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Slavery by Another Name

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Messenger: Jahcub Onelove Sent: 11/6/2018 4:06:47 PM

Lol foolishness is all you got and you hempILL have got a lot. CONfused CONservative, baldhead with dread try and replace rasta.
Babylon burning and they ain't got any water. Where you gunna run to? Can't fund no mercy

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 11/6/2018 4:20:39 PM

Babylon loves how you follow their mind control. Every university puts out America hate, every mainstream media outlet puts out America hate. Every globalist puppet politician puts out America hate.. "America was never great" says every babylon politocian.. And ya'll eat it up!!

You cant stand how great America is and how much better it could be.. So you want to tear it down in an attempt to feel powerful.

Messenger: Jahcub Onelove Sent: 11/6/2018 4:31:59 PM

More foolishness. The good that america has done is good, and I hope it does more and more good. But the evil it does is still evil and that is a simple fact. Evil is evil and good is good. If you knew your history you would know why I say amerikka.

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 11/6/2018 4:49:43 PM

If you knew your history you would know that republicans freed the slaves from the democrats. If you knew your history, you would know that hundreds of thousands of white people died fighting to free the slaves. If you knew your history, you would know the democrats were the kkk and the democrats made jim crowe laws and segregation. If you knew your history, you would know that America stopped slavery world wide.. Except for Islam brought it back under Obama.. If you knew your history, you would know that America is the last strong hold of freedom world wide. -- its why everyone wants to live here.. Except the virtue signalling losers who say Amerikkka --.. If you knew your history, you would know that the might of America had been hijacked by globalist devils to foster evil world wide. If you knew your history you would know that Trump is reversing that. If you knew current reality you would not follow the democrats in thier Trump/America hating porpaganda.. But you dont, so you just say Amerikkka. Hahaha you dems sure are dimm..

Messenger: Jahcub Onelove Sent: 11/6/2018 5:26:17 PM

America never ended its slavery: check the 13th amendment.
America has not freed rather it has enslaved most the world, through their media, brainwash eduction, pupet governments, IMF loans...
No, everyone does not want to come to america, if you ever left america, you would know that.

Nothing but foolishness, get behind me duppy, your lies are not welcome here, you gotta clean up your heart and mind

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 11/6/2018 6:36:16 PM

Jahlove Onecub,

Of course, you are correct and the H-Troll is spouting absurdities which only serve to confirm his complete and utter dearth of knowledge regarding the realities of history.
He ain't going to hear your Truth or learn from your wisdom, so I&i suggest you only continue to toy with him if it serves your purpose.
Your cogent and accurate observations help to provide a foil that highlights his taunting for the bizarre, duppy garbage that it is, but it would still be better if he would simply stop trolling this website with his venom and his lies.
Anyway, keep to the way of the Most High.


Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 11/6/2018 7:36:49 PM

Jahlove Onecub,
You say: "America never ended its slavery"
You are correct: In the U.S. today there are still hundreds of thousands of African American brothers and sister locked up mainly for non-violent charges. As many as half of America's over 2 million prisoners [many of whom are incarcerated for questionable reasons in order to fulfill the capacity utilization obligations made to private prison operators in state-issued contracts] are still being used today as a virtually free forced labor pool for corporate America. Apparently clemency for, and liberation of, these non-violent captives, who do not belong behind bars being forced to work as SLAVES, is NOT high on the agenda of "making America great again" politics. These are brothers and sisters of all races forgotten by politicians and most Americans. As RastafarI, we should pray continually to His Majesty for the well-being and immediate release of these victims of the U.S. police state.
The comic book representation of the American Civil War as having been won by Northern Republicans who were driven by a passion to abolish slavery is the bogus cartoon version taught when i was a kid in grade school, and is about as representative of reality as the moon being comprised primarily of green cheese. Same goes for America being some kind of liberator of slaves throughout the world; maybe it works for a Disney movie script, but the CIA/corporate-America-led reality throughout exploited, underdeveloped nations is the polar opposite -- torture, mass incarceration, forced labor, union leader assassinations, labor protection law abolition, land reform revoked, etc. Of course, consider the source of such ridiculously uninformed assertions about history; the same person who is so completely oblivious that he can't fathom that the personal freedoms of an expat like me in Asia are 10 to 100 times greater than they are when i'm in America.

Stay at it, Jahcub, keep on sticking with the Truth.
Just bear in mind that:
"virtue signalling"= speaking of JAH Love & Truth
"Circle jerk" = a term (vulgar) used by duppies to describe fellowship among RastafarI brothers and sisters
"globalist"= a term misapplied by duppies to anyone who believes in bonds of Love, Peace and Constructive Cooperation between all members of Imanity which transcend racial, religious, national and political boundaries


Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 11/6/2018 9:37:33 PM

You act like I dont believe in God.. A duppy huh? Thats a demon right? An evil spirit? Sounds a lot like calling Trump literally Hitler..

I said Trump is not as bad as he is reported to be.. That he is maliciously lied about.. Just like Kavanaugh.. Completely fabricated accusations.. See what happens? You all side with 'Orange man bad or die..' Just like the media and liberal establishment want you to.. No matter what evidence is shown to you.. No matter if you slip up and say some racist shit like Nesta1 did.. Still 'Orange man bad'...

By the way.. Thank GOD for the 13th Amendment ending slavery!! The 'loop hole' argument is null and void. Not only in the language but in concept entirely.. If you want to argue constitutional law, I'm game. You might learn something..

It has been admitted within U.N. Agenda 21, the purposeful and designed destruction/sell out of America, and destruction of national sovereignty and individual freedom the world over.. Control of academia to implement anti-american rhetoric. Same with Hollywood and the corporate news media.. Literally its the matrix.. But see non of that means a thing to you people. "Orange man bad.. No borders. No walls. No USA at all!!"

Just write it all off on I'm carzy, I'm evil.. Call me a racist and white supremacist.. Thats fine. It's funny to me.. But dont you see the hypocrisy in saying that about me, yet ignoring what Nesta1 said about millions of Black Americans.. And yeah. People from every single country on Earth rush to get here.. **Check the 'migrant caravan' for the most recent example..


Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 11/6/2018 11:15:06 PM

Actually.. That was key.. I have left the Judge Kavanaugh situation out here for a while now.. And really thats the key event to see this from..

Brett Kavanaugh was Trumps most recent supreme court nominee. To stop this confirmation, the democrats falsely accused him of being a serial gang rapist. They brought multiple women forward with accusations and one to testify.. Calling to remove due process and 'innocent intil proven guilty' from law. Saying 'we just need to believe women'. 'Give her the benifit of the doubt'..... Well wouldn't you know it.. They were completely made up!! Mrs Ford wont recant but her testimony was laughably bad. Obviuosly lying.. And 3 others have officially said that they made it up -- that he is a serial gang rapist -- and now face charges of thier own for perjury.. Thats the left.. Everything they do falls flat. Its all made up and just f**king evil.. They want to remove GENDER!! They force this sh*t onto children in public schools.. On and on..

They did this with Kavanaugh but it didnt work.. He came through clean because he was clean. Nothing stuck because it was all made up.. Same with Trump.. Its not that either of them are perfect. Far from it.. Its that most everything they accuse them of is completely false.. The rest is a distortion or a misrepresentation.. Yet Trump keeps winning.. Nothing sticks.. Despite the censorship of conservatives from communicating and advertising on social media, despite being called racist nazis daily for 3 years, despite over 600 documented instances of violent assaults on Trump supporters from liberals, despite the entire corporate media establishment constantly demonizing Trump and MAGA, they cant stop the New American Renaissance. The globalists have not been able to stop populism and nationalism for the past 6 years. From Brasil, to Germany, to Italy, to Iceland, to Brexit, to MAGA, to Iran Restart, on and on.. Jair Bolsonaro the 'Brazilian Trump' based his presidential mandate on "the bible and the US constitution"..

But none of this means a thing to these ones.. "Orange man BAD!!"

Messenger: Jahcub Onelove Sent: 11/7/2018 1:53:14 PM

Left, left, left, right, left
Left, left, left, right, left

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