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Freedom For Venezuela!!

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Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 4/30/2019 3:17:58 PM


Socialist nation descends into civil war as the disarmed population begins to fight back

Vidoes of the mayhem in Venezuela can be viewed here

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 5/1/2019 3:41:46 AM

You have a faction, which includes Mr. Guaido the U.S.-puppet representative of Venezuela's wealthy families (i.e., the upper 0.1% of Venezuelan socioeconomic classes) and Washington DC both calling for political violence in Venezuela and fomenting it; and you have the nation's government and ordinary people of Venezuela along with the majority of nations in the world calling for a peaceful resolution to political differences via dialogue (which the "Opposition" has rejected at the direction of Washington DC). Who bears responsibility? This is an old script which the U.S. has implemented many times to advance U.S. hegemony and corporate interests in Latin America and elsewhere.

In the U.S. if a person openly advocates the violent overthrow of the U.S. government, they will be arrested and charged with sedition. That the Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela- (PSUV-) controlled executive branch of government in Caracas has NOT done this to Juan Guaido exposes the ridiculousness of the claim that Nicolas Maduro is some kind of brutal dictator or that the legitimate government is acting unreasonably. Every major action that the U.S. government has taken toward Venezuela is patently ILLEGAL under well-recognized international laws (to which the U.S. has committed itself) including the UN Charter: Issuing unilateral sanctions, blocking international financial and commercial transactions of the Venezuelan government, openly calling for a coup, threatening unilateral military intervention, etc. These are all huge violations of international law, not just technicalities, so we need to all be concerned if such a gangster-style approach succeeds.

Nicolas Maduro is no strongman leader (Hugo Chavez was the strongman of PSUV). Washington has rolled out this corny "brutal dictatorship" narrative that it uses every time it wants to overthrow a government where an element of socialist thinking has taken root. I know because Washington levels the exact same bullshit charge against Daniel Ortega in Nicaragua and I've lived there under Ortega (and Ortega is a come along, get along sort of guy who is NO dictator). A guy like Donald Trump is 100 time more "dictatorial" than Daniel Ortega or Nicolas Maduro. It's just the same old Washington regime change game plan in action aided and abetted by the mainstream media.

Case-in-point: If Washington really thought that President Maduro is some maniacal dictator, why doesn't it call for him to step down and be replaced by Vice President Delcy Rodríguez in accordance with the Venezuelan Constitution? Answer: Washington isn't trying to get rid of Maduro, it's trying to install a REPLACEMENT government for that run by PSUV.

Now am I "distracting" from the central issue? Absolutely not. Washington is at the heart of everything happening in terms of turmoil in Venezuela and is pulling the strings in its typical arrogant and egotistical way. The fact that the Venezuelan military and Venezuelan people at large back their country's right to determine its own political future and, therefore, will stand against U.S. intervention in their internal affairs (even of they DON'T like their current government) is a statement that people of the world have had it with the unilateral bullying and gangsterism of the U.S.

A country that promotes widespread violence and coups over civil discourse to resolve sensitive political matters in another nation should be called out for, and treated like, what it is: A rogue, criminal enterprise.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 5/1/2019 4:20:15 AM

This just in from my brother-in-law in Caracas:
Thousands of Venezuelans have gathered in the streets in front of the Presidential Palace in Caracas in order to...(are you ready for this?)....DEFEND their president, their constitutional government and their country from attempts by the U.S. government to stage a coup.

Now, that just doesn't quite fit with the CNN (now off the air in's about time) narrative.

Of course, my brother-in-law is Nicaraguan so I suppose we can dismiss his eyewitness account.

Oh and before I get lambasted for purportedly supporting media "censorship", let's just be clear about one thing: CNN is one of the U.S. government's corporate propaganda organs which dutifully, as directed, broadcasts war-fomenting disinformation (e.g., like babies being thrown out of incubators in Kuwait). CNN is free to do that propagandizing in the U.S.; but another country is, likewise, well within its rights to shutdown the U.S.'s propaganda organ when it is engaged in sedition inside of that country.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 5/1/2019 6:30:00 AM

Un mensaje:

Para Señor Bolton
De la gente venezuelana

Te comportas como si fueramos babosos. Estas equivocado. No somos idiotas. Entendemos bien los engaños estadounidenses y no vas a ganar. Nunca.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 5/1/2019 6:39:28 AM

Maduro is ordering the murder of people en masse. Firing heavy machine guns into protest crowds and mowing protesters over with armoured vehicles. I dont care who replaces this devil dictator Maduro, but the people of Venezuela deserve freedom.

Im not going to argue with you Nesta. You have already proven that you are dedicated to the lie. Let it go. Im reporting the news here --hilarious that you call Infowars and Caracas reporting 'CNN'-- and calling for prayer and freedom. Get lost.


8:10 p.m.

The head of Venezuela’s secret police is admonishing President Nicolas Maduro, in the biggest break so far by a senior member of the security forces.

SEBIN leader Manuel Ricardo Cristopher Figuera wrote a letter to the Venezuelan people Tuesday saying it is time to “rebuild the country.”

A senior U.S. official confirmed the authenticity of the note circulating on social media.

Figuera says he has always been loyal to Maduro, but Venezuela has experienced a damaging decline. Though he does not name opposition leader Juan Guaidó, Figuera writes, “The time has come to seek new ways of doing politics.”

The senior U.S. official says Figuera’s wife is outside Venezuela. The official spoke on condition of anonymity because he was not authorized to share details on the general’s statement.


6:05 p.m.

A group of Latin American nations and Canada is backing Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó in what it calls his efforts “to restore democracy” to his South American country. It rejects characterizations of his move as an attempted coup.

The statement Tuesday from the Lima Group calls on Venezuela’s military to place its loyalties with Guaidó, not President Nicolás Maduro. It urges the armed forces “to cease being instruments of the illegitimate regime for the oppression of the Venezuelan people.”

The group has recognized Guaidó’s as Venezuela’s rightful interim president, saying Maduro’s re-election was illegitimate.

The statement was signed by the governments of Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Paraguay and Peru.


5:25 p.m.

Venezuela’s U.N. ambassador says President Nicolas Maduro has “defeated” opposition leader Juan Guaidó and his supporters, and “the country is right now in a situation of perfect normality.”

Samuel Moncada said at a news conference Tuesday that Maduro “has taken the necessary steps to guarantee the security and right to peace of our people.” He added: “We have defeated them.”

Moncada says the U.N. Security Council should discuss Tuesday’s call by Guaidó for a military uprising against Maduro.

He also criticizes U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres for not openly supporting Maduro’s government against Guaido. Guterres’ spokesman says he is urging all sides in Venezuela to exercise “maximum restraint,” avoid any violence, take immediate steps to restore calm, and resolve differences peacefully through dialogue.


3:50 p.m.

The director of a medical center in Venezuela’s capital says doctors are treating 50 patients injured during street skirmishes.

Salud Chacao director Maggia Santi said Tuesday that 30 of those injured were shot with rubber bullets. Another 16 sustained bodily trauma, three reported difficulty breathing and one was shot with a firearm.

She said doctors have sufficient supplies to treat the injured, in part due to recent donations by organizations including the Red Cross.

Protesters are clashing with forces loyal to President Nicolás Maduro after opposition leader Juan Guaidó called for a military uprising and mass demonstration.

The individual injured by gunfire is reported to be stable.


3:40 p.m.

Chile’s foreign ministry says Venezuelan activist Leopoldo López and his family have sought refuge at the country’s diplomatic mission in Caracas.

López had been under house arrest, but was apparently freed by mutinous soldiers Tuesday and appeared with opposition leader Juan Guaidó as he called for a military uprising against President Nicolás Maduro.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 5/1/2019 7:05:15 AM

"murder of people en masse"..."Firing heavy machine guns into protest crowds"-- Oh give it a rest, Hemphill. If that were true, the U.S. would have no problem at all implementing its dirty little coup for oil. It's total bullshit. Shame on you for parroting such BS propaganda for the Babylon System. US-puppet Guaido has a hard time even mustering a crowd of any substantial size because he represents such a small minority of Venezuelans and those people are "ricos" who don't particularly like to impinge on their pampered lifestyles by going to street protests. The PSUV doesn't have to machine gun anyone to maintain it legitimate authority -- the Venezuelan people are taking to the street to defy Los Yanquis y su imperialismo. Small crowds of professional protester are being contained with tear gas ( a la Occupy Wall Street containment) and will probably start shooting to bait the police and soldiers at some point (usual U.S. script).

The U.S. waited to long to act in Venezuela (two decades) and the seed of independence has taken root there. The people who have grown accustomed to their independence and especially those who remember how it was before will fight long and hard now before they'll go back under the imperial yoke of Washington DC. That includes the Venezuelan soldiers who swore an oath to their Constitution and are going to stand by that oath just like U.S. soldiers would if China declared the 2016 election illegal, appointed Hillary Clinton acting president and called on the Pentagon to remove Trump. The fact that the U.S. president called on Venezuelan military men to abandon their oath shows how little he thinks of them and they're no fools -- they totally get that.

"Sheriff John Brown always hate I, for what, I never know: Every time I plant a seed, he said kill it before it grow, he said kill dem before dey grow"

Ask yourself just one question: If the U.S. cares about the welfare of the Venezuelan people and respects the nation's sovereignty then why has it directed its political puppets there to REFUSE to sit down to a dialogue with PSUV (as endorsed by the majority of the nations of the world) and to, instead, foment a violent coup?

Once again, if China were telling the U.S. Democrats to co-opt the Pentagon and force Trump from office, I don't think you'd be surprised to see the overwhelming majority of Americans backing our constitutional government even if they really don't like Trump. Do you seriously think that Venezuelans are "lesser people" than Americans in that respect? Because that's how the John Boltons and Elliot Abrams' of the world think: They see Venezuelans as lesser people to be subjugated like slaves to the American empire. Why do Venezuelans not deserve to be afforded the respect to be allowed to work out their own political differences without outside interference?

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 5/1/2019 8:28:04 AM


Contrary to propaganda fabricated in Washington DC, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is not a stereotype banana republic strongman leader or “brutal dictator”. [Hugo Chavez was the “strongman” personality of the PSUV and the Bolivarian Revolution, and he was definitely more independently decisive than his successor Maduro.] Maduro is more of a consensus-builder who prefers to govern with the concurrence of the PSUV stakeholders and as much of the opposition as possible even if that means compromise.

Truth be remembered, if a man is truly a brutal, dictatorial oppressor and if a genuinely popular uprising against him occurs (especially one with the OVERT backing of a global superpower), then that uprising is going to succeed and he’s going to be swept out of power sooner or later (usually sooner). Just consider the cases of Ceauș;escu, Bautista, Samoza, Marcos, and the Shah (Reza Pahlavi), to name but a few.

The reason that the PSUV-controlled government of Venezuela and elected President Nicolas Maduro are successfully resisting foreign-engineered attempts to sweep them from power is because they have an enormous amount of popular support. That’s just NOT fertile ground for a popular revolution (no matter how much gasoline the U.S. throws on the fire); it’s just good, old-fashioned strong political polarity and there are only three ways to effect change: (1) peacefully through dialogue and compromise (as advocated by the UN and the majority of the global community of nations); (2) peacefully through the democratic process available (which in Venezuela is one of the best in the world according to the former U.S. President Jimmy Carter and the Carter Center observers); or (3) violently through illegal force (which would be very bloody given the determination of the people of Venezuela NOT to return to U.S.-puppet state status).

The so-called “Opposition” in Venezuela cannot muster the popular support to win an election legitimately without gradually gaining the trust of the people and then promising to preserve the social programs infrastructure improvements (e.g., education, health care, housing, nutrition, utilities access, etc.) gained by the People through two decades of PSUV rule. That's pretty tough considering that the "Opposition" fervently wants to dismantle the PSUV's social programs infrastructure. So the “Opposition’s” next best course of action is to engage in dialogue with the PSUV ruling party and seek compromise on those issue that are most important to it; but so far the puppet-masters in Washington have directed their little Venezuelan “Opposition” puppets to boycott elections, refuse to engage in civil discourse, and refuse to accommodate any kind of compromise.

You can’t simply “invent” a popular uprising against a legitimate democratically-elected government using CNN and Twitter infowars along with economic intimidation, although the foolish neocons in Washington seem to delude themselves into thinking they can. The people of Venezuela are NOT STUPID and they, as well as the other global balancing powers, have gotten hep to Uncle Sam’s little Arab-Spring-style social media tricks to foment civil unrest. The people and governments of the world have not only gotten hepm but they have figured out how to disarm these social media PSYOPS attempts at destabilization by Washington.

The problem with the U.S. leadership is that it is in serious denial (insisting that it still exists in a unipolar world unable to accept the reality of multipolarity), and it is behaving like a crazy person: repeating the same failed action again and again expecting a better outcome.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 5/1/2019 9:40:08 AM

"murder of people en masse"..."Firing heavy machine guns into protest crowds"-- Oh give it a rest, Hemphill. If that were true, the U.S. would have no problem at all implementing its dirty little coup for oil. It's total bullshit. Shame on you for parroting such BS propaganda for the Babylon System" Nesta

This is how we know you are an agent. There are videos going viral showing exactly that, Maduro troops foring into crowds and plowing people over with vehicles. I posted a link to the VARIOUS videos. How you routinely deny video evidence and clear cut science is beyond me. All you can do is distract and derail a conversation. You suck.

I know it goes against your desperate narrative of lies Nesta.. But it IS true. Maduro is murdering people. Video evidence right here.. By the way, a link showing these same videos and MANY more was already posted above.

Nesta will now say that this is Washington propaganda footage. That Maduro is passing out ice cream. Seriously dude, WE SEE YOU.

I refuse to play into your bullshit game.

Continuing. I pray for the people of Venezuela to break away from this socialist tyranny and reclaim their freedom!

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 5/1/2019 10:24:55 AM

Washington has shipped arms to professional agitators in Venezuela and those mercenaries as well as right wing fomenters of destabilization masquerade in official uniforms as Venezuelan police and soldiers (except they have been seen carrying M4 NATO assault rifles, not the AK-47s issued to Venezuelan soldiers). This is a stock ruse. Are you really that easily duped? These mercenaries stole army armored vehicles last night? Hello? Is this starting to come together for you yet?

You respond to none of the factual narrative I've presented in the foregoing posts because you can't. Instead you write insults and make ludicrous accusations about me while shilling for Washington's preposterous narrative of lies. You have zero first hand knowledge of events on the ground and surf the web finding video clips which you present as "evidence". In this day and age it's breathtaking to see someone so utterly gullible (or disingenuous, it's hard to know which). I suppose you believe that Bashar al-Assad was "gassing his own people" also (despite all evidence and logic to the contrary).

My JAH in Zion, I always wonder who actually buys into the phonied up garbage that Washington, the seat of Babylon, puts out. I have my answer. At least the thinking people I know are thoughtful enough to reserve judgement by admitting that they simply don't know what's the the truth in Venezuela and what's Washington propaganda lies (because they are well aware at this post-Iraq-invasion, post-Libya-destruction world that Washington politicians and the corporate media lie shamelessly to promote their regime change violence/wars).

Operation "Iraqi Freedom"? Operation "Unified Protector"? Operation "Libertad"? Seriously!? I find it hard to believe that ANYBODY is really as gullible as you as you are claiming to be, Hemphill. Can't you spell O-I-L? (I mean you don't even NEED to figure it out for yourself, US National Security Advisor John Bolton spelled it out publicly for you and the rest of the world - OIL.)

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 5/1/2019 11:00:31 AM

Dumb, deaf, and blind.

First it didnt happen at all, then the video evidence shows otherwise, so now it was US thugs dressed up doing it.. Hahaha ok buddy. We see you

Go derail something else Nesta. Your baseless conspiracy theories are tired.

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