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Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 7/28/2018 2:30:00 AM

Pray for brother Hemphill to turn to more positive interactions here and balance confrontation & negativity with expression of Jah Love.

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 7/28/2018 3:08:59 AM

Brother Hemphill has such a gift, such a wonderful mind filled with knowledge that he can teach to many. Used properly, such a gift can help to reveal Jah to other Itren. But one must shed the confrontational spirit, forego that which is off-putting, if one is to convey Truth in way that people will hear.
My prayers are with you brother Hemphill because i&I believe you posses a gift, a talent.

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 7/28/2018 2:49:57 PM

Look, I am not here in some popularity contest. I do not cater to the 'Politically Correct' nanny culture that has emerged with the millennial generation.. Most people seem to walk on eggshells when talking about controversial topics.. A lot of people simply avoid conversations that are deeper than Movies and and internet videos.. This is the mental programming used to subdue true independent free thought. I bring up ideas and topics that are inherently controversial knowing full well that they will be met accordingly.. You're right in that being rash and confrontational within the conversation doesn't help the situation progress properly.. I appreciate the sentiment but I dont need your prayers to adjust personal conduct.. It seems a little passive aggressive... Maybe im wrong on that.. I will take your words as they are and keep them in mind..


The only gift I have is that of life. Everyone has many different talents.. I am just interested in reading and learning about things that most people aren't.. But thats true for anyone on this forum..

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 7/28/2018 2:58:10 PM

Prayers are a good thing, brother, and are only undertaken by a Rasta with loving sentiment. Unless one carries a chip on their shoulder or seriously thinks that they have no margin left for improvement, receive news of such prayer with gratitude and graciousness.

I think we can all find enough hard nosed confrontation out there in the world. When addressing our fellow Rastas, respect is in order. That's not coddling. That's just civilized behavior.

Peace & Love are not "snowflake" things. They're absolutely of the fundamental essence of the Most High.


Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 7/28/2018 4:51:10 PM

Yes I, love is the ultimate truth.. But as I am sure you know, this takes many different forms.. Exposing the evils of this world is a volitle and potentially deadly process; yet the underlying motivation is one of love.. Emergency surgery is going to be bloody; but if we aren't willing to fight, we wont survive.. Humanity is approaching the event horizon.. The ultimate showdown between Jah Nature and the devils system.. I agree that we must work to move through this as gracefully as possible. I can most definitely improve in this area.. Sometimes I feel like my purpose in Jah Army is as a shock troop.. Running full force into the front lines trying to blast through the facade to get people up and moving.. This takes place day to day as I bring up critical topics with the people around me.. Generally it starts off pretty rocky but then it starts to smooth out.. I am not afraid of criticism, but I am afraid of not standing up to speak out and fight back. Im not always the most polite or eloquent.. I appriciate the encouragement.

Iron sharpens Iron

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 7/29/2018 6:03:57 AM

Each person has their own unique role to play, Hemphill. Often it is a difficult one that seems to be little appreciated. As said before, i&I think you have a gift, a special talent.
We all keep on learning as we listen & let the Hand of Jah guide us.

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