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Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 2/24/2018 6:46:43 AM

One of the most important behaviors we must exhibit as Rastas is to always show Respect for one another and all the people we meet and/or communicate with. Respect is a most precious currency which costs us nothing to give but means everything to its recipient.

Yes, I confess that this was taught to me many, many years ago by a tuff Jamaican princess named Donna and understand that for many this is simply old news. But then, Truth never gets old or changes so it never hurts to remind Iselves of it.


Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 3/14/2018 8:30:39 AM

True Idren
Give Ises for this reminder, always needed and hopefully also always heeded.
JAH oneness always

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Haile Selassie I