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Messenger: Rasmi Sent: 4/12/2019 8:33:32 AM

My last post was supposed to be my last post. But when I get a big brain buster it's hard to not share it with my Rasta brethrens and sistrens.

But anyway this will be my last post. When I have discovered and realized that everybody is balancing good and evil inside of them (Possibility Adam and Eve fault)

I was reading one of buddhism book (Not a Buddhist)
A passage of words got to me. It said, "It said it is believed Aizen Myoo was consumed by his own passion and lived in a hellish existence of torment as a demon, but was converted to buddhism and used his passion to spread the Dharma and being one of its guardian."

I brought this up because greed,money evil things can corrupt a person soul. Of course this is basic knowledge but I believe powerful words like H.I.M can convert that wickedness heart into something beautiful. But how much evil those a soul carry? It all depends on that person.

I'm starting to forgive a lot of evil things I see because at the same time I feel like a person action not knowing how to balance or getting rid of that evil is not totally thier fault. It took H.I.M words and I guessed you can say JC words (If real) to purify a evil heart to make that soul only look into rightnoeuss.

Sometimes I believe that the devil do want to changed. But since it's so hard to find good in his soul, he keep doing the wrongs. Nevertheless I will still be stomping and chanting any evil from the devil away, but just got to apologize knowing the pain that it may be causing him making it hard to see goodness, and righteousness in his soul.

Never let your guard down from evil. Because no matter if the devil do turn his heart into rightnoeuss he been dwelling with an evil heart from centuries. Evil will only backstabbed a kind weak heart.

A warrior of Jah I am if my words can make people see and want to changed for the better, that's good! But my soul is never asleep when evil strike.

Spirituality and knowledge is power. I'm only 21 and I'm talking like a wise old man. But either way I was always seeking knowledge and wisdom when I was 15. I guessed a philosopher I am. I became a Rastafari and made my vows to Jah ever since I was 19. Back then I never wanted to see H.I.M as Jah. To be honest even when I was 15 I never really look into JC it always have bring confusion. I just knew that as long I seek the Creator I can't be wrong.

The Creator brought me to H.I.M so I saw him as a King elected from Jah. Overtime
my soul opened up and saw H.I.M as Jah. He is my God. The Creator Jah manifest his energy in Haile Selassie. Rastafari is a blessing to me. But I still seek other knowledge sources to build upon my spirituality. As long the I and I is within you, you can't go wrong.

Jah thank you. I give my spiritual energy to the ones that took the time for reading my words. Make these words uplift your beautiful soul. As I know that beautiful soul of yours kept on reading as it was finding enlighment discovering a soul of a soul. I give thanks. I love you all.

Jah Rastafari

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 4/12/2019 8:40:28 AM

JAH Love & Peace be with you.

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Haile Selassie I