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Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/28/2019 5:11:51 AM

My bad, i meant to write:
In traveling through Mexico from north to south, one will observe people of more "pure" (if one can really use that word) Zapotec, Mixtec, and Mayan decent IN THE SOUTHERN PART OF MEXICO (i.e, south of Mexico DF).

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 1/28/2019 9:47:21 AM

Jahcub... Really?? What you are saying is a very common chant amongst liberal protesters.. 'No human being is illegal'.. Now if you cant see the utter stupidity in this than I cant help you here.. I have already stated that the tactic with these mindless chants and 'arguments' is to dumb down the conversation and pull at the emotions. No one is saying these people are fundamentally illegal. ONLY when they cross the border ILLEGALLY do they become ILLEGAL immigrants. This is true throught the entire world -- except where all borders are dissolved, and we see the violence and turmoil that comes with that.. One cant break into a house without being called an intruder. They should have knocked on the door and entered appropriately if they didnt want to be committing an illegal act. You are taking the conversation down to a preschool level with that saying, 'how are they illegal? No human is illegal'.. Its completely void of logic as no one is saying they are. So yeah, if you cant see this then there is no helping you..

One more try... Why not?? I cannot go into Ireland, England, or Germany (some of my ancestral homelands) undocumented and **illegally** without being labelled the appropriate *illegal immigrant* term you are so jumbled up over.. Lol the world IS NOT a utopia where people can just migrate anywhere they want however they want and without notifying anyone about it.. Ya know, that might not be bad topic to start a fresh thread for.. The world is not a utopia; people need guns for self defense, nations need border security, nations need laws... How does this escape you? Lol, and you say you're no liberal.. Haha oooookkkkaaaaaayy there buddy..

GARVEYS, thank you. You see what I am saying here.. H.I.M had immigration laws and boarders, so why is this even an issue? Lol.. And 'the wall' isnt even a continuous structure from sea to sea, thats just another misrepresentation to bring the conversation down to an emotional level.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/28/2019 10:04:43 AM

I think Jacub Onelove is calling for freedom of movement for people of the Americas across their homelands. Europe has freedom of movement among EU member states and that has not been the cause of the overwhelming influx of immigrants from the Middle East and North Africa; that tidal wave influx has been caused in large part by America the Babylon's unlawful aggression, interventions, terrorist foreign policies & economic warfare. Part of what Europeans are now protesting is their puppet governments wimping out & going along with Washington's catastrophic bloodlust adventures which have visited a refugee crisis upon Europe.

Freedom of movement is not a new, a globalist or a complicated concept: it's freedom instead of captivity. People who fear freedom of movement seem to be unaware that it was only relatively recently in history that Imanity has been deprived of this freedom across the globe on a systematic basis. The movement-restricted prison planet of today is an invention of the Babylon System. A scant century or so ago, most people traveled more or less freely between many, if not most, countries and kingdoms throughout the world without passports issued by their birth nations. Even during periods when passport laws were in effect, enforcement was often lax and people moved freely for the most part through unregulated or loosely regulated borders. Yes, there definitely were exceptions, but in general, a person was not, by accident of birth, assigned to a certain national cell block of the prison planet and required to secure a formal permission document from that block’s warden to travel.

To embrace the Babylon System, its electronic tagging of every human, its elaborate computerized system of travel and migration controls, its prerogative to grant or deny a human being a passport at will; is to accept prisoner status, not freedom.

If we fight to remove our prisoner status and grant freedom of movement to people then nations and governments have no choice but to work to distribute Imanity's resources in a more fair and equitable way. Many people do not want to leave their homelands and their cultures, but are forced to do so by poverty or violence imposed upon them by the U.S. and other economically dominant powers.

i am for freedom of all people, including freedom of movement for JAH people everywhere. i am not afraid of people moving into or out of our country or any other. Returning to such a paradigm on the earth would finally jeopardize the preservation of accumulated hoards of ill-gotten wealth in the colonizing so-called "rich nations" and promote a better distribution of the planet's resources to all of JAH people who need them. So go ahead: Paste whatever label you want to on that, but I&i will just keep on calling it RastafarI, JAH Love of Imanity and Our People's right to freedom.

JAH come to break downpression, rule equality, wipe away transgression, SET THE CAPTIVES FREE

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/28/2019 11:52:34 AM

THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM: It really sounds absurdly hypocritical to hear whining about unlawful border crossings coming from a nation that repeatedly crosses other nations’ sovereign borders illegally (in violation of all manner of international laws and treaties) with soldiers, warplanes, drones and other war-making assets in order to murder civilians in rogue military operations. Why would anyone take seriously the complaints of a nation which views the notions of national sovereignty and the rule of law with such complete and utter disdain? As long as the U.S. (or is hired thugs) just marches across anybody’s borders whenever it feels like it and engages in its slaughters of the peoples of other nations, screw the U.S. and its border control policies.
As ye sow so shall ye reap.
So start showing some respect for universal international laws if you want to garner any respect from anyone for your own laws, Uncle Shitehole!

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 1/28/2019 12:22:45 PM

You do not realize the enormous gap of logic you just admitted within your arguments.. Lol. How can you simultaneous call for a return of zero borders and travel restrictions, that inevitably created colonialism in the first place, and then criticise this colonialism? You dont see that?? I mean I'm not really surprised but this is a new level.. If the indigenous peoples of the Americas had border security and a vetting process, which in no way requires the 'electronic tagging of people', they would avoided the colonization from the beginning.. Shaking my head dude.. You cant be serious about this.. Also, you keep using 'afraid of humanity' to describe the motive of border security.. This is so wrong I barely know what to say. Again, its just a dumbing down of the conversation to turn it emotional instead of logical..

You are so twisted and turned within you 'own' views you cant keep your arguments straight.. You say you condemn babylon, but then vehemently support babylons open border policies pushed by Nazi families of the EU and globalists.. Typical liberals..

And are you suggesting that ISIS and other demonic terrorist groups should not be dealt with? And dont come at me with 'America created those groups' because I have been saying that on this forum for years. Obama and Hillary created the rise of ISIS and the CIA has been funding 'moderate rebels' for decades to further the destabilization of those middle eastern areas.. What you fail to put in context is that that region has ALWAYS been in conflict, long before America was ever established.. And now the threat has become a world wide problem and must be dealt with.. BUT, again, its all part of the plan that I have told you about for months Nesta.. Babylon rules through designed chaos.. Creating the circumstances for people to migrate en masse and then use that to tell all othet nations to open their borders because they know this will topple all soverign nations and allow for their one wolrd government. The ONLY way to stop this is to remove the terrorists, which Trump has done by decimating ISIS, and then pull out of those areas, which Trump has started to do by leaving Syria and Afghanistan -- see how and why the system resists him pulling out of those wars?? -- and then closing the borders of the nations taking in the millions of migrants to save their nations.. THAT is why Babylon is in a panic because nations know this plan and populism and nationalism is stopping the plan in its tracks..

The world is not a utopia and free unvetted and undocumented travel is simply not feasible. Same as universal disarmament. That might be a good goal but it is not a feasible tactic at this time.. To call for an instant realignment like this would be absolutely disastrous and that is EXACTLY why the social engineers create this nonsensical liberal sentiment. Create unarmed and borderless world to allow the easiest globalised conquering imaginable.. Ask anyone affected by colonization, they go in amd loosen up the defense of a group to be able to conquer them easier.. And this is what you are calling for.. Whitout even knowing it.. Well you do know it tho.. And thats why its so disgusting

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/28/2019 1:48:13 PM

Babylon creates this wickedness, my friend. And Babylon is nonsensical. Don't think you will always find logic in Babylon as it is wickedness and needn't be consistent (e.g, the CIA creates & perpetuates ISIS, the Pentagon fights ISIS;US politicians call for stricter border control while the same politicians sell access to the US under the table to bypass those controls). If you're trying to make the argument that people attempting to migrate freely from poverty- and violence- stricken areas to seek greener pastures and the people (like me) who encourage them to come are Babylonian, and that ICE, the Border Patrol, U.S. military interdiction teams, and zero-tolerance concentration camps are representatives of Rastafari and righteousness; then you are completely inverting reality.

Yes, the US has hoarded its ill-gotten wealth while violating human rights and national sovereignty repeatedly all over the earth for too long. It is arrogant, lawless and unrepentant -- ignoring reparations due to Iraq or Afghanistan, Nicaragua or Vietnam. The has come for it to pay the piper.

Hey, bringing down America the Babylon will hurt my personal material "interests" also, but there is a higher need for justice and redemption for the downpressed victims of Babylon and i will have to suffer some deprivation (or worse) along with fellow Americans for that to be done-- so be it. We should have forced our government to do the right things a long time ago and perhaps it wouldn’t have come to this inevitable conclusion.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 1/28/2019 2:10:56 PM

And thats why we love Trump. He is an outsider who is shaking the system to its core. Never has babylon hated a president so much. The Obama administration set the stage for Hillary to throw the kill switch, using open borders as a conduit, but a miracle took place and she was defeated, badly.. So to counter this monumental defeat, the system has worked tirelessly to discredit the validity of Trumps election. Concocting a massive conspiracy theory of 'Russian collusion' and running thousands of fake news stories attacking Trump and anyone who supports anything about him. And you have fallen for it, all of it. Siding with babylon at every turn. But hey, at least you admitted you have no argument and just want to have fun in trying to troll me! And now you admit your goal is to 'bring down America'.. Thats why we have guns and borders!! So... Good luck!

We should be celebrating Trump as he is systematically dismantling the globalist agenda.. Simply getting rid of the TPP -- trans pacific partnership -- pretty much destroyed UN Agenda 21 and decimating ISIS put the nail in the coffin, and building the Wall will sink that nail. He has shown everyone that the democrats are the scum of the earth and just how fake the democrat controlled media is. Trump has exposed the system like nothing has.

Build the wall!
Trump 2020!

The world is not a utopia. Repeat that to yourself until you finally see it. The world is not a utopia. The world is NOT a utopia. Sovereign nations are the antidote to NWO one world governance.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/28/2019 2:25:33 PM

As if this should require any clarification: OPENING BORDERS to allow refugees -- from parts of the earth that have been deliberately impoverished and destabilized by the U.S. and some of her vassal states -- to come into the very wealthy nations which have been the unrepentant perpetrators of malicious "meddling" in their poorer nations, so that those refugees can access some the wealth stolen from the exploited parts of the world (for literally centuries) IS NOT THE SAME THING as opening borders to allow soldiers, warplanes, drones and other war-making assets to enter and engage in property destruction and murdering civilians in rogue military operations.

If you'd ever heard first-hand like i have some of the recollections of people who were victims of America the Babylon's "interventions" in El Salvador and Nicaragua, i really doubt you could remain untouched. The criminal sh_t that Uncle Sam did down there (and the US continues to meddle there) makes me want to say to every single El Salvadoran and Nicaraguan who suffered needlessly thanks to terrorist American politicians and military personnel: "Come on up here and settle your family down in peace. We'll pick up the tab. What we did was inexcusable." Telling these victims of American criminal activity: 'yeah, sure, we destroyed your country, but take a number, save up a few thousand bucks, apply and come here legally if approved' is like flipping them the middle finger....again.

And, yes, of course, bringing down Babylon is core to the mission of every RastafarI. It saddens me, but i understand well that you love the heart of Babylon, the Great Whore that Sitteth Upon Many Waters, but her fate is sealed and there will be no "savior" coming to the White House to rescue her. She is unrepentant and will be utterly destroyed by fire.

Messenger: Jahcub Onelove Sent: 1/28/2019 3:36:19 PM

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 1/28/2019 3:37:43 PM

The group think is on full display today!!

Jahcub, you need some serious help.. You side with abortion loving, transgender pedophiles.. I have no idea what version of Jah you think you know, but it damn sure isnt the example of H.I.M.. Pitty.. Oh, and you must try harder.. Not enough virtue in your signal. Go dye your hair blue and call it a day. You getting pummeled with facts and reality here.

Lol nesta.. You're an admitted troll who just cant take being proven wrong.. Always have to have that last word eh? Lol, there are already numerous programs and avenues for refugees, but that is not the goal of resisting Trump and border security via 'the wall'.. They -- babylon, and you -- want 'No borders, no walls, no USA at all'. So yeah, open for drug and human smugglers, terrorists, rapists, murderers, etc.. That is the purpose of open borders. Financial and moral destruction until the nation collapses.. You import the 3rd wolrd, you become the 3rd world. Thats the babylon vision but they play like they have the moral high ground and say you're just mean and racist if you want a border and national sovereignty.. We aren't falling for it..

I find it absolutely hilarious that you think I love babylon just because I want a new renaissance for the world and justice and accountability for those babylon politicians, while you claim to be the resistance by following babylon in hating America and Trump.. Honestly, how do you reconcile that in your mind?? Lol.. You say you hate babylon, but follow everything babylon says about Trump. You side with them every time.. Every time.. Never have I heard you say you want to see Obama and Hillary or anyone else locked up for their crimes, you just want to remove America entirely -- while creating a thread called 'hate America, who? Me?' or something like that.. Man, you back and forth more than a table tennis match.. But you admit to being a troll so I guess it comes with the territory..

Be gone with you..

Like GARVEYS AFRICA said : So if we are not debating the idea of immigrants and only that of illegal immigrants. Something which Haile Selassies Ethiopia had their own policy for. What the hell are we even arguing at this point. Let them build their wall

Hahahaha well said sir! Argument DONE!

Ohh but the projection of trolls wont stop, cant stop.. Here it comes!

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