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Messenger: burningbush Sent: 4/9/2019 10:45:28 PM

tena yistillign bredren n sistren. The burning bush~ ref to moses and the sea. Burningbush offers good friends. And a ref to kabalah. Soo wondering if anyone wanted to learn amharic with me.
So in sweden its like
z ingredients of injera

also like selam is *
hello and
selamta is thank you'and hello back. Informal

formal is selamnu for male or igziabeher yebarkek: selamnesh or igziabeher yebarkesh is female greeting. To a female i mean.

Senteh new is how much and amesegnalahu is thank you . A male short thank you is dinat and female is dinesh.

Mostly i n i ~g me n gf~ say selase and end a thanking with -selamnawit and dinesh- give thanks to jah. I could be dead. Soon. A insult is that up top ish if you use it like it us.

So of course praise to thesavior haileselassie I 7 qwedamawi atse haile
selassie i first and last
buruk fikir. Dinesh.
1& i menber det ok g snitched on someone important. Probably not doing much. Bless up fear god. I was never molested manipulated through a grape a grape c sight of mindframe perhaps so i hope they forgive me. Please help me learn polite amharic- preserve the cclcha: no matta so yeah. Help .

FromthefamousRasta burning bush

And one love the king pls teach me some language.. Later

Messenger: burningbush Sent: 4/9/2019 11:28:59 PM

but yeah real name carey robbz just fancy z name aykonen marian haile is like 9 new negus. Ok i am good never gone thru that just a walk through my cell could make the rastas like me zeen. Never molested or rape yet haile selassie i love for my girl im with robb so zeah jst dnt talk about it but yeah someones vexed i know. Just
a rude one from jt place but yeah just never break z group home rules in any homn love from z most eye jah . Dinesh never been through anything dinesh

i just thank jah rastafari and like some say i am a horrible person. I m not.Andsoyeahwiccanorthodox christian from the real me just never break a rule.a fire andetachu yet yeah insulted a little my life great. So yeah you know what im sayin.

From michael grouphomeboss baxter just try not to stick me in a courtroom. M and no subpoena. Pls i am just a st lucian rastafarian that worships z gods so yeah i
i7 ini follow the pope of roman times bless n guide.*praise HIM = + HAS LINEAGE of king solomon and queen of sheba and is like dictator and pope of ithiopia at the same time...*

siga~ meat
teff~ sourdough bread


selamnu selamnesh
powers of the trinity not trying to sound like you know who raw beef tastes the selase i7 rastafarians bum nnff cigarettes my 7 is god
jah rastafari iyah. So yeah just dont talk abt it so yeah i will drown for ini country i shall i ethiopia.
I was jah bless i was all go to hell i was st louis ballpark so jah recreate some living soulz for z eye n eye... That never die ishence of days smoke z cigarette n weed n get high. + medhane alem

kind of like an afar i put ppl in the clr all the time this song will put v in a daze

must plant in this girl
a new spirit
a new reason
she can get the world
she just wants to have some reason
system shop its z truth
what is your cross
in one path i am that
am i not so dear to
in a sad way i am not
system shot is the truth
so money is hers tn own
like milk is good for bones
and i could pass love test*
i am on z way up my bones
system shot is the truth

do u like u like
do u fight his eyes
do u shed light u light
am i live for you
lets there be night be night

system shot is the truth ye abatee zet yet yeah just quick rap from
burningbush ref to our hola ganja leaf. Praise the savior haile selassie i. Yet yeah quiet and annoying i hope not. Yet yeah i will put friends in good situation
and as well preserving city of adigrat/addis:mekelle/ and

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/10/2019 3:01:31 AM


I have spent total of 12 months in Ethiopia. I am definitely not fluent in Amarigna but I know a little.

I can't say for sure that you are wrong, but I have never heard the word "dinat" or "dinesh" as thank you. People say "amesegenalu" or as a formal way you can say "igziabher yistilign ina amesegenalu" which means "god give to you and I give you my thanks".

Ibakh means please to a male, Ibaksh means please to a female, Ibakho means please to a group of people.

The word wat and wet is the same word, it is pronounced closer to "wot". It means a sauce or basically the food you put on top of the injera.
Kai wot is a red lentil sauce. Msr wot is another lentil sauce. Shiro is another wot made of powdered garbanzo beans. Tegebino is a special kind of shiro which if you are lucky is made really thick. Restaurants in Shashemene will always make it thick, but in Addis Abeba usually not.

Msr means lentils
Ros means rice
Dabo means bread
Dinich means potato
Tomatim means tomato
Kaisr means beetroot
Karia means spicy pepper like a jalepeno or chili pepper
Shinkult means onion
Natchshinkult means garlic
Atklt means vegetables
Frafre means fruit
Suquar means sugar
Chow means salt
Ananas means pineapple
Muz means banana
Salat means lettuce that is eaten raw, like leafy greens
Gomen means greens that are usually eaten cooked
Habesha gomen means specifically collard greens
(Habesha means local to Ethiopia, it can be used to describe anything from people to clothing to food, and more).

Injera is the flat bread. Teff is the grain itself which is used in making the bread. The only ingredients in traditional injera are teff and water. Sometimes people make it now with teff and corn "maiz", or wheat "sindy".

Berbere is not simply "spice". It is a specific blend of spices. Mitmita with an emphasis of the T sound is another specific (more spicy) blend of spices.

Bekah? means Enough? to a male. Bekash? to a female. Bekaign means enough for me.

Tafach with an emphasis on the T sound and the ch sound means sweet or tasty. It can be used to say the food is tasty, even if it is a spicy dish. Tafach nu, it is tasty. Tafach nebur, it was tasty. If you don't emphasize the T and Ch enough, some people might think you said Tefash, which means "I have missed you" to a female.
Arif is an arabic word meaning Good, it is used a lot in Ethiopia also.
Wasai means amazing. Wasai nebur, it was amazing. The waitor will be really happy if you tell him this.

Selam means Peace. It can be used as a greeting yes. Selam nu? is a question which is asking the person, Is there peace? It can be asked to a male or female. It is very often used in the ritual greetings, in which several questions are asked back and forth, the end result usually being "Igziabher yimmesgan" Give thankhs to god. Selamta means Greetings. Selam nesh? is asking to a female, are you peaceful? Selam neh? is the same question to a male. Selam nachu? is the same question to group of people. Deyna nesh? is asking a female, are you fine? Deyna neh? is the same question to a male. Indemn neh/nesh? is a question asking How are you? Indemn nachu? same question to a group. Indemn newot? is the same question to an elder.
Selam negn or Deyna negn is the answer, I am peaceful, or I am fine.

I don't know what medhane means. But Alem means the world.

Aleh means there is. So if you want to ask "is there meat?" You ask "siga aleh?" Yelem means there is not. So if there is no meat, the answer would be "siga yelem." If you want to ask for something without meat, "Yele siga". Without sugar, "Yele suquar". With sugar, "b' suquar". With salt, "b' chow". Aleh can also be used for a person. If you are looking for your friend Berket and you go to his house, you will ask "Berket aleh?" Someone will answer you either aleh or yelem. He is here, or he isn't here.

Chmr means more. Chamri means put more. For example the lady is filling your coffee cup but she doesnt put enough. "Chamri ibaksh", put more please. Min ye chmr? means what else? Like if you are eating and your plate is almost empty, your host will ask you "min ye chmr?" and you might say "injera ina gomen chamri". Put more injera and greens.

Buna means coffee.
Shai means tea.
The only word I ever heard used for juice is Juice, I am not sure if there is another word for that, I imagine so.
Wuha means water.
Wetet means milk.
If you want coffee with milk, you say buna b' wetet. If you want coffee without sugar, "buna yele suquar". It used to be common to drink coffee with salt, buna b' chow. Now it is more common to have it with sugar. But you can always ask for salt instead. Tqr means black, the color. It can also refer to plain coffee with nothing in it. Tqr buna.

I hope that helps expand your vocabulary. I kept it mainly to food since that seemed to be your biggest interest.

I highly suggest learning to read the Amarigna fidel. It will help understand the language much better. To do this, it is easy to look up a youtube video of someone pronouncing each character. You can make flash cards equating the character to the sound you hear. That was an idea from someone on this forum (was it Jahcub? I think so) and it helped me a lot.


Messenger: Chalice Sent: 4/10/2019 5:16:41 PM

So behold da spear burning over yonder ;0

Messenger: burningbush Sent: 4/12/2019 2:08:39 PM

ok makes sense. I guess i could break the ice with deyna neh? Or however, if you want to meet me. What would tht be in amarigna. Just wonderin. Also is system the same thing as mengist and wht about the derg/ herd from one of dese posts was like lt colonel living in zimbabwe? Killed amhara ppl with the tplf. Soo yeah just learning abt this ethiopian history. Give iman a update zeen... Mostly just all about food i spose.. Lul
Jah bless n guide melkam ledet
yo holmes~burningbush

Messenger: burningbush Sent: 4/12/2019 2:14:32 PM

Big up Gs and rasses
Ital fi vital and ze key 2 lyfe iz dype food n drink. Yet h.i.m. Says stay wit whats hip. Big up nuff solomons idren and respect emperor haile selassie I.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 4/14/2019 3:44:30 AM

Selamta Burningbush,

For me you would say Deyna Nesh? because I am a womban.

This is a sample conversation between a man and a woman.
Man: Selam nu?
Woman: Indemn neh?
Man: Deyna nesh?
Woman: Deyna nachu? (Here she is asking about "all of you" as in, the man's family.)
Man: Selam nu.
Woman: Igziabher yimesgan.
Man: Amein.
Woman: Indeit nu? (How is it? Like how is it going?)
Man: Hulum arif nu. (Everything is good.)

So customarily there is a greeting of shaking hands and kissing each cheek alternatively, starting on the right cheek, meanwhile asking questions back and forth. Then after a little while, at least three kisses, one person says Igziabher yimesgan, the other one says Amein, and then they start asking questions more directly which are answered directly also. So at the beginning usually the questions are surface level and are answered as such or not answered at all. Then more personal questions are asked and they are answered more in depth and honestly.
In the younger generation, the kisses are replaced by a hand shake and shoulder bump.

I don't know how to ask "if you want to meet me". That never came up in conversation for me.

If you want to say "come here" you can say "nah isti" male or "nay isti" female. If you want to say "I will come back" you can say "Metahu".

Deyna aderk? means Good morning to a male (more literally means how was your night?)
Deyna adersh? same thing to a female
Deyna ider means Have a good night to a male
Deyna idersh same thing to a female
Deyna walk means Have a good day to a male
Deyna waye means Have a good day to a female
Deyna walu means Have a good day to more than one person
Boaleh means Later, it can be used like "see you later."
Boaleh metahu means I will come back later.

I also don't know how to answer your questions about Mengistu because I don't really overstand the question you're asking.

Selahsay I

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Haile Selassie I