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May White Men Be Rastafari?

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Messenger: noah5403 Sent: 2/13/2019 10:28:16 PM

may White men be rastafari? I am a white man and I have been studying into rasta history and teachings and I feel as if it is the truth and I would like to continue studying it and applying it.. but I don't want to seem like im trying to appropriate the culture and all that.. I am willing to follow the customs of jah.. just need some advice please?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/13/2019 11:58:19 PM

Many African Rastafari believe Rastafri was born and should remain a black trod. Others feel Rastafari is for everyone who sights His Majesty which is the main thought on this forum which is majority European/American people. There is no consensus

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 2/14/2019 2:48:11 AM

Maybe "no consensus" (as there are a very few who are exclusionary) but there is Truth which is that we area All One People of One Flesh and we RastafarI are seeking the Inity of Imanity beyond any of Babylon's self-serving, division-promoting boundaries (including race).

Welcome to the trod, noah5403! We are your RastafarI brethren and sistren and extend to you a warm embrace -- no exclusions, no exceptions.


Messenger: speaks from the chalice Sent: 2/14/2019 7:04:22 PM

Greetings Noah and welcome. Of course white men can be Rastafari just live an Ital life and no-one can call you different. Don't listen to black men who say it's not for you. They are unforgiving and living in the past hardly likely to change their anger now.

But i can assure you that living Ital is universal and all colours of men and women can be Rasta. The words came from his majestys mouth alone. I don't label myself as Rasta as I eat animals etc. I wouldn't want to be labelled as one anyway. All people do is argue with each other over who has the greatest rights to be one. be yourself, don't be ruled by anyone and certaintly don't listen to rasclaats.

Messenger: Jahcub Onelove Sent: 2/15/2019 2:18:53 AM

Know yourself. Are you RastafarI? Only you (the I) can answer that.

There are ones of every race, from all around the Earth that claim to be RastafarI

There are ones who claim to be RastafarI and they do not live Ital, they eat meat or drink, etc.

There are ones who claim to be RastafarI and they do not site Haile Selassie I as Jah, or Christ.

And there will always be ones from every race, that tell you that you are not RastafarI; for one of the above reasons or some other reason they will tell you that you are not/cannot be RastafarI.

Only you and Jah alone know your heart, who you are and who or what you can be.

Seek ye first the Kingdom of Jah.

One can only know RastafarI by trodding RastafarI

Jah Love and Guidance

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 2/15/2019 8:51:35 AM

Nicely said, Jahcub.
I always tell a person that if it has been revealed to him or her that Haile Selassie I is God incarnate, the King of Kings, the Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, and the Father of All Creation then they are founded in RastafarI. Their trod will be unique, but it will revolve around that fundamental Truth.

Messenger: Empress lioness Sent: 2/22/2019 12:56:46 PM

Welcome, this has been answered so well already, I and I only would add that overstanding our Ethiopian history will enrich one further as we all hu-man come from there.


Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 2/22/2019 1:01:34 PM

Definitely. The more we know about history, the more we know about who we are and how we got to the conditions we're in. We are all Africans and should know the history of our continent, including the unique history of Ethiopia. It takes some work to find useful references and some more work to do comparative reading of different historians, but it's always well worth the time & energy invested.
Also, as we read history we can see patterns emerge that help us to demystify why Babylon operates the way it does and why the Victory of the Righteous Idren of JAH is assured.

Messenger: Empress lioness Sent: 2/22/2019 1:09:49 PM

Agreed. Studying the real black kemetic history in pre-Egypt has been so enlightening for Iandi Race must be addressed with overstanding and historical context for ones to Overstands where we are and how we arrive here.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/23/2019 4:16:41 AM

Humanity in the form of precursory homo sapien sapien theoretically originating from around Ethiopia does not mean today in 2019 we are all African. I have addressed this in another thread and supported by the words of His Majesty.

Sure, we are one human race. But the wordsound African is that of a specific and unique identity.

Being all human does not mean we are ALL African.

This is but a small point to you maybe but something InI get very particular about and defensive. For me, for obvious reasons....

Give thanks

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