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I and I sing and rap

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Messenger: Rasmi Sent: 2/1/2019 8:47:47 AM

I been so creative lately. I been chanting the system down in my songs.

First I started singing then it only caught a little attention but as soon I was rapping my lyrics people in Detroit, been showing that Detroit love to my music.

And to be fr that's what I really want, I just want my people to opened them eyes, and bring Marcus Garvey words back to life.

Lol This next song I'm working on is about my name "Rasmi" An example

the R stand for the rightnoeuss, because righteousness comes first

the A stand for Africa, because Africa mi love

the S stand for striking, because I'm striking with fire

and the M stand for me,me,me,me,me,me,me, coming to the hood coming to the rich coming to the poor making them knowing me

and the I stand for Intelligent because I'm an intelligent soul (Lol I had troubled with the "I" at first I was going to say:
"And the I stand for I and I as the I and I will be lifting up the people
bringing the system down
bringing Mama Africa to us . Oh yes this is Rasmi") But I felt like it was too much lol Still working on it though (sigh)

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 2/1/2019 10:46:02 AM

Way to go, Rasmi. Keep on singing and rapping and dancing, brother. Flex your spontaneity & creativity. These are all great ways to get your mind and body in harmony with JAH Love & His positive vibration.

"Love to see when ya move in the rhythm;
I love to see, when you're dancin' from within!
It gives great joy to feel such sweet togetherness,
Everyone doin' and they're doing their best"

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