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Update from Shashemene

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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 12/27/2017 3:21:31 AM

Greetings Ones
Almighty love again and again
Giving thankhs for life
Iwomban trodding Itinually, and JAH path has brought I again to Shashemene I&I home. Words cannot describe the great fullness that I&I feel to be here, and for the lessons learned in the time in between. Amlack yimesgan::
Shashemene land is a hola place. Beautiful and bountiful. Still things are not perfect. As was the case when I was here some months ago, there is tribal and political war, and it is not easy for Rastafari to keep land despite Negusa Negast's grant. Without going into great detail, it is not perfectly safe here, and people in all groups are killed each day it seems (here in Shashe and in the surrounding areas).
In Shashemene I now see something new that was not here past years, which is a big red X on some of the signs for shops or restaurants, even banks. After investigating a little, I am told that this is because the sign needs to be in Oromigna (Oromo language) instead of only English or Amarigna. It can have all 3 languages on the sign, but primarily it must have the Oromigna. So we can see that the Oromo people of Southern Ethiopia are striving to maintain their culture and language, which, since the land grant and the influx of forenji, Rasta, and other Ethiopian tribes as well, in Shashemene, has been slowly disappearing... I may have shared before one of the Oromigna greetings, which is "Akam", the response to which is "Fiyah". Oromo culture is beautiful and deserves to be preserved. I hope that I&I can create more unity, harmony amidst variety, in Shashemene to bring true peace here again..

At this time it is dry and somewhat hot, but not overbearingly by any means... crops are growing, teff is being reaped and milled, and soon the rains will come again and the green will explode from all sides, and the trees will fruit abundantly. More life..

Hope to see I&I in Mamaland..
If ones search the video called Shashemene by Sami Dan, I&I can see some local culture.. it is on youtube... "Gulgulla Shashamenee" means I will come to Shashemene in Oromigna.

Love Ivermore

Messenger: Hempress C Sent: 12/27/2017 11:24:33 AM

Greetings Jah Child
It lifted I energy when reading your post as I too would like to make this journey. Are there any links to groups as I am from UK but Jamaica based right now?

I give thanks - Gulgulla Shashemene

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 12/27/2017 12:28:48 PM

Greetings sister Jah Child. It is good to hear of your latest moves and works!
A quick question if I may.. How do you feel being on this granted Ethiopian land as a white woman? Are you treated differently? There are many Africans wishing to make thier return to Africa, and it could be seen that you are "taking a spot".. I am not accusing you of anything i am just curious because I want make a visit at least but feel that it is not the most appropriate for a stay.. Unless i was contracted to do a specific work on like a visa type but yeah, just wondering.


Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 12/29/2017 7:41:10 AM

Honor and Love my sistar and brother.
Almighty thankhs for life and grace.

To Sis Hempress C: Haile I greetings. I give thankhs to JAH that I&I words have given the I more inspiration to make the forward trod. There is a large community here, with many English speakers from UK or Europe, from Caribbean islands, and from all over the world. So there are definitely people here to link with. If the I would like to come and visit, I can suggest hotels and people to be in communication with... if the I plan to come soon, I will be happy to greet the I personally. Just for planning purposes I can estimate that the I would spend about $5 USD per night on hotel, and about the same on food per day. So the cost of visiting is comparibly low. I have a facebook page called Repatriation Network, where I am striving to create the type of links that ones would need to visit or to make a permanent move. However, the facebook pages and apps are all completely locked off in southern Ethiopia at the moment (polytricks issues), so if the I would like to reason on a more personal level, please email and I will be more specific about contacts here in Shashemene. More strength and guidance in JAH journey beloved sistar.

To Idren Hemphill: Greetings and Iternal wishes that the I family is well and growing in JAH Irit. Almighty Love.
As for Iwomban purposes here in Shashemene, I am here on JAH mission for the upliftment of Ityopians and especially JAH children. So when I&I talk about a specific work, that is why I am here. I am not contracted on a work visa though, instead I have created a non profit organization in JAH name. Ones and ones may visit our webpage at for updates and more info (although this is another page that is inaccessible from Shashe, and so I have not been able to update while here).
As for being granted land, that is not the case. In fact no one is granted free land here anymore. The land grant was for 500 acres, which was all granted long ago to Rasta who have almost entirely been forced to sell the land portion by portion due to changing laws about zoning and plot sizes. The land that I have and am building on now, I had to purchase, and have only been able to do so with the immense help from a Idren born here to an Oromo mother and a Jamaican father, whose faithfulness and persistence in this mission matches my own. Indeed it has been somewhat of a coming of age story for him as well as myself as we Itinue JAH efforts here. So I give thankhs for this King who trods with I and has made all of this possible, without him I would have been just a visitor here also, as that was my intention in 2016. But the Most I guides I&I steps and so it was decided that I&I would base here and do JAH works here. In reality, the project that I&I are building may very likely move outside of Shashemene at some point, when we need more space to Itinue the works, because the laws here do not allow people to own land larger than 500 square meters, and the land has now become expensive also compared to more remote countryside. Still for now I&I give thankhs to be based in Shashemene, a city remarkably unique when it comes to Rastafari culture and reverance for Ethiopia, for Negusa Negast. I will soon share pictures of some of the buildings and paintings in Shashemene when I have the network to do so.
Give thankhs for the question and I hope this answer explains some about not only I&I choices but also about the situation for Rastafari people here in Shashemene.

Selahsay I Oneness

Messenger: Hemphill Sent: 12/29/2017 2:15:13 PM

Yes sister, this answered my question. I am glad to hear of all the ground you have made since I first came here. It must be nice to be involved in a Ras Tafari community. This is something I have not experienced and can only imagine the heights ones and ones achieve in this setting.. I am feeling a desire to be closer to like minded people as this babylon system is getting more and more volatile.. Even if it is only for a short while, it would be totally refreshing.

Give thanks

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 1/9/2018 7:13:28 AM

Almighty Oneness

I am happy to adequately answer the I question Idren HempItes.
Yes it is great to be a part of JAH family and community here in Shashemene. But as the I surely know, unity and love starts in the home, and as the I have now started growing a family in JAH righteousness, this is the beginning of the communinity that Iman will exist in, first and foremost. Yes it is nice to see so much red gold and green in the town. But there is much much more unity and cooperative work that needs to take place in Shashemene, and cleansing of bad habits and dischord. So as the I have the I queen and child, the I is also honored to be a part of JAH family, just the same as I&I here in Shashe. I would put my focus there, and grow the I family in JAH power. The Most High will surely bring more to the I as the I Itinue in faithfulness. When the I and the beloved family make the trod to Shashemene, for visiting or for staying, I hope that Iwomban will be here to be able to welcome the I&I.
More Life + Love

I was able to make a post on I&I website, where I&I can see photos of building progress on I&I land here... soon hoping to make a next post showing Rastafari culture in Shashemene (collecting photos of that now and will post next time I am in Addis)..

Fqr Amlak
Love of the Most High

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 1/11/2018 6:35:16 PM

Give Thanks for this update from Zion JAH Child.

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