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Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 1/19/2019 4:38:45 PM

Cool, you proved my point. The entire establishment hates him because he is real and they cant control him. Fake news after fake news article to try and topple him but none of it works. We see what is happening here. How many fake news stories to destroy Obama's image? ZERO. How many to destroy Trump? All of them. The American people stand with him. Maybe you would know this if you didnt defect lol. You are not an intellectual. You are an old fool far too brainwashed and ignorant.

Trump is the grandmaster troll because the people who are against him -- the babylon system and its following lemmings -- are so pathetically wrong, he gets them to expose themselves time after time with simple provocations. Just like he did to Nancy Peolsi bu ground here plane at the last moment with a letter!! Bwahahaha. Build the wall.

Still cant argue the points. Just character attack on the Pres.


Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 1/19/2019 4:52:50 PM

You should watch it. A real man speaking about this topic right here right now. Speech just finished..

Oh yeah, thats right, you dont look at evidence and truth..

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/21/2019 5:39:06 AM

The man who can't form a statement of his perspective without lacing it with invectives betrays a weak position, a weak mind, or both. Of three participants in this thread so far, i only see you taking this approach. What's wrong with civilized discourse? Who wants to be disparaged just for providing a candid statement of their position? Seems there's an intent behind calling this forum "reasoning" and not "unreasoning".
Apparently you've never learned that you fatally undermine you're own position with gratuitously antagonistic statements like "You are an old fool far too brainwashed and ignorant." This adds nothing whatsoever to better articulate your position, and, sadly for you, very few people take seriously the position of someone who stoops to saying such things. As if one's age is disqualifying. In the Asian culture in which i live, the younger people universally demonstrate respect for their elders. It's a wonderful contrast to a superficial youthful culture that dismisses as irrelevant its elders and fixates upon an adoration of youth and vanity. Thank JAH that you are not at all representative of all younger Americans or their manners.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/21/2019 6:13:32 AM


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/21/2019 6:14:07 AM

I want to add a little 2 cents to this thread.

My disclaimer is that I am completely unaware unlearned and uninterested in the topic of American politics or western politics in general. So excuse my ignorance.

1. It seems people here treat certain leaders of Western global powers such as Trump; as a SEPERATE entity from "Babylon." I find this interesting and strange. I remember when Obama was in power whenever black people tried to separate him from "The system" as "one of us" we were quickly reminded that nobody gets to that position without the powers behind it wanting it to happen and that he was just a necessary face at the time for a much more hidden system of play. Are we saying Trump is the exception?
Also, for I, democrat or republican; Babylon politician... a Babylon politician. Rastafari as I know it have never got into the nitty gritty of Babylon polytrix other than to fight for the emancipation freedom and equal rights of all mankind. An ideology somewhat conflicted by the very nature of a capitalist system. It can be argued Rastafari are Inherently none capitalistic and while not communistic more aligned to socialism.

2. I used to argue on this forum that AFRICA IS FOR THE BLACKMAN AT HOME AND ABROAD. And used to take offense to the idea of white people moving to Africa and taking up land and InI resources. I was very Garvey in my mindset on this; very Mugabe esque. However what people would tell me is that this earth belong to InI in its entirety. And free passage among this earth is a birthright. So how does this fit in with border control reasoning? Do the people arguing in favour of border control also believe in the ability of people to migrate to Africa or Ethiopia specifically who are none African? If so is there some hypocrisy?

3. How the **** can any AMERICAN tell anybody on this green Earth about border patrol. Do Americans need reminding their whole livity is based on CAPTURE LAND? And COLONIALISM? Say it back to yourself. How twisted and Ironic to InI.
Maybe the Indian and Aztec and so forth should Border Patrol the white man and his clart back to Europe? I mean if you check it deeply....... ???? Who gave the European the God given right to declare who and who should pass or be denied entry into land which they took by force?
It can be argued after centuries of travelling the Globe and taking other people's lands toppling indigenous governments rewriting traditional borders and using chattel slavery to propel their own systems into the modern era; that European-american countries OWE it to the rest of the world to have free entry as a minimum reparative act.

4. Is it not in the spirit of Rastafari... given how His Majesty OPENED the gates of Ethiopia to InI MAAFA (please look up the word MAAFA if unuh unfamiliar); that Rastafari people of America should welcome it's poorer less fortunate neighbours in South America? Did the example of His Majesty show a 'turn back and GUWEH' attitude to migrants? I Don't know to be honest maybe he did? I know Somalis tend not to look favourably on His Majesty.... I just know for InI MAAFA he opened his doors...

Blessed love.
From a Rastafari who has never travelled to, nor has any intention of travelling to much less moving to America. Although I do enjoy Canada. The birthplace of the slave could never be for I

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/21/2019 6:55:36 AM

You don't mention this and may or may not be aware of it, but America the Babylon has consistently imposed its will upon Mexico and all of its Central and South American "neighbors" politically and economically, as well as via covert and overt military interventions whenever it has seen fit. Attempts by the people any of those nations to implement popular reforms to improve their governance, distributions of wealth, and/or living conditions have been met with violent suppression by America the Babylon if such reforms in any way conflicted with maintaining the status quo of "U.S. interests". This pattern of control and repression has been consistently and ruthlessly repeated for nearly two hundred years (i.e., since the Monroe Doctrine, 1823) to ensure that those nations remains in relative poverty and beholden to Washington as involuntary vassal states. Illegal drug production and distribution as well as the organized crime syndicates that control it and all of the attendant violence, serve America the Babylon where, in addition to providing the market demand, huge profits are siphoned off by government intelligence services and financial institutions.

So after centuries of engineering and perpetuating the poverty, violence, and government corruption of our neighboring countries to the south, the popular call has come from a segment of America the Babylon's populace to build a big wall to stem the flow of people fleeing unlivable conditions -- trying to get some small pieces of the piles of gold looted by & hoarded in America the Babylon -- in order for themselves and their families to survive.Many, of course, are fleeing violence in search of peace. Ignorant of our nations's history of iron-fisted control over nations to the south of us (or indifferent to it), Americans who want to build a giant wall and forget about the plight of people to the south of America the Babylon assume no responsibility for the dreadful conditions the USA has imposed and perpetuated upon their Latino brethren and sistren.

From my perspective at least, this odious pattern in America's history is relevant to the points you have made above.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/21/2019 7:15:27 AM

Give thanks. America is a big pirate. And Trump is the current captain. But I will leave the rest of this reasoning to the Yankee I Dem

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/21/2019 7:18:16 AM

"America is a big pirate." - Absolutely, a very apropos characterization.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 1/21/2019 12:24:02 PM

Lol.. Typical American/Western propagandist harded. If America is 'stolen land' than so is every country in the world. Funny how America/Europe are held accountable for something that happened hundreds of years ago, and much of the history taught is distorted to push that main stream anti-western propaganda, but no one else is accountable. From Moorish occupation of Spain, to Muslim enslaving Africans for much longer than the West ever did.. And most slaves from trans atlantic went to columbia but America catches ALL blame.. Again, its just an attempt to destroy the last semblance of freedom in the world.. You're saying America doesn't have the right to exist -- thats exactly what 'open borders' promises -- based on the notion of 'stolen land'.. Well that argument is null and void. The 'natives americans' migrated here themselves and 'stole' it from someone/something else and then perpetual tribal dispute over territory. So this can go back as far as you want to.. All land is 'stolen' from this perspective but it always stops at 'western occupation' or 'colonialism' and even questioning or correcting this narrative instantly gets attacked as rascist, white supremacist etc.. Im sick of it.. When you know the global domination plan that is happening NOW, looking at this topic you clearly see that this is a classic example of being stuck fighting the last war while the new one wages on unknown.. And this new war sets to destroy ALL sovereign nations and human freedom EVERYWHERE with A.I full domination.. But noooo.. Lets just be super sensitive about what happened in the past and ignore what is happening now..

America has every right in the world to exist and defend itself. Same as any other nation. Open borders is a eugenicist illuminati NWO babylon plot to kill freedom and humanity as a species entirely.. The Bible in revelations speaks about this in great detail. And its happening now and I have shown you.. But you would rather virtue signal and say, but but the natives, down with the west.. Shake my head.. Pure leftist / liberal programming there. Pull at the heart strings to get people to lay down and except the slow death. Fuck that. We want strong borders and to bear arms. We want our children's innocence protected and not violated by homosexual trangender pedophiles.. Oh but thats bigotry.. But thats hateful. Just accept it. You have no nation, your children are ours.... Thats the precedent being set here. Incramentalism until no resistance is left. Censorship until no one can speak. A.I. until no more humans.. But no no lets just focus on the past and forget the future.. Doesn't matter that the ones pushing all this, the neo cons and liberals, all have walls and armed gaurds around their homes and communities; we dont have those rights. Only they do. But they tell us how bad we are for wanting to preserve and utilize those rights.. But nesta cant answer to that 1 bit.. Serves those who say 'do as I say, not as I do'. You side with babylon everytime.

America isn't a pirate. Its the strongest most powerful host so therfore the devil parasite tries to take hold.. But y'all just say all America is all bad. Liberal / 'progressive' programming

Build that wall

Hold your guns

Use your speech

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/21/2019 12:39:15 PM

So would you support America the Babylon ceasing to impose its will over other nations in violation of their sovereignty and allow them to be ruled by self-determination and the rule of law rather than have to serve as obedient vassal states of the mighty USA or else? You'd stop the CIA from meddling in other nations' elections, right?
That would seem fair if you want everyone to respect America the Babylon's sovereignty and its laws. Surely you would agree that it's wrong for America the Babylon to try to enforce its laws extraterritorially (on other people and nations outside of its borders), right? And, of course, America the Babylon should pull its troops out of every nation whose sovereign borders it has violated and whose people it has murdered, right?

i'm thinking that you'd have to agree with the foregoing if you want people to leave America the Babylon alone so it can do its "America First" thing without any 'ferners' bothering it.

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