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Messenger: man with chalice Sent: 2/1/2019 7:54:29 AM

Having just had a smoke and read your last reply Nesta1, the word "tolerance" can make any man or woman jump on the psuedo scale of a correct balance in life in my opinion. It's good meet you skip!

Messenger: man with chalice Sent: 2/1/2019 8:20:19 AM

I connect to this. Just thought i'd share.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/1/2019 11:39:41 AM

Messenger: Ark ISent: 2/9/2016 1:25:43 AM
Don't look for a promise land in one place, especially in a place not promised to you. The whole world needs to be transformed into a promised land. Africa is for Africans, not Europeans.

Africans were stolen from their land and their land was robbed and raped to a point where things are very hard now in Africa. Africans have been spread abroad and oppressed throughout the world. Africans have a right to their own nation and Babylon must stop abusing their nation and people.

I don't believe that any white man belongs in Africa, unless Africans as a whole invites that white man to join them. I am white, so I don't have the intention to go to live in Africa because it is not my continent, it belongs to the Africans.

Yes, it is true that everyone lived in Africa at some point. But the white man chose to leave Africa and populate other parts of the world a very long time ago.

I know some white people that feel repatriation belongs to them as well. But to I, this attitude looks too similar to something I have seen before. White people felt that they "discovered" the Americas, even though the First Nations people already lived there, and were farming the land for food. But these whites felt that it belonged to them and they had a right to be there, even more of a right then the First Nations.

So they killed the First Nations people, robbed and raped their land and then brought Africans over to build up another man's land for themselves.

So as Marcus Garvey say,
13 We believe in the freedom of Africa for the Negro people of the world, and by the principle of Europe for the Europeans and Asia for the Asiatics; we also demand Africa for the Africans at home and abroad.

14. We believe in the inherent right of the Negro to possess himself of Africa, and that his possession of same shall not be regarded as an infringement on any claim or purchase made by any race or nation.

15. We strongly condemn the cupidity of those nations of the world who, by open aggression or secret schemes, have seized the territories and inexhaustible natural wealth of Africa, and we place on record our most solemn determination to reclaim the treasures and possession of the vast continent of our forefathers.

16. We believe all men should live in peace one with the other, but when races and nations provoke the ire of other races and nations by attempting to infringe upon their rights, war becomes inevitable, and the attempt in any way to free one's self or protect one's rights or heritage becomes justifiable.

Full speech,
Declaration of Rights of the Negro Peoples

I know that times have changed and the dynamics of the world are different then they were 2000 years ago. I and I as a world people should learn to live in peace with eachother and be able to live in the same village with all different races, with equality. But it is not a right of the white man to live in Africa, it is a privilege that can only be granted by Africans.

Ark I
Haile Selassie I


After some other reasonings in the forum I Itinued to say:

Some people learn some of the ways of RasTafarI and learn the things that RasTafarI Idren and Sistren say, but they look past the reasons for the ways and the reasons for what is said.

RasTafarI people don't speak of Repatriation for Africans to Africa because they decided to pick Africa out of all the places of the world because Africa is some special place that people must go to.

RasTafarI people speak of Repatriation of Africans to Africa because Africa is the home of Africans. I and I are speaking for the Ones that were taken away from Africa and used as Slaves in the West. I and I are speaking of returning a people to the Home they were taken from.

The role of all RasTafarI people(of all colour) is to Live by the example of Jah RasTafarI. I and I are also the Ones sent to Chant and Rise in the Spiritual heights and perform the works of the seals opened by RasTafarI. I and I are also the Ones who speak and chant for Repatriation of Africans to Africa. I and I also speak and chant in support of all the downpressed in the world and speak and chant against all the downpressors. One example is that I and I don't speak about the First Nations(Indian) people being Repatriated to Africa. I and I speak and chant for the First Nations people to have the control of their land (North America) returned to them.

The example that Fiyahbun said about people setting up a tent on your property is a good example. How many of the people on this forum who own property would allow this "because the person setting up the tent has a right to live anywhere"? And some of the people who don't own property but live on their parent's property may not be able to give an honest answer to this question because some people are more generous about things that belong to others (ie. parents). But their sound changes when they are the ones that worked 5 or more days a week to pay for the property.

And to put it in perspective, the original people of a country have worked for centuries to take care of their country.

Here is a little something Selassie I spoke about respecting frontiers.

Accept Frontiers

At Addis Ababa enough was said to demonstrate beyond doubt that Africans are virtually unanimous in their agreement that only by acceptance of the frontiers bequeathed to them by the colonialists can permanent peace reign on our continent. The principle of respect for the territorial integrity of states is repeated in the OAU's Charter no less than three times, and it is only for us to observe it as scrupulously as it deserves. Ethiopia supports this view, although she herself suffered no less than others from the depredations of the imperialists.

We must, however, go still further. The Charter has accurately and adequately defined the principles to which we have pledged our adherence. Africans, however, like all other peoples possess not only virtues but weaknesses and it is perhaps inevitable that differences will arise among us from time to time. Just as Africa, as a single entity, and the several African states individually toil for the peaceful settlement of disputes among states, so must we ensure that disputes in Africa are settled peacefully. If our continent is not free of internecine strife, how can we hope to influence others whose disputes endanger the peace of the world?

In like manner, the Charter's signatories have declared their adherence to the complementary principle of non-interference in the internal affairs of other states and this principle, too, must be rigidly observed if conflict between Africans are to be avoided. It is all too often under the guise of territorial disputes and through the medium of subversive activity directed against legitimate governments that the foreign influences which we seek to bar from our continent endeavour to exert their power and establish for themselves a foothold from which to expand their activities. We must guard against the insidious substitution of one form of dominance and rule for another; we must be vigilant to inhibit the growth of what is called neo-colonialism.

O.A.U. Summit, Cairo

When Selassie I said, "the foreign influences which we seek to bar from our continent" He wasn't speaking about not allowing any foreigners into the country, his example of working with people of other countries and accepting foreigners into Ethiopia shows this. But he was speaking against foreigners influencing the movements of Ethiopia in ways not permitted by Ethiopia. Selassie I had immigration laws and He never allowed anybody to become an Ethiopian citizen just because they wanted to. They had to be given permission.

Reasoning written in Rasta Nick's Forum

Ark I
Haile Selassie I


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICASent: 3/16/2016 11:30:32 PM
Yes all life come from the sun. But we are talking about nationality and rights of land entitlement of Man. The lighter races did not originate in Africa. What does that have to do with a theory of evolution dealing with man before man. All of this is historical semantics to distract one from the answer which you have recievee but do not like. Once you overs and accept that you are a guest in Africa, and that africa will rely on africans for its freedom away from foreign control; then anything after will fall into place.


Messenger: RastaGoddessSent: 3/17/2016 4:07:27 PM
Nice discourse. Much RASPECT unto GA for highlighting the crucial aspects of this reasoning: LAND RIGHTS.

This topic tends to ruffle feathers. It is a reoccurring sentiment expressed often by many whites. Wanting to claim Afrika as theirs, be it by the Bible or the gun, by raping our resources, by creating fictitious debt...and more recently because of the genetic connection that dates thousands of years ago.

There is a sense of alienation and rejection that stems all the way back to the beginning, so eloquently spoken of in The Isis Papers.

Like breddah Evison said:

"Giving Africans Africa is the best love a non African can do to help and show Raspect of divine land rights"


That aside. Good choice of riddim. The spear is one of I favourite.

"And who nah black nah go black again..."

Messenger: man with chalice Sent: 2/1/2019 11:49:03 AM

"Don't look for a promise land in one place, especially in a place not promised to you. The whole world needs to be transformed into a promised land. Africa is for Africans, not Europeans."

Europeans are descendants of Africa. Just like you, except in a different time.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/1/2019 11:52:12 AM


Africa wasn't Africa at the time 20000 years ago when the what would be white race ALLEGEDLY migrated. The continental drift was much different to now and the land mass was not the same land mass and certainly not named Africa

The white skin developed OUTSIDE of Africa.

The pre-whiteman hominid which migrated out of Africa not only went through his genetic and phenotypical change outside of the continent of what would be Africa but also mixed with the Neanderthal another prehomosapiansapian OUTSIDE of Africa.

The Whiteman was not born in Africa.

As Rastafari we follow the words of Garvey: AFRICA FOR AFRICANS AT HOME AND ABROAD

Messenger: man with chalice Sent: 2/1/2019 12:00:56 PM

Garveys Africa. The I seem quite anti-white to me which is against the teachings of the messiah the I claims to follow. But I can understand all that but it gets tedious at times man. How long until you let go?

I don't blame modern day Germans for the Nazi's of WW2. Nothing to do with them. Accents and colours of skin don't brand individuals eternally in my opinion. But that's just mine. Usain Bolt holds the worlds fastest running record.. white men are the strongest weight lifters in the world. No race is above the other.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/1/2019 12:20:51 PM

Look how you respond to me stating the fact Rastafari starts from a black liberation mentality. And we chant for Black Supremacy.

I talk history i tslk liberation i talk the black self reparative effort not anti white

Now you gone into "anti white"

Messenger: ital dreadSent: 1/15/2018 4:34:28 AM
Out of one come many,
out of dark blackness comes light.
Out of love sprouts forth existence
and out of God came man and all creation.

One black God created all of the heaven and earth by his divine might and power. A black man king of all creation. A black man first of all in the whole a creation, and a black woman is Goddess of the earth. Black children are them little angels of the almighty, and black people are Lord and empress, prince and princess, king and queen, prophet and priest, reigning in righteousness and truth of black supremacy world and kingdom. Black Ethiopia is our world. We eat Africa, sleep Africa, talk Africa, we do everything African. Black is our God and we no have no honour for none a them white demons and Satan's who dwell in desolate places upon the face of the earth.

Black supremacy is love of all creation, equal rights and justice of all black people, nationwide and creation whole. Human rights must be upheld and adhered to in this time. No man owns another man's life, so it is right that anyone held in involuntary servitude must be set free to live. All slaves must be free men and women in this time. We have some lazy men and women in creation who hate to work but love to eat, who enroll slaves from the four corners of the earth, whose stores and palaces are full of looted and robbed wealth of other people, they walk with gun and bomb to create more chaos and destruction and death. Fyah burn them.

Upon the earth a black God is king and heir of all creation. No wicked man shall own the earth. Let them dead and gone but live I the black god and goddess and prince. Livicate the black princess and daughter. and a black man king. Praises and honour and thanks I man give for all great things, all divine powers of black supremacy and righteousness. The black God living holy I Selassie I Jah Ras Tafari.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICASent: 7/8/2015 10:41:27 AM
Yes I.
INI must live black supremacy to achieve the reparative upliftment of I race: When I look for spirituality, economy and commerce, culture, family and spouse etc I man put black over any other; black supremacy is the key. If I choose blindly, then I will actually be supporting the already established covert systems of white supremacy arab supremacy and chiney supremacy. Black people time fe invest in Black

"There should be no trouble about making up your mind to help your race rise to a position in the maritime world to command the attention and admiration of the world"

"Let us (AFRICANS) guide our own destiny"


Messenger: prophecySent: 3/7/2007 3:24:50 AM
Blessed Heart of Love, the mother and father of creation is black african, therefore they are supreme= black supremacy. The meaning is not downpressive, so please search the overstanding, because it is mis-overstood. Remember Rastafari is of many mansions and as a bobo empress, I n I follow black supremacy. Please search the meaning before speaking about it, then those I-fused will overstand the meaning by finding the truth. Ones and ones don't have to believe, but as a rasta, I-spect I n I mansion. All nations came from one- mama afrika, King Alpha and Queen Omega. Selah!!! 

I say this with humbleness!!!

The fact I King is a black and supreme = Black Supremacy

Messenger: man with chalice Sent: 2/1/2019 12:30:56 PM

Brother G.A, without your comments mine would not be typed =)

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/1/2019 12:35:05 PM

I'm used to the knee jerk response from white Rasta sympathizers

Blessed love walk good

Messenger: man with chalice Sent: 2/1/2019 12:58:37 PM

"Rasta Sympathizer"

Is that how the I view me? Haha. The irony - if you really think about it is, I don't view the man as a Rasta - of what I've read a Rasta should be living them life in harmony with all the races. Who said "until the philosophy that holds one race superior and another inferior is finally and permantley discredited and abandonded" ?

Garveys Africa, you don't stand for that? You're all mixed up. That's why I say, it's very hard to find people in this world that actually believe the colour of sa mans skin is of no significance, as people like you are 99.9% of the world.. and I'm used to that =)

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