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Hate America the Babylon? Me?

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Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 9/2/2018 5:03:04 AM

i was having an on-line discourse with a fellow here the other day and he finally became so frustrated with me he exclaimed: “You are so blinded by your.. hatred of America, that you can’t even see the atrocities of other nations.” Of course, his accusation was false, and i&I had to wonder how he had imputed to i&I an unawareness of the atrocities that the governments of other nations have committed. Moreover, the main thrust of his accusation was completely off-base:

i don’t hate America. In fact, the list of things i love about America goes on endlessly – the beautiful landscape created by JAH, the cool Itren of JAH, the music, the literature, the wildlife and so on. But i&I loathe, despise, hate (pick your verb) U.S. government corruption, America’s bloodstained foreign policy, and what the America the Babylon has come to stand for in the world: abashed selfishness, unfettered capitalist avarice , corrosive materialism, arrogance, “exceptionalism”, glorified ignorance, lawlessness and cheating, deception, routine breaches of contract, grotesque wealth distribution inequality, thievery, support of despotism, rendition, torture and rape, ultimatums, intimidation, scapegoating, xenophobia, militarism, violent aggression and oppression, mass murder, mass incarceration, bullying, exploitation, poverty perpetuation/augmentation, subversion of popular common cause reforms, and immorality.

Detesting THESE FACETS of America's national behavioral nature and character is quite a bit different from “hating America”. America is a lot bigger than just the filthy scum who run it from Washington DC and U.S. military war criminals stationed around globe to extort, intimidate and brutalize JAH Children. The Babylon System and America the Babylon should NOT be confused with the geographic feature and people inhabiting it (all created by JAH) which have been given the name: America.

i don't hate Germany and all things German because of the Nazis, the Wehrmacht, or the Jewish Holocaust. And I certainly don't hate Israel and all things Jewish because of Netanyahu's criminal reign, the Likud's satanic bloodlust, the IDF’s war crimes, or the Palestinian Holocaust.

i&I tried quite a few times in my life to keep on believing all the “America promotes freedom, human rights and democracy” NONSENSE but each time i was foiled by hearing the screams, the wailing, the prayers and the whimpering of my brothers and sisters in all of the corners of the world where America the Babylon has actively intervened to undermine prosperity, snuff out hope, create chaos, perpetrate murder and mayhem, and sponsor reigns of terror.

The problem is that we're not just talking about actions that are morally reprehensible and felonious along the lines of the fictional "Professor" Harold Hill looking to skip town with all of the funds for the River City marching band; we're talking about actions which are ghastly and appalling crimes against humanity.

i close my eyes at night and actually visualize in my mind’s eye the emotionally destroyed, the orphaned, the imprisoned, the tortured, the shot, the violated, the burned, the dismembered, the poisoned, the mutilated, the blinded, the homeless – ALL VICTIMS OF AMERICA THE BABYLON -- millions of them – in Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Cuba, Indonesia, Brazil, Argentina, East Timor, Honduras, Chile, Bolivia, Columbia, Iran, El Salvador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Panama, Uganda, Ethiopia, Niger, Grenada, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine, Somalia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Haiti, Rwanda, Sudan, the Congo, Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Yemen, Philippines, and Venezuela. It's nauseating.

America the Babylon's interventions in these countries and more have never been about freedom, democracy, or humanitarian concerns, as the propaganda lies we have been told assert; instead they've always been about consolidating power and wealth for the greedy, conscienceless Empire of America the Babylon's elite and assuring that its mammon (the U.S. Dollar) remains the Dominant Monetary Unit of the earth.

My heart is plenty big enough to easily forgive Americans who feel shame, repent and denounce the wickedness of America the Babylon’s demonic actions and policies. But i&I have no place left in the heart to give any more chances to a government based on pure evil or to the core political philosophy of a nation which ranks with the most detestable criminal empires in human history.


Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 9/3/2018 6:33:42 AM

Word up Nesta! Might as well add Japan to that list. Might as well add every country on the west coast of Africa too. Cant forget all the indigenous peoples of the US either.

The list goes on... its painful

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 9/3/2018 8:22:06 AM

You're absolutely correct, SunofMan. i&I barely scratched the surface of America the Babylon's violations of African peoples. The list is by no means exhaustive, and i&I didn't even bother to try to include the nations of peoples cheated, brutalized and violated by America the Babylon through its misdeeds that predate my birth.

Messenger: Ras Fidel Sent: 9/8/2018 12:53:52 PM

It is very easy to criticize any nation from a RasTafari point of view because I and I have no Nation of Our Own.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 9/8/2018 2:26:25 PM

Correct, Ras Fidel. Nations are polities constructed by the Babylon System to foment divisiveness (e.g., nationalism) and hate mentality among JAH People.

We Rastas understand that all JAH Itren are One People, One Flesh, One Love, One Heart, One Spirit, One Soul.

i&I, the flesh & bone part, was born in America, but moved out of America the Babylon many years ago. i&I not an American, no. i&I a RastafarI as are all JAH Itren, although most still have a long way to go to understanding.

You're right, Ras Fidel, Rastas dwell upon this earth and, while our bodies may be the "legal" captives of this nation or that, we as RastafarI have no nation bounded by lines drawn on the land by the Babylon System. Our allegiance is only to JAH RastafarI, all Imanity, and Truth.

Messenger: Ras Fidel Sent: 9/9/2018 8:40:18 PM

Should I and I even ponder building a Nation in this time? I and I mean a physical place influencing governments and making actual tangible change in this actual time? How to prove I and I philosophy?

Messenger: NewRas Sent: 9/9/2018 11:12:40 PM

InI have been meditating on this recently. From my own personal study and reasonings I've come more to aligning InI with the nations scattered in the bible. I truly feel until InI start work on building our own nation within Mama Africa and working towards continental unity we will remain as captives in strange lands.

InI feel Rastaman needs International Unity in this time also. Organizations for creating jobs to benefit African development while repatriating InI brethren who are willing to go and do these works. These organizations should also work to benefiting communities in babylon such as America and Britain etc. To help those disenfranchised systematically and kept as second, third, and lesser citizens in other nations.

Iman suggest studying and emulating our cherished City of Jah, Zion. From the relationship of their religion and government to creation of InI own houses of worship with InI own liturgy and order (of service and life) based on the Ethiopian Orthodox where InI are already coming from a Christian background.

Overall organization and cooperation of InI on a local and international level is a must I feel. An organization to unite the Binghi, the Bobo, the 12 tribes, and those without communities. From the churchical houses to businesses. InI can take on the robe and turban then create our own businesses to produce and sell them for InI brethren and start our own economy. Start writing and publishing our studies and findings of the King of Kings to share amongst InI brethren. InI am sure there are brothers with better ideas than myself These are just some things InI have been playing around with in I mind recently.

But yes, I would put a vote towards nation building right now and assisting Africa's freedom where we can also.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 9/10/2018 11:05:45 AM

Ras Fidel,
Our Nation, as Rastas, is the Nation of Imanity. It has no boundaries on the earth or in the flesh. Nothing to do violence and to kill one another over. Only Love. Yes, Africa is our home, but JAH children occupy every corner of the earth. Our "nationalism" will only ever be the Love of all Imanity.

We seek not to elevate ourselves above, and trample upon, our brethren around the globe for our own vanity like those who promote Babylon's "nationalism" and chant slogans such as "America First!". We reject the Babylon System and all that that evil mentality entails.

JAH LOVE, Brother.

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 9/10/2018 2:29:15 PM

"I dont hate America; to prove it, I'll list all the reasons I hate America"

Garvey was a nationalist.

Haile Selassie secured national intrests.

The whole roots of Ras Tafari are based in self-determined liberation.. Expanded to a nation-state, that is nationalism..

See this circle reasoning, double speak nonsense? Nesta1 needs a 'life alert'.. He has fallen off the rocker and cant get up!

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 9/10/2018 3:24:24 PM

A true Rastaman nah insult and mock his brother, Hemphill. No true Rasta disrespect the elderly.

JAH LOVE is the Love of all Imanity and it transcends national boundaries. We are first and foremost JAH Itren, and we serve H.I.M. above all others. Rasta don't work for no CIA and Rasta never let the System make him kill his brother.

We are One People, One Love, One Heart, One Spirit, One Flesh, One Soul.

That's Truth. Argue with it until you're blue in the face because it's like arguing with a mountain that it's not tall or that it's not made of rock -- the mountain doesn't care -- like Truth, it just stands there.

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