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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/11/2019 6:20:46 PM

Dr Esther Stanford-Xosei is one of I favourite global advocates for Reparations. Especially internal reparations which have nothing to do with money or land ownership but repairing the psychological and physiological effects of chattel slavery and colonisation of Africans...BY AFRICANS.

In terms of the more GENERAL side of Reparations here are some of her more famous works and appearances

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 2/12/2019 6:17:29 AM

Wow, Dr. Esther is fabulous. What an intelligent and articulate spokesperson.

We're long past the time when we should be debating reparations. We should have been developing the details of the payors, payees and system of the payments decades ago, and now be well into making the payments. The U.S. owes a huge debt in reparation for slavery as well as for a litany of crimes against people of the world since the inception of the nation.

As I say, there should be no debate, as the guilt of the nations which committed crimes against Africa is not in question, only the fitting restitution. If someone burns down your house and kidnaps your children into slavery, we don't 'debate' whether the guilty party should be punished, only what the appropriate punishment should be. In the case of the U.S., we're squandering massive amounts of money on militarism which could be re-directed to reparation thereby killing two birds with one stone: (1) making restitution, and (2) starving America the Babylon of the resources in needs to perpetrate more crimes against Imanity.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/12/2019 7:02:12 AM

It should be noted that Esther teaches the internal reparations I have talked of before hand are equally as not more important than the type of Reparations you make reference to.

For example dietary reparations -

The 600 year diet that ancestors of slavery have been subjected to has lead to a genetic predetermined increased risk of certain disease such as diabetes cerebrovascular and cardiovascular disease compared to our genetically closest family of West Africans who have not through slavery.. Even if one was to live natural and ital their whole life. However all we can do in a 'reparatory' effort is to change our diets away from that of plantation culture foods such as 'soul food'etc and into more natural healthy eating or even just traditional eating (not cowfoot oxtail and chitlens) as to not make the risk of said diseases worse for ourselves, and to counter the inter generational effects of such diets among I and I children. This is an example of a culture which has been picked up by InI and perpetuated in 2019 as a result of chattel slavery.

This 'repairing' or reparation action has nothing to do with demanding money or anything from Babylon.

I use this as but 1 example of an internal or self reparation.

Internal reparations are how we think how we eat how we talk how we live in an attempt of repairing the negative and/or alien effects from our journey the past 600-1000 years.

Economic reparations are but 1 aspect of the fullness of Reparations.... but important none the less.

In which, I agree with EVERYTHING you have put.

Give thanks Iah

Before I attended her lectures I too thought of Reparations as simply "THEM" owing suppm to "WE" for me she is the best person I have ever witnessed to explore the FULLNESS of Reparations outside of the common understanding of simple Babylon payment.

(See what I mean further explored in the 3rd video down from around 13:40 onward)

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 2/12/2019 10:56:05 AM

I can appreciate the reality of the generational effects of slavery and empathize with the monumental (some would say impossible) task of trying to undertake a healing process to address such effects (e.g., descendants of those damaged by war also face a similar generational effects and healing processes). As we know, economic or financial reparations are intended not only to serve as compensation to the victims of the crimes against Africa, but also to serve as punishments and deterrents for the culpable parties. While I realize that financial reparations can do little to heal the damage caused by slavery, the nations that legitimized and profited from slavery accumulated untold wealth and power over the courses of their histories of the practice -- GOLD is what they worshiped over human rights and human life, so gold is what they should be forced to forfeit as the penalty for their crimes.

In the specific case of the USA, reparations to Africans for slavery should be accompanied by reparations to the victims of America's genocides and human right abuses throughout Latin America,Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Afghanistan, Syria, Indonesia, and so many more.

As an American, it would seem quite appropriate to see the U.S. government paying on the order of a half trillion dollars a year in reparations for as long as it takes to properly compensate the victims of it crimes. Washington wastes more than that annually on military power to preserve & expand the empire which it has established through crimes against humanity, so forfeiting an outflow of GOLD on that order-of-magnitude would seem appropriate to achieve the desired punitive effect and serve as a deterrent against future criminal behavior.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/12/2019 12:03:01 PM

Yes Iah

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