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Negative Birth Rates

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Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 1/17/2019 1:51:40 PM

Lol Jahcub, nothing you have said here stands. Its just the mainstream medias line. Nothing more.

And Nesta1. Trump has made it very clear that we have a drug smuggling problem and while other elements within the gov and deepstate want the drug trade to continue, Trump is working to shut it down. The wall is extremely effective in at least slowing it down and that is saying more than anyone else has tried to do. Obama incintivised it. Big difference.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/17/2019 2:04:14 PM

"Trump is working to shut it down." You make me smile. You really believe that, don't you?

Messenger: RasTafarIWork Sent: 1/18/2019 2:12:19 PM

Tho I don come from america, i dont think that BUILDING A WALL could be a solution better address the reasons why the situation occurs; osmosis, difusion, dilution, consentration, attraction, repulsion, expulsion, sunction, cultural melting point, status quo, social inequality, social dynamics....
Also, Germany, South Africa are recent case studies.
So, am I among the resident troll anyway since ive been here for almost ten years and i follow a thread from its beginin, coz i think that if russia penetrated social media in america impacting directly in their political places, then who what could affluence here?

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 1/18/2019 6:17:38 PM

Okay, let's dissect your arguments.

"the border wall... immigration policy, DACA, all these things are related to the fact that a segment of white society fears that it will be replaced by brown and black people." 100% incorrect in every since of the word. You are the one treating people monolithically here. You want me to hold your hand for you and explain this? Lol. Seems like you need it. Canada isn't bringing MS-13 in, Canada isn't organizing 10,000 strong migrant caravans, Canada isn't flooding the country with heroin, meth, cocaine, etc. Canada isn't making billions off of smuggling and trafficking women and children, Canada doesn't have devilish cartels killing 100,000's a year.

1. How am I treating anyone monolithically? Do you not know what a "segment" is? I didn't say "all white people". I said a segment. I didn't even say how large or small that "segment" is. So it is interesting why you deem yourself worthy to speak, not simply for whites in general, but for even a "segment" of whites. Seems like it is YOU who are treating whites as a monolith by claiming this sentiment isn't true on behalf of people like Steve King who literally talked about the negative birthrate and how it could not be reversed by other people's babies. Oops? Are you telling us that Steve King isn't concerned about this? Are you telling us that he, who has friends and allies in the white supremacy segment of the population, doesn't in fact think that you can't replace the lost American population with black and brown babies which has NOTHING to do with MS13? Nah... you're not saying that. You're simply confused and maybe we should hold hands so that I can keep you from bumping your head into the brick wall of logic and reason.

2. You just revealed that you don't care about the law! LOL. Someone quick! Get this dude to a hospital. He's bleeding out. You're talking about Mexicans bringing MS13 and drugs. Why? These are criminals. What do criminals do? They break the law. What else do illegal immigrants do that burns the necks of rednecks? They feel like they're taking their jobs. So how is a Canadian, a person who is more qualified than a Mexican and more able to blend in, somehow not a threat when they actually ARE taking jobs that whites want because they're not overstaying visas to pick cotton. They just aren't. So why is it okay for them to do this? Someone que the Jeopardy music. I'll give you time to think up an answer. In fact, I'll give you all weekend. Trump used fear tactics to make white Americans think that brown people were coming to rape their women and kill people. How the hell do you know that Canadians never do any of that? Did you research it? Or did you simply assume because they're white? I'm sorry, but do white people not rape anymore? When did that start? Because my ancestors would have loved for them to stop raping people sooner. If you didn't get it, I'm referring to the massive amount of rape that took place on plantations.

3. Caravans. The US sends millions of dollars in aid to Israel. What's happening is a HUMANITARIAN crisis in South America. These are not 7,000 drug runners (and yes I noticed you inflated your numbers quite high). These are 7,000 people running FROM drugs. They're not bringing it. They're trying to escape it. And it is LEGAL to do so under the law. You can legally seek asylum. But before they even get close to the border a "segment" of the population is provoked to terror by their orange terrorist cult leader who immediately tries to demonize them when a lot of them are women and children. Meanwhile Trump has undocumented workers working for him because you're a sucker. Period. If you want people to stop coming in illegally STOP HIRING THEM. It's called supply & demand. And last time I checked, 7000 people cannot SNEAK into a country unless there are demons running around a la Bird Box. If you don't want caravans spend money to help the HUMANITARIAN crisis. Help create jobs in South America and help their police deal with the crime. What do you think we're doing in the middle east?

4. Drugs. I hate to state the obvious but... Don't do drugs. Because guess what? When you do drugs it creates demand and when there is demand you're going to have people willing to supply it. Can't stop because of addiction? Okay. Instead of wasting 5.7 BILLION dollars on a wall take the same money and decriminalize drug addiction and help people quit. Jail is not the answer because they can get drugs in jail. Fight the opioid epidemic. Give people cheap prescription drugs to help ease people off. The fact is, it wasn't until not-so-poor whites started suffering that people started to feel like we were in crisis. You can sell drugs to poor people all day but when Sarah overdoses Houston we got a problem. NOW you got a problem. And now you want your problem to be our problem. But when my people had a problem it was not only our problem but we were shamed for bad parenting and bad cultural influences. Drugs are like hackers. They will find a new way in every time you block them. You think whites don't move drugs? LOL. You're silly if you think that. Whites can move extreme amounts because they can access more capital. Suggest you go watch Breaking Bad. Black people get blamed all the time for drugs but the truth is we don't bring it in and its already been proven that most of the drugs come in through the ports.

5. Human trafficking does happen over the northern border.

You can easily smuggle into Canada or Alaska and waltz across the border. It's way worse on the southern border for sure. But once you make it more difficult people will just go around as long as it is still worth the money to do so. So if you think you can stop drugs with a 5.7 billion dollar wall you're being foolish. And anyone who is actually in the drug game knows how silly this is and they're not worried about it at all. Again... tunnels are already a thing. Cartels can also afford other means of penetration. Do you have any idea how cheap drones are these days? Amazon was and may still use them to deliver packages. What's a wall going to do to a drone?

All of this adds up to you not know what you're talking about. But thanks for playing.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 1/18/2019 8:39:24 PM

Open borders are a disaster, naturally, as they are mandated by the globalist devils. Rape, murder, human trafficking, drugs, the whole 9 yards. If you want to see the effects of forced mass migration, look to Europe. Literally in flames from it.. The U.N agenda 2030 states the goal of bringing 600 million South American migrants into the USA. Radicalizing and creating the caravans.. Look it up.. They dont say anthing about Canadians. Lol.. Maybe you should talk to Michigan and North Dakota farmers and ranchers vs Arizona and Texas farmers and ranchers.. HUGE difference in regards to immigration and the effects thereof.. Hows that brick wall of logic? In 2019, already 10,000 illegal aliens from Mexico. And if you actually do research and look at the statistics, 25 - 30 % of those detained are labeled OTM.. Other Than Mexican.. From over 100 different countries, many Islamic.. Meaning, that countries we are at war with, who want American blood, make their way to Mexico and gain easy access into the country, killing Americans everyday.. Again, this is by design.. Will a wall stop ALL of it? No, but it makes border security MUCH MUCH better and allows our agencies -- ICE, Border Patrol -- to work properly.. Brick wall of logic and facts..

You can virtue signal and show your bigotry all you want, but the simple fact is, we just want a sovereign nation ruled by law. And within the law, we have the right to enforce border security.. But people like you want to dismiss the southern border problem entirely and create a false equivalency to Canadian immigration.. And then use that false precedent as a justification for calling white people racist for wanting a strong southern border.. Its disgusting and disingenuous. Stop

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/19/2019 2:53:25 AM

"we just want a sovereign nation ruled by law"

So do Syrians, but the U.S. has made damn sure that they can't have one.
So do Libyans, but the U.S. has made damn sure that they can't have one.
So do Venezuelans, but the U.S. has made damn sure that they can't have one.
So do Yemenis, but the U.S. has made damn sure that they can't have one.
So do Iraqis, but the U.S. has made damn sure that they can't have one.

Wait a minute, am i discerning a pattern here?

Messenger: RasTafarIWork Sent: 1/19/2019 9:21:25 AM

not to forget every other country that continue to opposed America's authority or power has ever lived in peace or achieved meaningful development,
and the war goes on....

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/19/2019 9:58:59 AM

"As ye sow, so shall ye reap"

The heathen of America the Babylon (the Sower of the Seeds of Instability, Deprivation, Chaos and War throughout the world) seem to to be growing increasingly concerned that they themselves will be forced to experience in their own land what it's like to reap the bitter harvest Washington has sown in the lands of others.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 1/24/2019 12:54:48 PM

Hemphill: Open borders are a disaster, naturally, as they are mandated by the globalist devils.

I'm confused. How is Donald Trump not a globalist devil? Explain that to us. Almost of his products are made overseas. Even the maga hats may be partially imported. And he was obviously dealing with Russia to get a Trump tower built there. There are architectural plans, renderings, the whole 9. And a lot of Trump money comes from Russian banks because US banks wont touch him. So again... how is he not a globalist devil and please define what a globalist devil is if it does not include DJT and fam.

Hemphill: Radicalizing and creating the caravans..

Please explain how caravans are being "radicalized".

Hemphill: They dont say anthing about Canadians.

The fact that Canadians aren't controversial is because they blend in because they're white. They're taking better jobs than Mexicans can take. For example, there are many Canadians our entertainment industry which is very competitive. I personally know an actor who is trying to make it but can't find work. We even have the Toronto Raptors in our National Basketball Association. An estimated 30-40,000 Canadians work in the US under the non-immigrant visa. Why is it not a problem when Canadians overstay their visas? Do you even know how many Canadians are in the US illegally? We don't even ask the same questions about Canadians but guess what? Are they a bigger threat to my job? Yeah. Am I worried about them? No.

You mentioned northern farmers vs southern farmers. Would they say something like this?

That these immigrants are vital to American farms? And are you a farmer or rancher? Has illegal immigration your ability to get jobs? What kind of jobs do you look for?

hemphill: 25 - 30 % of those detained are labeled OTM.. Other Than Mexican.. From over 100 different countries, many Islamic..

okay this is silly for a number of reasons. Are you suggesting that Muslim terrorists would prefer to cross the southern border with the most amount of scrutiny rather than fly into Canada and cross the northern border? And lets say that they fly into some South American country that doesn't have strict security to detect them. They are sophisticated enough to make bombs and take down planes but they can't get over or around a wall? Seriously? How many terrorist acts have been committed by people who crossed the southern border?

hemphill: Will a wall stop ALL of it? No, but it makes border security MUCH MUCH better and allows our agencies -- ICE, Border Patrol -- to work properly.. Brick wall of logic and facts..

A wall will not likely stop any of it. Even Trump gave a speech earlier about going around walls. A lot of these people are desperate. They're not going to walk hundreds of miles, decide to cross illegally, but see a wall and give up. What'll happen is there will be an industry created to help people get around it. There already is.

Democrats are not against border security. But there's smarter ways to go about it. Satellites, drones, etc. They have spy drones that can see and track hundreds of people and that's old tech. Between those two things alone you could track every last person crossing and have border agents sitting there to meet them wherever they cross. You know how air traffic controllers keep planes from hitting each other? Imagine if you had several posts like that? And American jobs could be created to track the vectors of illegal crossing so that they can be intercepted. But imagine if newer better technology could scan every car and truck crossing through ports of entry where drugs actually come in through? Imagine if the border was more like an airport and there was a TSA checking cars? Trump's wall wasn't even supposed to be literal. It was a memory device to remind him to talk about immigration policy. So why wouldn't you support technological solutions to this problem you think is crisis level?

Because what is a crisis is the effects of Trump's shutdown on American families.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 1/24/2019 1:03:32 PM

You point out quite accurately that we can already do technologically what a wall is supposed to do physically. This belies the fact that there is big money being made by government officials et al. SELLING UNDOCUMENTED IMMIGRANT HANDLERS ACCESS TO AMERICA. The beneficiaries of this gravy train aren't just going to give up if a wall is built. They'll continue to sell access through other portals. This is all just political theater. Macabre amusement.

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