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Rastafari Poem: "Mi Just a Pass Thru..."

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Messenger: Empress Blogger Sent: 4/27/2018 12:20:13 PM

My dreadlocks hair and turban, lace up army books, my long skirt to my ankles, and natural shell earrings all marks of Jah the living the creator who works through me.

Including my spiritual relationship with Jah, the spiritual well being of my Rasta Children, and the - and well being of My Rasta Husband are my daily responsibility.

My works to inspire, inform, and educate the generation to come, and those who seek truth and wisdom of Rastafari, are my mission.

My destiny is Zion, here in Babylon... “Mi just a pass thru.”

Give Thanks,
King Selassie I, Empress I-nen.

Messenger: Bobo Nana Sent: 7/2/2021 2:42:15 AMHidden
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Messenger: HazelWell Sent: 7/13/2021 9:52:28 AM

Very very beautiful my friend! Sending love from so called "Australia", Aboriginal land! Always will be!

Messenger: Craigllis Sent: 11/17/2021 12:30:53 AM

Rastafari Poem: "Mi Just a Pass Thru..." is an insightful poem about the Rastafarian religion. The poet explains how he views God and his resumesplanet com connection to him; as well as, how he feels blessed by this relationship. This blog post will provide the reader with insight into the Rastafarian belief system and its influence on Jamaican culture.

Messenger: Jeannetteios Sent: 11/24/2021 4:20:13 PM

Beginning with the first Rastafarian in the 1930's, this movement has grown exponentially. Today there are about 1 million followers worldwide and it is still growing. Now am talking about how do you delete pages from pdf? This post will show you how to delete pages from pdf. You can also use "Delete Pages" option in Adobe Acrobat Pro (you need a subscription for this). This is where you can selectively remove content by deleting individual pages or ranges of pages.

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Haile Selassie I