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Garvrys Afica I want to have a reason with youu?

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/15/2019 11:56:53 AM

Give thanks Jah Child

Messenger: Empress lioness 9 Sent: 2/24/2019 7:25:11 AM

Iandi feel like a reason on this one. Mostly because Iself been wondering about the approach Iandi would take towards dating. Been single a while now and at that place where Iandi am content alone so seems a right time for someone to join the trod without any "neediness" took time to know the iself before try and know another. But how strongly set is the I (Garveys Africa) on a black partner? Would one decline another based on race or ethnicity or it a thing the I would be blind if the wombman have overstanding of same values? Iandi wonder about it from perspective as iself seem to have less attraction to the white Bredderin but a half of me is white so wonder if for the right one that would change. If any ones and ones have thoughts here, really trying to Overstand the iself here more than anything.

Thankhs and Bless 💟;

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 2/24/2019 7:35:02 AM

It's futile to invent any arbitrary criteria as Love knows no boundaries. Simply listen to your heart. You'll know.


Messenger: Empress lioness 9 Sent: 2/24/2019 7:48:52 AM

Thankhs Nesta.
Iandi have heard that before. But some may not give a chance if they have a solid set criteria. Iandi feel that has truth but is there more? Especially as GA said Black first but that mean black only? Dem a wonder :) bless

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/24/2019 8:36:33 AM

Good question. Black first doesn't mean black only. Great differentiation I never thought about before but yes InI not racist and of course while use white business and produce.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 2/24/2019 8:47:14 AM

Beautifully answered! @ Garveys.

I agree with sista Jah Child. The depth of your response was missed by some and sadly limited to degrees of melanin.

Let us not confuse His Majesty’s love for Africa FIRST with multicultural fantasies and remember that HIM, as Father of Pan Afrikanism, created the Organization of AFRICAN UNITY. This is no way suggests “superiority” over any other, but a love and cultural/ancestral responsibility for family first.

Without apologies

Messenger: Empress lioness 9 Sent: 2/24/2019 10:15:58 AM

With the answers combined, makes a deep impression. Iandi will have to ponder more deeply. Sweet responses.

Messenger: speaks from the chalice Sent: 2/24/2019 5:57:36 PM

@ Nesta, It's like your name-sake the R.H. R.N.M would seh,

"we all have a voice inside. And in anything you're going do, there's a wrong way, and a right way.. but if you listen good, You'll know the right way. [sic]"

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Haile Selassie I