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Black Panther Movie

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Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 2/28/2018 2:24:58 PM

AnyOne seen the Black Panther movie yet?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/8/2018 6:04:09 AM

Yes. Very good watch.

Positives - the positive imagery and aesthetic of the African peoples; Also the representation of African sovereignty. Also the representation of Women in positions of strength and power. Also a look into the SOMETIME difficult relationship between certain diaspora and continental Africans

Negatives - the attempts at portraying the Maafa revolutionaries such as Killmonger as unruly hateful and incapable of forming a reasonable plan outside of all out warfare. Also the very idea of an advanced nation in Africa which choose to standby and watch while Europe and Asia raped their brothers and sisters around them. Also the fact that science could bring the CIA agent back from near death and a severed spinal injury yet could not save their Royal brother who was an actual victim rather than villain.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/8/2018 6:53:02 AM

It sounds like alot of negatives but actually I would recommend everyone to watch.

Bless up

Messenger: Sepheara01 Sent: 5/8/2018 1:48:28 AM

I think Black heroism or heroinism in comics and movies has been long overdue. I loved the struggle the tribes faced as one feels to stay guarded to keep bad people away from tools they use to wipe everyone out. The other feels more should be done to help fello nations thrive as they have. There was no end to its ability to connect on multiple levels. It glorifies women teaches respect and honor 2 thing long forgotten in this world. I think more movies like this and shows like Black lightning can help change this bigoted notion that blacks are thugs mentality when in reality, its all about perception.

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 5/12/2018 3:07:42 PM

Ises Rastafari
Garvey I, I think that was a great description of the positives and negatives... Haha those female warriors were so fierce, loved it! And yes I was most dissatisfied in the movie with the way the cousin was not brought to a place of emotional + physical healing, despite it seeming completely possible.
I want to add that, having immersed Iself in African folklores, myths, legends, and stories considered to be true by their respective groups of people... I didnt see this movie as a fictional story, but more like a retelling of possibly true events...
The visitation from otherworldly beings and materials from other planets, the highly advanced (compared to today's level of) technology, these things seem to have really happened in the distant past. So maybe the part I saw as most fictionalized was the timeline being present day instead of 20,000 years ago.
I know this seems outlandish to some people, but I think the Zulu elder Credo Mutwa would agree that there is more to universal history than what any of us are taught to think possible.
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