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Is Nesta an Agent

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/12/2019 8:31:38 AM

I saw him refer to the 'black middle aged woman' while arguing with Hemphill in one thread... While rejecting the label of 'black' or 'white' in a next.....

When I first came back to this site he argued that he doesn't agree with ALL of the Bible or Christianity yet now just a few weeks later he is the biggest Bible literalist highly offended at my Burn the Bible thread....

There is a strong passive aggressive nature to his wordsound which cannot fool I. And I am glad others see through it. There is no attempt at actual REASONING more just to push whichever agenda he has, which have been listed above..

No, I'm certain he isn't just an ignorant one low on intelligence or a troll (Hi John) I'm sure this is calculated.

Agent I say.

Man on a mission to change the fundamentals of Rastafari and spread confusion

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 3/12/2019 8:34:48 AM

LOL!!!!! Breddah! Why did you mention John at the exact same time be came slithering through my thoughts???!!!! 😂;😂;😂;😂;😂;😂;😂;


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/12/2019 8:38:09 AM

Lol you seeit Sistren... John where u deh?
John was a different thing altogether LOL but I would still share a plate with John in real life if not just for the Joke I would ketch....

All about intentions for I

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 3/12/2019 9:08:36 AM

John was childishly and comically ignorant. A hyena that Lions play with and laugh at.

This next one is a tricky passive aggressive liberal wannabe with forked tongue, slithering among INI with that typical self inflated sense of authority on Afrikan affairs and RasTafari.

Tricky dicky....but completely transparent. INI who have trod RasTafari for decades can see right through it. We’ve observed this phenomenon (the John-Nestas) from long LONG time, in our own experience and through our ancestral memories.

In this Matrix, they steady appear, albeit in different

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/12/2019 9:19:51 AM

Goood diagnosis!!

I'm still yet to meet a John-Nesta in real life despite travelling to many place or event where black and white Rastafari are mixed together in attendance.

Or if I have, they keep dem views to themselves ina real life


But I'm all too aware they exist and see them on comment sections websites such as this or on videos all the while

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/12/2019 9:27:40 AM

" tricky passive aggressive liberal wannabe with forked tongue, slithering among INI with that typical self inflated sense of authority on Afrikan affairs and RasTafari."

Keeping this in I quotables


Messenger: Empress lioness 9 Sent: 3/12/2019 11:48:52 AM

Bugle put it well,
"Nuff a dem a snake inna lion clothes"

Bugle-False Prophet... The rest of the lyrics worth reading too

Messenger: Chalice Sent: 4/8/2019 7:53:19 PM

Nesta is a Duppy Conqurer, simply because he alone cites his majestys teachings, Obyea and Voodo don't. How can one be Rastafarian without the teachings of his majesty he lives by? What foolishness is this? Can someone reason to me about this?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 4/11/2019 6:10:55 AM

Another example of what you get when you take the cause away from the trod.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 4/11/2019 8:18:15 AM

Nesta is a mark for sure.. Now the question becomes; are 'chalice' and 'nesta' the same person...? Might be

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