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Update from Shashemene

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Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 2/17/2018 2:06:19 AM

Greetings Ones
Another update here:

Ethiopia is a place like living in modern day and yet in 12th century at the same time. Haha in love I say so...

On Timket (jan 19th) and for 3 days after, we had sprinklings of rain (timqet is a hola day about baptism). Other than that it has been dry, so it seems the whole of Shashemene was baptised again for timqet... according to JAH will.. give Ises!

For some days this past strong, there was a revolutionary coup taking place in Shashemene. I am calling it this due to my current knowledge of the events. It was for 2 days a boycott of all economy, the shops and transportation were all shut down, no one was allowed to buy or sell anything. After two days this situation ceased and businesses started to run normally again. Then, after one more day, news spread that the prime minister of Ethiopia resigned. There was huge celebrations in the streets and people chanted, honked car horns, and played music for hours, until after nightfall. This was on Thursday after the boycotts began on Monday. On Friday morning I heard that the prison is Shashemene had been burned the night before. The smoke was visible throughout Shashemene. I am guessing this was for the purpose of letting the prisoners out, many of whom were political prisoners on account of revelutionary activity.
A few hours after the prison was burned, federal police came to Shashemene in big trucks, with huge guns and batons, and they rounded up and beat everyone who was cheering in the streets. Everyone else had to stay inside or if they had to go out, run quickly to finish their business, because the police were not discrimimatory about their punishment. I think it was over 100 people who were beaten, and some also arrested.
People say now that there is no government, which cannot be true otherwise the federal police would not have been sent. Things such as municipal paperwork are not able to continue at this time, so it seems Shashemene local government is in recess for the duration of this activity.
I am waiting to see what is the ultimate result of this polyticks situation... It is good to say that even during the boycotting and the celebrations, it was possible to walk in the streets, it was not a necessarily violent situation.
Must InIte

Rastafari love Ivermore

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 2/23/2018 6:42:09 AM

Oneness and Love
I have posted an update on JAH CHILDREN website, showing many photos of Shashemene town. Hoping ones and ones fulljoy...

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 2/23/2018 9:37:39 AM

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 3/3/2018 11:38:48 PM

JAH child!

Greetings again I royal sistren.
Has been a while I and I.
Very happy to read the I forward home and workin JAH works there.
Fulljoy the updates.

Niko irie kabisa
katika msitu uluguru.
Kama kawaida, maisha
nzuri mimi na mke wangu
tuko wazima wote.
lakini nina habari jipya,
Mtoto wangu atakuja! mwezi wa tano!
Ndio! Nashukuru Mungu JAH RASTAFARI.

Hoping peace return soon ya area.
And maybe somthing will move forward after such unrest. I feel a vibe of change and action building here aswell. I will be in addis sometime, not sure when tho.

Sending peace love and oneness
amani upendo na umoja
Selasay I live! RASTAFARI! MENEN I!

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 3/14/2018 8:43:40 AM

Hail Iyahs

Give thankhs for posting the video Idren Hemphill.. I am not able to watch it right now but I look forward to it when I can.

Iyah Matafale, true it's been some time, hoping the I and the Impress are well! I had to translate that Kiswahili to overs the full message... and what a joy it is to hear! JAH bariki, Asante Mungu!
I will only be here in Shashe for 6 strongs, but if the I come to Addis before that, send I an email and I will try to meet up.

As for the political shituation:
The Monday before last, there began another economic boycott.
From I&I land, I heard at least 4 gunshots that morning, not all from the same place, and I am told that this is fire from federal police. That the federal police have an order to kill anyone who is making political unrest. There has been so much talk and even on the telllievision there is less truth and more confusion, so it is difficult to tell what is the real state of things. But after this boycott for one day, things returned to normal, mostly because of the urging from the federal police to keep in line.
Now, this past Monday, I was told that there will be a decision on who the next prime minister will be. Upon asking how this decision will take place, it became very clear that the people of Ethiopia will have absolutely no say in who is "elected"... not even having any idea who the choices are, nor provided any way to conduct a vote.
So that is basically to say that the political shituation is much the same, although something seems to be in the midst of change, it is hard to tell which direction that change is going, or who is in control behind it.

Other than those affairs, Shashemene Itinues mostly in peace... the rain has started about a month ago now, so it is great to see more green and the fruits starting to grow.

JAH guidance and Itection Ethiopia
always more Oneness

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Haile Selassie I