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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/15/2019 6:47:04 AM

Yes definitely. I just wanted to emphasize the WORKS and movements part of the reason and not to rely on faith or fate alone

I know Levite personally and believe the biggest detractor from the I goal is environment. Being situated in the belly of the beast can put one at a natural disadvantage to find another like the I. Can make it seem near impossible. Yet just around the corner could be the plethora of like minded I Dem. You are a 1 who travel to Zion and back so I'm sure you can overstand.

At the same time I actually provided the counter to my own argument. In that sometimes you can meet a 1 who is NOT matched to the I. But through talking reasoning and learning you or they or both...may end up finding a new path to trod for realignment. As I said the most spiritually aligned sistren I ever met in life did not BEGIN so, but after reasoning. She caught on to 1 of I most fiery reasoning sessions and caught on from there. Now trods as a conscious Garvey Garvey Rastafari original wombman of the Earth.


Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 2/15/2019 9:38:05 AM

Yes I, seen and overstood. Give thankhs!

Messenger: Empress lioness Sent: 2/22/2019 2:42:34 PM

Iandi no have any answers but want to say I feel for the struggle.
As a Jah conscious rasta wombman in the UK seems best to stay focus on natural living, pursuit of knowledge and truth. There are few rastafari in this area and the trod through Babylon daily can get tough. Again, no answers and the idren have responded so fully anyway, praise Jah. Just wanted to say Iandi relate to ones sentiments and pray Jah Jah guide the right one to you path.


Messenger: Levite I Sent: 3/3/2019 3:32:16 PM

JAHCHILD me give thankhs fi di I response originally. I man a silent member ah dis yah social arena fram me nuh love di chattings and reh reh ina Babylon, man is a very more reticent Ras.

And in all I time me did pree di site and check wha gwarn wid di Rastafari common unity online the I appeared as a very well meaning, balanced and humble Empress of Jah and me never did initially waan man perspective coz man a man already and me know I stance. So give thankhs again, love and inity.

Garveys Afrika haile! Give thanks fi overs I trod and shituation... I man see some folly jolly dread ah get good good ripe fiery heartikal Empress morewhile man ina di ghetto dem ah suffer. Man ah see conscious headwrapped locced Empress ah trade out fi dem culture in search of "stability". But when I man cross paths with dem ina supermarket or ina darnce wid fi dem spouse dem ah look shame so...dem ah look like "Ras, mi sorry never sight di I before mi did sekkle fi suh". And given the recent influx of migration of people in I part of UK these instances happen more and more and me jus a seh blowow.

So JAHCHILD and GA me ah tek all advice from the I's and will fulltinue.

Man trod dub dance, reggae show, REPARATION meeting, reggae festival, MUTABARUKA poetry session and still man ah search cah plenty succumba wah entice di Ras but mi nuh love UK dub music, mi nuh even love smoke erb awow and mi will hol big council reasoning ina darnce and grip microphone and talk to crowd mid service about pertinent social issues dat lef gyal brain topsy turvy now...manna multidimensional levitical Ras and me cyan sell out mi culture! But man give thanhks becah resilience ah bill yunuhzeeit?

Empress Lioness mi ah say hail. Hope seh tings a run alright any which part yuh deh, it fills I wid hope to know seh dere is genuine rootical Empress someweh dehbout eena UK. Empress Menen keep and guide di I always, man dehyah yuhnuh

Rastafari family ah di power ah di nah sell out di ting.

Interfaith wudda nice yes...for a time....but Rastafari Relationships is ah need ana muss to keep the livity, culture and
faith alive....powa ah di trinity still. Levite ah seh so!

Blessings and Precepts of His Majesty and Her Majesty
Davidic Rule Always.
Haile I.

Messenger: Empress lioness 9 Sent: 3/3/2019 5:42:34 PM

Blessings, Levite
InI find glory and light in the I-wordsound. InI also overstand the I frustration wit Babylon obsession with vanity, excess, and material wealth while dem forsake truth and livity for temporary pleasures . not wanting to waste time with interfaith is sound reasoning as a friendship is hard fi build when the trod heading different ways. There is the possibility, as GA mentioned, for teaching ones who show interest and have potential, but too there is that desire to have a foundation of firm faith. Ini prefer solitude over stepping into Babylon culture and deny any level of assimilation. On InI meditations Jah light assures that it is better to walk alone than with one who's steps are guided by Babylon mentality. InI don't like to be around ones who partake of devils philosophy so the trod can get lonely but keeps the steps right with the almighty.

Real rastafari relationships are vital to teach the youth truth and ethics. The king need a queen, queen need a king.. for continuing the teaching of HIM.
InI cyaan take UK dub :) would prefer hear the I views pon the mic.
Makes Ini smile a read I-man responses.
Blessings and may Jah light shine pon all thine meditations
(nice to know such real Ras here locally)
Rastafari for-i-ver

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/5/2019 5:59:37 AM

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 3/5/2019 6:44:28 AM

"On InI meditations Jah light assures that it is better to walk alone than with one who's steps are guided by Babylon mentality."

This is sound reasoning, Empress. The fact of the matter is that once you see JAH Light there is a paucity of like-minded/-hearted souls in the world to unite with harmoniously. I accepted for years that I was just relegated to walking only with JAH. Even thought most everyone has some inner desire for intimate human companionship, walking alone with JAH isn't a bad thing.


Messenger: Levite I Sent: 3/5/2019 5:54:34 PM

Blessed Love Empress Lioness. Mi feel yuh word sound and the desire to find a one weh have a firm foundation of faith, Yes I. And mi love how yuh bun up di assimilation ting deh cah wi nuh inna weh dem inna, no time at all.

I man a currently reside ina Northwest ah UK and, unlike place such as BabyLondon, fi wi generation up here dem nuh too inna Rastafari consciousness so me a jus hol it trong yuh nuh. Mi nuh know which part ah UK yuh deh be mi sistren but forreal if you a trod ah reggae concert or dub dance anytime weh close to InI dwellings dont feel no way to let the I know about it.

Royal and ever loyal to Empress Menen and His Majesty I


Messenger: Empress lioness 9 Sent: 3/7/2019 11:53:08 AM

Blessings, Nesta
So good that the I found peace in the walk alone with Jah light shining pon thee, and even better that Jah did guide an Empress into yuh life to increase rasta livity. Thanks for the input and Ini pray Jah keeps blessing and protecting thine mansion, family and gates.

@Levite,Haile Bredderin
Baby-London!! 😂;;; yes. Perfect.
InI live about 2hours from Manchester and occasionally go to Liverpool.
Can relate to this
"dem nuh too inna Rastafari consciousness so me a jus hol it trong yuh nuh."

Same here.

Haffa stay in touch.
Weh nuh Inna weh dem.. No time at all.
Jah love and blessings, all-ways

Messenger: Empress lioness 9 Sent: 3/7/2019 11:56:56 AM

@Garvey Africa

Big love for Capleton.. One of Ini favorites.
Blessings, Bredderin

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