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True Rastas

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Messenger: Empress lioness Sent: 2/23/2019 5:30:07 AM

Bless, must add too that iself believe there is some superiority in Solomonic lineage, so maybe I self see superiority but can accept that without racial superiority or racism. Iandi feel strongly for reincarnation and that our rastafari is rooted in the soul.
Hope this makes sense to this reasoning.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/23/2019 5:41:39 AM

Supremacy in this context has nothing to do with superiority. But I don't want to go over, there's lots within this thread on the same.


Give thanks I I

Messenger: Empress lioness Sent: 2/23/2019 5:44:16 AM

Iandi did post a longer bit before adding that. If Iandi still miss the point, then iself don't overstand the question. Will look back through the pages.
Bless 1love

Messenger: Empress lioness Sent: 2/23/2019 5:44:17 AM

Iandi did post a longer bit before adding that. If Iandi still miss the point, then iself don't overstand the question. Will look back through the pages.
Bless 1love

Messenger: Empress lioness Sent: 2/23/2019 9:30:18 AM

Blessings, first and foremost Iandi offer some real apologies for mis-overstanding the initial question. I've read through the thread now. My response was superficial to the depths here.
Iandi still don't have a perfect answer and the reasoning has given iself much to read and ponder.
I believe in black supremacy in that equality sense and the I is also a big fan of M. Garvey. His wisdom is something the I still digesting fully. Iself find it would take away from real rasta to remove the black equality and uprising from the culture. Supporting black business and black family is necessary to uprising as is done within other cultures without being called racist. It's not about excluding but supporting the necessary. If a white and black couple find they can trod together and teach the core values to their children then the I have no issue with that. The Babylon man and woman being a separate thing altogether.
We may be in danger of removing foundation of rastafari to remove Blackness, Garvey, and the uprising of African people's when we declare that it's all outdated. It becomes a bit of a hippie philosophy if we remove the foundation and make it only about 1love,although that's important too, it alone isn't the rastafari the I has pursued.
That said, my mother at 16 years young, Met a follower of HIM during the refuge time in Bath, UK. and I am a product of that relationship. Iandi was brought up with the stigma of racism too real and it has been some real relevant part of I trod.
If and when I meet a man for the trod together, would iself be colorblind? Big question.
Iandi believe the issue here may well be in not overstanding that black supremacy and racism aren't the same. Black supremacy and white supremacy aren't the same thing. As racism and prejudice aren't the same. Racism by definition is perpetrated by the group with control and means... perhaps the overstanding that supremacy is different when coming from the group with power and the group without would be fitting.
We can pursue black supremacy without being racist and that's important.
I have appreciated all views posted here and they have helped the I to Overstand more deeply what divides us and what unites.
We can love all and still admit the need for black uprising, not diminishing in our culture.

Iandi would be happy to receive further reasoning here and praise Jah for the amount of knowledge the identity have provided in this reasoning thus far.

Bless. 👑;;;

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 2/23/2019 9:53:50 AM

While I think the term itself "Black Supremacy" is an unfortunate word choice that would be better replaced in the interest of promoting a much clearer overstanding of what it is really supposed to be (as it is only natural that many people will liken it to white supremacist racism); it's all good to me as long it involves a positive vibration of building people up and helping people -- the minute it morphs into a need to step on other people's heads, based upon any classification system, in order to achieve its advancement goals then it simply becomes an extension of a Babylon mentality that has cost the human race thousands of years of abuse & suffering. It's a very delicate line to walk to keep a notion like Black supremacy only a positive vibration that benefits people and not let it inadvertently morph into a negative mentality, of which His Majesty cautioned us, that fences people out.

As we know based upon Truth: An improvement in the lives of any people is an improvement in the lives of All People; hence, there's no reason that anyone should object to any group raising themselves up & bettering themselves.

I personally have elected, over the course of my life, to extend my own efforts to improving the lives of people in all groups of JAH's Idren without any regard given to their nationality, language, religion, race, politics, gender, or any of the other types of classification systems used to divide people up into distinct groups. As such I've taught and done development & relief work in Latin America, Asia, Africa, the US/Canada, the Caribbean, and Europe. But that's just been my personal choice as it it what I heard & understood from His Majesty's Teaching and exhortation. I understand that it's not for everyone, but as long as we keep whatever work we're doing a positive vibration then it's all good.


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/23/2019 10:13:43 AM

I am in awe of the I response. I give thanks for your effort to go forth and read the many different comments and opinions posted already and gain a full overstanding into the message trying to be portrayed here. And I am glad to see the I respectful of the role of Garvey within the trod and your own following of Garveys message. Give thanks greatfully Sistren for your comments.

Messenger: Empress lioness Sent: 2/23/2019 10:17:32 AM

Seen, Nesta
And your contribution in the thread was beneficial to my reasoning on this matter. The topic could be reasoned eternal! Thankhs for that 💟;
Jah bless

Messenger: Empress lioness Sent: 2/23/2019 10:20:32 AM

Bless, GA
Iandi appreciate the opportunity to look more deeply at this issue and praise Jah for your question and honest dissatisfaction with I initial answer. Knowledge is power and Iandi am grateful for the reasoning.

Bless 👑;

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/23/2019 12:14:36 PM

Blessed overstanding Nesta.

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