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Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 5/10/2018 2:16:08 PM

Bob Marley: The truth is an offense, but not a sin.

Here in the USA, we have been and are being socially programmed to accept a 'pc' culture. Political Correctness is the death of free thought. It is the idea that facts are less important than how those facts may make someone feel. This ideology is lock-step with identity politics. A divisive and hateful mindset that dictates who can speak to who about what issues because they might be offensive. In this, we have protected groups such as the LGBTQ community where nothing critical can be said without major social condemnation; and openly censored groups such as conservative commentators or really anyone that disagrees with the cultural establishment.. Facebook, youtube, google, twitter, mainstream news, and more are all actively engaged in censoring or banning information or opionions that dare to go against the social programming by claiming that this expression is 'hate speech'.. 'PC' and identity politics enslave the minds of its followers by keeping people, in a permanent victimhood status.. I dont want to get into a Right vs Left discussion because it is a false paradigm. Both perspectives are avenues created and operated by the same babylon interests.. Divide and conquer.. However, it is important to contextualize the current political and social landscape. Corporate media is the entity most responsible for the social programming. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, MTV, Comedy Central, Washington Post, New York Times, Facebook, Twitter, Google, Youtube and many more ALL have far-left or liberal bias and funding.. The system has choosen the liberal identity politics mentality as its accepted social construct because it constantly pulls at the heart strings and emotions of people; so that if you disagree, you are a part of a hate group and deserve to be ridiculed and censored.. This has reached critical levels of insanity.. This mentality eats its own if they step out of line.. Check Kanye West, Candice Owens, Diamond and Silk and others.. And the point here isnt that the people I mentioned are 100% correct in their perspectives, its that they DARED to step away from the heard, think for themselves, and express ideas that are critical of the accepted protected social order.. Kanye, Candice, Diamond and Silk, are Black but the 'pc' people following the heard can call them any sort of terrible names and be justified.. A liberal white man has come out and told Candice Owens, a conservative Black woman, to go suck a c***k for the opinions she has and recieved little to no social condemnation.. If it was a republican white man saying the same thing about a liberal black woman, that man would be forced to resign, he would recieve death threats, called all sorts of names and shunned permanently.. This is an exanple of the blatant hypocrisy of the liberal mentality.. Again, this is not to glorify republicans but to expose the cultural establishment.. Which is endlessly hypocritical and absent of individual critical thought.. If you have to silence your opponents, you are showing that you cannot win in an intellectual debate and have to resort to actual facism to push your agenda.. Which is hilarious because these people, the leftist, say they are fighting facism and racism but are in fact the very facists and racists they claim to be censoring.. Too many examples of that for this one post.. But the main point here is that individual free thought is censored by holding to a feelings over fact mentality and deeming any dissent as 'hate speech'.. And its not about trying to be offensive, its about being who you are regardless of the social structure. Having a free and criticaly thinking mind working in truth and reality is offensive in the world today..

'In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary action'

'Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, only ourselves can free our mind'

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