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Messenger: experience-rasta Sent: 1/31/2018 10:02:10 AM

Hello brothers and sisters,
we live as Rasta's in Lithuania. We, as family have decided to contribute our lives to Jah, and therefore starting big project to wrap our lives with Rasta culture and believes. We have now started crowdfunding campaign at Indiegogo. Please take a look, let us know what You think, and if You like the idea, please spread it.

You can reach me:


Messenger: Nesta1 Sent: 2/19/2018 6:48:15 AM

I don't relate commercialism and entrepreneurial ventures to the spirituality of JAH RastafarI. That's just me. You may be quite sincere in what you're doing so I'm not passing any judgment.

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Haile Selassie I