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poverty or ancestors?

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Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 6/17/2019 6:29:25 AM

This is a belief around here,whether Christian or not,many say ancestors are responsible for many hardships we face in life.
Christian prophets would tell you of the wrongs done by your ancestors years back that affect our spiritual well being.
They may tell you dat your ancestor didnt pay bride price so the ancestors from where he married are not happy.

My question is that,are the ancestors the cause or its poverty dat makes people face certain hardships?or its just a belief.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/17/2019 2:29:24 PM

Interesting question zionmountain. Thankhs for the reasoning. I can see how it would be possible in a way that ancestors are partially responsible for our human situations. But not exactly in the way the I seem to be describing, like the ancestors are punishing I&I. This is my experience, that our family lineages do deal with certain aspects of life as a collective, and the generations each make certain amounts of headway in healing that issue. For my family it is self perception, eating disorders, anxiety and depression, self love, things like that. The family as a collective of souls has been working on those issues and each generation may heal it to only a certain extent. In the big picture it is a process of souls rediscovering their oneness with source energy and knowing their true identity as spirit beings. Poverty may also lead ones to rediscover that lesson, or it may lead ones to rediscover spiritual powers like manifestation or working on the solar plexus chakra, rediscovering our potential to build into the physical out of the energetic. So maybe poverty is because a family collective of souls is working on those virtues. Or because the individual person is working on that, if the whole family is not in poverty but only one person in the family falls into a bad financial situation. Working on manifestation, working on renunciation of physical desires, working on ascestism. That is only my guess.
Love + RASpect

Messenger: Aida R. Pate Sent: 7/6/2019 6:32:34 AM

Yes you are absolutely right! if one paperial reviews wants metaobject protocol to be settle down.. they need to be conscious about such think this will give hard times sometimes.

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