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Messenger: Kushnosis Sent: 5/20/2018 11:32:12 AM

This will probably be my only post on this website...I would just like insights from "like" minded people.

My full birth given name is Manielyah Issachar Majesty Welcome...and yes, the name itself does look like it carries power. When I asked my parents what my name meant they told me "He Who Will Heal the World". When I asked my father where this name came from he told me "Elohim". This is why I'm very reluctant to giving people my name or telling them how to say it as I believe it sorta casts a spell..whenever I see my name I see a mission that was given to me by someone or something of a higher divinity.

I was born in the heart of what most spiritual people call modern age Babylon. Brooklyn New York. By the current ways of the world I would be what you would call a "First Generation Amerikkkan". Both my parents are Guyanese. I was raised to trad Rasta. Have had my locks for all 21 years of my existence. My parents were adamant on keeping myself and my siblings away from "the ways of the world". And that they did. We started going to the Ethiopian Orthodox Church after my father had an accident during his visit to Ethiopia one year that almost took his life. There I was baptized and given a second name "Gabre Menfes Quidos" meaning Servant of the Holy Spirit. Again, another name that made me feel like I was here to do something other than live and enjoy this beautiful life. My father was very strict when it came to religion...the amount of prostrations I did as I child..I feel like so much of my childhood was taken from me to understand a "God" that I still to this day do not understand. I was taught to fear him...I watched so much bad happen in the world. I learned about so much bad that happened "before my time" (and I put that in quotations because I do not believe anything truly happened before my time. I will elaborate on this later). I had the same question with each event that this life became aware this the work of the God that I am supposed to fear? Which was followed by a series of questions...why were we created with sin if sin is bad? Does God truly love all of his creation? If so why does he let certain things happen to innocent lives? Is he not omnipotent?

I've asked many people these questions and they've always told me that God has a plan, give it "TIME". But I find that statement very condescending and here's why. God, the creator of ALL, if he truly created everything within the Universe that also means he created the Laws which the Universe follows. Science, Mathematics, and Spirituality in my opinion are the three languages of God that this Universe is written in. With that understanding you would see that for God to be viewing the ALL he would need to be viewing from an outside point of his creation. Outside of Space and Time. He can see all that has happened, all that is happening, and all that shall happen. We, his creation, are subject to these Laws. We live within these boundaries...but if our creator knows the outcome, why wait? Why put off judgement, why let more innocent die, why let the evil minded ones run amok across the Earth?

I was always a wise child...consistently ahead of others in my grades, and it wasn't difficult at all. School came easy. I loved to read, I love knowledge. To this day I'm consistently reading about new cultures and new religions and trying to piece together the puzzle that is our past. I came across this website solely because of my google search of "Anunnaki and connection to Ethiopia". My search for true answers has brought me to the Anunnaki, and I must say it has rewritten the Bible as I know it. I've always had my doubts about the Adam and Eve origin story...I never understood why our parent would not be happy with us being wise. The snake has always been portrayed as "Satan" and being evil, but all he did was grant knowledge to our ancient ancestors and for that he was cursed.

Through my research I came to understand that these Anunnaki are the "gods" (note I use lower G here) that so many religions praise today. From Zeus and Poseidon, to Ra and Isis, to Shiva and seems all these religions were praising the same people. It's just cultural differences and terrain that truly kept these people separate. Was this planet truly visited by life from a different planet in the distant past? Put yourself in the shoes of our ancestors...they would not know all that we know today. If you saw beings coming from the sky in ships, and bringing technology of all sorts to Earth, had you been them would you yourself not think they were God and his Angels? Personally I would. Which leads me to ask, what is truth and what is a lie. I even sympathize with Lucifer because I to me he is my extended brother and I was taught to love all.

I'm merely a child trying to find his way in the world. Physically and spiritually. My experiences have taught me a lot. You can't even trust your eyes sometimes. I don't see color...I do, but what I mean is I understand (or overstand as my father would like me to say) that color is merely light being absorbed and reflected. There is no such thing as opposites either, in my opinion as well. There is heat, and there is something you call cold, but what is cold? Is it not just the absence of heat? The same with darkness. Is darkness not just the absence of light? Good and Evil? Love and hate? Is hate not just the absence of love? It's love but it's less love. Evil is good, but it's just less good. Cold is hot just less hot. I believe we came from LESS. I believe creation started at LESS. Science has proven that at lower vibrations things get colder, darker. Emotions have been measured and evil emotions have been documented to give off low vibrations, while love was shown to vibrate higher. This was charted on using waveforms.

I believe that our current understanding of time is an illusion. We perceive it as flowing in a linear direction because of how the physical reality reacts to it. But are we not spiritual creatures having a physical experience? With that being said you should understand that time is merely a construct of the physical realm and that you can ascend it. My understanding of time leads me to believe that we live in a state of existence and nonexistence. We are alive now, but in the past we were not born, and in the future we are dead..however everything is happening at the same time. If you are following what I'm saying, much respect, if not..I'm not sure how else to explain this.

I sit and ponder upon everything about this life, and I'm slowly unraveling secrets that have been lost to man for a long time...everything truly is ONE and the SAME...Or maybe I'm going crazy. Lemme know.

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/21/2018 12:31:23 PM

If you know Haile Selassie then you know that he teaches us to study the Bible. And if you study the Bible, almost everything you brought up will be answered clearly.. Especially sin and the serpent/satan. You say that all the serpent did was offer knowledge and he was cursed.. Well there is much more going on here.. You can view it litterally or metaphorically and still see it. We were created in the image of God and living perfectly with H.I.M. Then comes along the serpent/satan who works to reject God and creation then replace with his own version where he, satan, is God and creation worships him instead.. He didnt then, and never has offered anything other than death. The 'knowledge' you say he offered was good -- which was all we knew living with God-- and evil. Thus the duality of our current state. Good vs bad, light vs dark.. Thus our fallen sinnful state.. We chose to leave god and follow the snake..
Although everything stems from the source and is one, we experience this here and now as two sides to the same coin. And the sides are very real. Spiritually and physically. The serpent, satan or reptilian annunaki, can only offer a synthetic version of existence because it has rejected Gods foundation and works to create a mirror effect through artificial intelligence and technological domination.. Why do you think the system is always working to increase its surveillance control grid? It works through money and 'power'.. Diametrically opposed to the natural organic and free reality of Gods creation.. Get this one thing cleared up and the rest will follow.. The saying 'resist the ways of the world' comes from knowing the spiritual situation here and now.

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 5/21/2018 5:01:17 PM

The conundrum lies within the existence of an omnipotent creator, who by definition is the source of all things. Where else could satan have come from? Why would we ever be given the option of good or evil? Why should evil exist at all?

Kush, you don't sound crazy at all, these are the questions we should all be asking ourselves. I never found the bible to be so cut an dry, it leaves room for A LOT of interpretation.


Messenger: Elijah Sowe Sent: 5/21/2018 8:57:16 PM

Kush I look in your mirror and see myself,

Hemp I absorb your reasoning and realise my fallacy,

Sun I see your thoughts and embrace,


Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/21/2018 9:50:22 PM

SunofMan: "Why would we ever be given the option of good or evil? Why should evil exist at all?"

Yes these are good questions. All i can say is that JAH ruels righteously.. Giving his creation free will to make their own decisions. We have to live and experience the consequences of our free will decisions to be able to know what is best for us to do. The account of Genesis testifies to this fact. JAH could have made it so that we have no free choice and with no chance of disobedience, serve. Yet we have the ability to do as we please and learn as we go. According to Genesis, we made the decision to follow the serpent and disobey God. Satan has always wanted to be God but because that is impossible, his synthetic system is one of vile death.. We followed his advice and as God promised, we left Gods realm of perfect life and entered death.. The duality of physical existance.. We now know of Good and Evil, we experience that struggle everyday.. And just as JAH could have made it where no chance of disobedience was possible, he could have eliminated Satan long ago.. But what does that teach? Is falling not the best way to learn to get up and stand? JAH lets the wicked tree grow and bear fruits just as righteous ones do. Only when we see the evil fruits will we FULLY know that they are not the right choice and consciously return to JAH.. As much as this manifests physically, it rages inside of each and every individual.. To actively burn out negative ways and work to grow only the positive.. Most of the people are confused and choosing babylons sythetic version over JAHs natural foundation.

"If you know what life is worth, you will look for yours on Earth"


Messenger: NewRas Sent: 5/23/2018 4:24:18 PM

In respect to why good/evil should exist at all, I've always wondered this and have come to this point currently.

Jah, being the creator, is the everliving, ever present, and non stagnant force behind all things natural. Using nature as a reference, one can notice the need for "opposing" (or tandem) forces to maintain a cycle or an order. Much like electricity needs a source and ground to produce anything of substance, so is the natural law of the earth.

The day needs the night to create seasons. Man needs woman to create child. Seed needs soil to produce herb. Even the stars need darkness to shine. I guess the point is in these present times, the pulling and tugging of good and evil is like a fire to a field, cleansing brush and debris for something new to be established. At least this is my feelings currently.

Evil serves as a tool of Jah to make changes as Jah sees fit. And currently, the most heinous crimes and evils done to people (individually, nationally, internationally and globally) serve as a reminder that our current path in the world is one of destruction and death. And a reminder to turn back to the word of the King of Kings and pursue the international peace and unity of ALL man. This is what he sacrificed his life for.

And when man can finally see past petty differences, then can we righteously judge and eradicate the evil that plagues us as a human beings.

Hope this makes some sense.

Peace I

Messenger: Elijah Sowe Sent: 5/23/2018 7:13:11 PM

The question is not why good/evil should exist it is what portion of each is revealed. When we reveal knowledge we are diminished. Look at the rock, it's revelation of metal, diminishing the planet earth, but in truth it gives new life, this is what the snake in the garden of Eden did. Thus knowledge can be said to be both good and evil. The rituals of knowledge are both all encompassing and emancipating.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/23/2018 7:54:58 PM

Greetings and love Kushnosis and to all the bredren who have commented on the thread. I think all these complex notions are worth pondering, but eventually we come to the simplicity of overstanding where so many words become unnecessary:
"Everything is everything," as a dear bredren I know often says.
Oneness beloveds.

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