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Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 3/11/2018 5:04:34 PM

This gone way off the topic at hand.. Concerning an indigenous African population where Christianity and its teachings not brought from foreign control.. I originally answered by looking at Ethiopia. So that is where I stand. And H.I.M showed us this current topic in full.. Fighting to save his country and children, and then forced to exile where he was able to regroup and return victorious.. Now, he obviously made every attempt to stop the invading military diplomatically, notifying the world and asking for assistance. When he received little to no help, he was forced to fight and he fought righteously for a righteous cause. The example I gave you was a hint at what I just described.. An invasion with just enough time to gather arms to fight for the defense of your family.. Yes I.
And even Berhane Selassie AKA Bob Marley was ready to defend truth and righteousness. I have read that as youth, Bob would fight regularly. Got a scar on his face from a knife and never went anywhere without a knife.. Now no-one here is saying go out and kill or go out looking for trouble, but to avoid it intellectually.. BUT, when left with no option and attempts of diplomacy fail, stand your ground and defend what is rightfully yours.. Life

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 3/11/2018 5:16:13 PM

and Liberty

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 3/12/2018 7:42:19 AM

Well Brother Hemphill, i&I guess this is the point where, as they say, we'll just have to agree to disagree.
Since i am not Mighty God Himself, a nation, an army, a political system, a politician, a businessman or some kind of organization, but just one Rastaman following His Majesty's Teachings, i&I will simply continue on as a man of Peace and as a teacher & an ambassador thereof. It's worked out very positively & Righteously so far. If by following a Righteous path i actions preserve even one human Life directly & indirectly along the way which would have otherwise been taken by Babylon's wickedness and violence, then it's worth every bit of the scorn & ridicule i&I have endured for it....


Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/12/2018 9:52:12 AM

YEARS ago I thought...... sum a dem don't know HIM they just follow Bible works.

Now I see....... sum a dem gone past Bible gone past HIM and follow their own ideas, to the Nth degree even in blinding obvious wrongdoing.

That picture says it all Hemphill. And that picture does not match up with the words of Nesta 1 bit.

'I am not Mighty God I am no nation I am no politician'
I really wonder if the I is 'no Rastaman' either

He is inadvertantly condemning the 1000s that fought for Ethiopia...... the 1000s of NONE Ethiopians that had no business being a part of the War but flew from their Countries into Ethiopia for the 1 reason to fight and kill for the defense of HIM. In such circumstances, without a any apology. Those souls were 'not Mighty God not no nation no politicians' either.

Pacifism can be good. But ALL OUT unrelenting pacifists disgust me. Unuh Jesus cheek. The same 1s who would lie down and remain enslaved forIever. SMH. We don't teach that message round here. Who sent them to pacify oppressed people? InI FIGHT for truths and rights and JUSTICE. And then InI talk about peace.

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 3/12/2018 9:57:21 AM

Bless GARVEYS.. Truth!

Nesta1.. Bro, its not about a disagreement.. As I have stated; people here agree on positivity and love being at the forefront of thought and action, but this concept must manifest itself into reality and made palpable.. For example, you made mention of holding a new born.. I do this everyday as my son just turned 1 year old. It is truely a breath-taking experience and my love for him often brings tears of pure overwhelming joy.. This love extends past the love I have for my own life.. Meaning, that if faced with a no-option life or death scenario; I would end the life of someone trying to kidnap or harm my son, even if that means that my own life or soul is put in jeopardy with Jah.. Just how I work with the concept of pure love. Children are kidnapped and raped everyday in this world by sick and demented people who actively serve the devil. So the concept of pure love must manifest itself in palpable, digestible ways. I would glady save my own son from the clutches of such demons, even if it means breaking Jah's law.. And by the way; many people here, including myself, have studied and respect other theological approaches such as the Vedic knowledge.. Specifically the Bhagavahd Gita.. This approach, although co-opted by 'new age' hippie types, states its support of capital punishment in the death penalty.. Stating that this action is showing the convicted individual love and compassion by ending his life so that he can no longer commit actions that further degrade his own soul..
This notion that by closing your eyes, singing Kum-by-ya, and chanting love love love; will save the world is ludicrous.. And while some aspects of it are true, it must be made available through truth reality.. And the actions of H.I.M concerning this topic, testify to the fact that fighting for Jah truth and righteousness, is righteous..

Luke 22: 36 Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/12/2018 10:06:37 AM

to put it blunty.

Pressure Busspipe

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 3/12/2018 10:30:52 AM

You know, that’s the second time that in your zeal for one-upmanship you’ve questioned MY faith in and dedication to His Majesty. i&I once knew anther brother imbued with similar negativity who said, “You’re not a RastafarI. You work in the white man’s world. You don’t have any dreadlocks.”
You know what i&I told him?:
“His Majesty knows what i am and who i serve, and that’s all that matters.”

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/12/2018 12:21:52 PM

I have not once said "you are not a rastaman" those words have never come from I. I did "wonder" though..... as a spade is a spade. And wolf come in sheep clothing.

Anybody who tells an oppressed people about peace without justice, is a danger to I society and race. And anybody who is shown an image of HIM with gun in hand on the battlefront among his countrymen and among Rastafari brethren yet still says self defense is to 'react like an animal' and unrighteous while calling himself a Rastaman.... is odd. If this offends you, so be it. But it is the logical truth

Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 3/15/2018 3:40:42 PM

Hemphill & Garvey's Africa - You have exposed very clearly who you are and what you embrace in these posts, as have i&I.
The words speak for themselves to the readers of them.
Thank you for your candor.

JAH LOVE is His Power

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Haile Selassie I