and sisters up with them, even if this takes away from their own personal gain. And the type that reach a top and do their upmost to ensure their status is maintained and not lost or overthrown to a foreign entity.

The western powers white elite are 100%
the second type of person.

Messenger: The Nomad Sent: 10/6/2019 7:31:45 AM

Actually 3 People at your hill analogy Garveys.

You forgot the one's who can't let go of thing's that happened hundreds of years ago in a completely different era from today. This was an era where ordinary white people who did not agree with the enslavement of any human beings could do a single thing about it without being killed.

These would be the type of white people who walked beside Luther King and demanded civil rights for blacks AND whites. Also, the same kind of white people who voted for African American BLACK Obama TWO consecutive times making him in charge of the most powerful nation in the world.

Obama refused to believe he could not become the president of America and just by that hard work and will alone became the first Black president of the U.S.A.

If you do not like living in the Westernized world, why don't you work hard, save your money up and emigrate back to the African continent all by yourself or are you scared you just might miss the luxuries you've become accustomed to?

Stop moaning and wake up and live.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/6/2019 11:06:34 AM

The moment 'Nomad' takes the mud out of his eyes and realises I didn't say any mention of past events in history etc..... You brought that up....

The irony

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/6/2019 11:10:25 AM

Also, yes Nomad the westernised world is a folly. But your display of ignorance suggests you aren't ready to have any conversation about how InI shall set InI free


Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 10/6/2019 12:43:09 PM

"whites are afraid that if black people get too much power we will turn the tables and basically enslave them."

100% lie

Although the man was a pure fraud, Obama serves as a good example here. White people elected him in as president and gave him the most powerful position in the USA and arguably the world. He did terrible and caused the USA much, but thats beside the point.. Its funny to think that all those white people voted for him must have done so because they thought they would be enslaved.. Laughable. Also, 99.99999% of white people are very decent people who want freedom and growth for all. This racist claim of yours is demonstrably false as the ONLY institutions of power that look to keep people down, like NWO elitists (leftists, and phony republicans), look to keep everyone down. They are way past race at this point. They are trying to replace humanity with A.I. Only us, the common folk, the regular people, are still arguing over race. Its done. Its nothing. But people like you keep making it something by claiming BS like this..

You're not that special that everyone is scared of you and unwilling to 'give you power'.. Its a joke to think that. You have more power than you ever know and thinking like you do here drains your power from yourself. Aka the victimhood mentality

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 10/6/2019 5:06:28 PM

Evolution of hemphill:


You're either attacking this site because you see Rastafari as a threat, or, you're too dumb to realize where you came from and where you're going. The saddest part is that one day you will box yourself into such a corner that you have to choose between your own family vs your ideology.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 10/6/2019 5:50:15 PM

In a desperate attempt to discredit all who contribute to Infowars, leftist following the command of their globalist owners label infowars as white supremacy. It is an absoluetly ridiculous accusation and they all know it. Infowars has black hosts and reporters and millions of fans who are not white. Its just a last ditch attempt to discredit. But those who know the game see RIGHT through it. You just dont agree with the information because you are a victimhood liberal who follows mainstream media (probably without even knowing it) so you have to use your favorite discredit and smearing term of 'white supremacy' to pat yourself on the back instead of actually thinking and looking into what is happening in the wolrd. Alex Jones has taken his bullhorn and gone to KKK events to protest and has had his life threatened for it, but yeah, he MUST be a white supremacists. LOL.

It is quite hilarious that EVERYONE here is obsessed with trying to psychology profile and or diagnose me. I speak the truth and you cant handle it. You literally always come back to this point. But unbeknownst to you, you are following George Soros and his leftist outlets with your predictable headlines. -- George Soros admittedly worked with the Nazis when he was 13. And now you all follow his 'media matters' controled leftist news sites and narrative; defending him and the NWO endlessly by labelling anything that goes against their controlled media headlines as 'white supremacy'.. And in a related note.. THAT is why so many liberals commit fake hate crimes against themselves in an attempt to blame Trump supporters because they NEED their narrative to be true. But it isnt true. We are not racist or white supremacists or anything else you call us, hence you have lie to try to fool people into buying it.


Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 10/6/2019 7:01:51 PM

Son of Sam is so demented that he uses the ADL as a source!! Ahahahaha wow.

This ADL says that the 'A-OK' hand sign is a staple of white supremacy, and that 'anti-antifa images' are hate symbols.. LOL! Thats right, if you donít actively support antifa and all of their actions, as in them recently holding Satanic rituals in downtown Portland -- 'Hail Satan!' Antifa Transsexuals Stage Satanic Ritual In Downtown Portland to Protest Patriot Prayer -- then youíre a white supremacist and a terrorist... And Son of Sam thinks this to be credible enough to support ADL and uses them as a source. This proves my point exactly. He is using the controlled media outlets of the most evil people in the world to try and tell me how bad I am for calling it out and exposing how backwards it all is..

What a way.. What a way

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